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Found 6 results

  1. I have a laptop with the processing power of half a brick. I have no GPU and KSP is using the graphics part of my Intel i5 CPU. I have Ubuntu 22.04 and I have what I think is the latest Mesa driver available on Ubuntu. I have 16GB of RAM and 8GB of swap. KSP version is 1.12.5. When I am building in the VAB or SPH, occasionally, every few minutes, my entire computer freezes for a minute or so. The music keeps playing, and the computer seems to be taking some input, though when I close the lid it doesn't go into lock mode. After waiting for the minute or so, one of the following happens: It unfreezes and everything goes back to normal, and I can continue playing the game. When this happens though, it starts freezing more often afterwards. KSP crashes. Discord crashes for some reason, and KSP continues playing. (rarely) It doesn't unfreeze for several more minutes, and it breaks a bunch of things in my computer that I have to fix by rebooting. I've been googling this for a few days now, and after checking my logs and comparing it to things, I am almost certain that the issue is with my Mesa graphics driver, and possibly something about something called DRI3. However, I also don't think downgrading Mesa is an available option for me, as I am not very knowledgeable about computers and a lot of important programs have dependencies on it. Also, I tried setting an environment variable on my steam launcher to disable DRI3 so that it would use DRI2 (which people say don't have that issue) and I checked that steam successfully sets the variable but I am not sure it's working and also the issue still happens with the variable set. I just tried recreating the issue. In the SPH, it froze and unfroze once, and then on the next freeze it crashed. I checked the Player.log file, and this is the last few lines: [...] seatExternalCmd added to ship - part count: 8 (Filename: ./Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) seatExternalCmd added to ship - part count: 7 (Filename: ./Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) seatExternalCmd added to ship - part count: 7 (Filename: ./Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) Caught fatal signal - signo:6 code:-6 errno:0 addr:0x3e800031792 Obtained 12 stack frames. #0 0x007f91a6442520 in __sigaction #1 0x007f91a64969fc in pthread_kill #2 0x007f91a6442476 in raise #3 0x007f91a64287f3 in abort #4 0x007f91a329d86d in (Unknown) #5 0x007f91a44160cd in nouveau_drm_screen_create #6 0x007f91a384e9f6 in __driDriverGetExtensions_d3d12 #7 0x007f91a3849612 in __driDriverGetExtensions_d3d12 #8 0x007f91a32bfbc8 in __driDriverGetExtensions_d3d12 #9 0x007f91a330f7cb in __driDriverGetExtensions_d3d12 #10 0x007f91a6494ac3 in pthread_condattr_setpshared #11 0x007f91a6526a40 in __xmknodat I don't think the rest of the log is relevant, since it happens every single time I'm in the editor doing anything, but if you need it I will post the entire file once requested. I've been stumped with this for a long time, and KSP is not very fun when it crashes every time you want to try something new. If anyone could help me with this, I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks! Edit: I have been informed that "nouveau" (see the line in the log just before it crashes) is some kind of driver for Nvidia GPUs. I don't have an Nvidia GPU, and I don't know whether this was installed on Ubuntu by default or if I accidentally installed it trying to install something else (which I don't think is likely). This might be the cause of the issue, or it might be unrelated.
  2. Will KSP 2 have native support for Linux systems (and maybe macOS) at launch? If not, will KSP 2 atleast run stably under Valve's Proton compatibility layer and still retain multiplayer functionality?
  3. Hi, You're Probably Here Because Your KSP Is Laging, right? Follow This To Fix Lag: Menu > System Config > Administration > Driver manager > Put Your Password. This Screen Will Show You The Available Drives For "Download" my GPU is a GeForce GT 520 Select: Recommended Example Image: After Selecting, Click "Apply Changes" After Installing The Driver, A Message Will Appear Telling You To Restart Your Computer, Click "Restart Now" After That Open KSP, And Play Without Interruptions ------------------------------------------------------------------------ If You Have Problems Installing Drivers, Read This Article: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-nvidia-drivers-on-linux-mint GoodBye!
  4. I've recently decided to try Ubuntu after using Windows for years, and installed KSP via steam. The game installs and opens without problem, but after the loading screen, the game crashes and freezes my system. My specs KSP.log I'm a completely new to Linux, so I know pretty much nothing about the more technical side of Ubuntu, so if you can help me by simplifying it the most I will be grateful. Also, I've already tried to change to an older driver version, it indeed worked with KSP, but gave me problems with other games. No mods installed apart from the 2 official DLCs. Reinstalled the game at least three times and nothing changed. Please, help me!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm trying to get KSP to play audio on my linux computer but with no luck. I downloaded a copy of KSP 1.10(.1.2939) from the website, but even when all of the settings in game have the volume up, there's no sound. Worse, if you go to desktop volume settings KSP shows up - you can raise and lower it's non-existent volume - so the computer knows something is suppose to be there. I tried running ksp with a flag like so: ./KSP.x86_64 -force-glcore But it didn't help. I even tried setting some environment variables like so: LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" LC_ALL=C ./KSP.x86_64 But nothing. Doing both doesn't fix the problem either. I don't really know what to do next and searching leads to a dead end. Weirdly enough KSP 1.9's sound works perfectly fine. I'm running Arch Linux 64-bit with KDE (Plasma 5.19), a Ryzen 7 CPU (3700X) and a Nvidia 2080 GPU Help
  6. I bought KSP a few weeks ago, downloaded the 1.2.2 Linux-64 version, and I've been enthusiastically building and launching ships in sandbox (haven't started a career or science game yet). I've noticed that if I build a ship with more than 60 or so parts and then launch it immediately, or even if I restart the game and go direction to launch pad with a ship over about 80 parts, I get nearly constant "yellow clock", which I've read indicates frame rate lag. A few times, I've had frame rate (or other) lag so bad that keyboard commands or mouse clicks wouldn't catch on the first try, or require holding a key to take effect -- which can result in overcontrol bad enough to tumble a rocket during launch or cause other disasters. As far as I can tell, my computer is well above minimum requirements; I have a Core2Quad 2.67 GHz, 8 GB Ram, and a 1 GB nVidia GTX950 video running the nVidia proprietary drivers version 367.57 (not the generic "open" Linux drivers), in a PCI-E x16 expansion slot (my monitor is 1280x1024 with VGA connection; it's on the old side, but that shouldn't affect frame rate). I'm running Kubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit, kept updated daily, and generally don't have performance problems; among other things, i can run Path of Exile under Wine at a playable frame rate (and could when I had only 4 GB RAM installed), have no trouble editing large images in GIMP, though I do get some lag issues with streaming video that I believe are more to do with my data connection than my hardware (they got worse when I moved and lost a 1 Gb/s fiber to the house connection, replaced by my current 300 Mb/s TV cable connection). Again, connection quality shouldn't affect a game running locally, within my own machine. My OS and KSP install are on an SSD connected via SATA (not sure what SATA version my motherboard supports, but the SSD is quite noticeably faster than the platter drive it replaced). What do I need to look for as a source of my seeming poor performance? I'd like to add some mods, a setup similar to what Scott Manley was running when he recorded his Interstellar Quest videos for YouTube. What do I need to fix to handle higher part counts (stations, assembled-in-orbit large interplanetary missions, etc.) along with a reasonable set of mods along those lines?
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