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Found 13 results

  1. IDK if anyone's already suggested something like this, but it would be nice to be able to see an interactive flat map of a planet. If this were implemented in-game, there could be a building for it, and the maps could update based on how much of the body in question the Kerbals have seen. Maybe you could set waypoints in the map interface, and select colony sites, etc. I think both local and planetary-scale topography will be important considerations in KSP2. The ability to see Mercator and polar projections, examine distances between sites, and see other information like resource concentrations all in one place would be a boon. I would love it. Probably not something we'll see at release, but the dev team might consider keeping it in mind for a future update. Maybe? Please?
  2. Hi, I'm making an addon, (not for KSP,) that will be a recreation of the Kerbol system. However, I am having a very hard time finding high resolution maps for all planets in the Kerbol system. Any help for where to find maps would be greatly appreciated. The higher resolution, the better.
  3. Fortunately for that there are the mods! Although my computer-potato doesn’t handle very well Kerbal Konstruction and Kerbin Side ... anyway I would like to be recommended names for the "cities" that appear in the excellent lands textures courtesy of Galileo and his SVE. To fulfill the appetite for images, I made some maps and a little analysis of those lights in Kerbin's night. In my "Kanon" the population of kerbals is about 10 million distributed in 141 cities. There are 36 major cities (Red), some 24 medium-sized cities (yellow) and 81 small cities (blue). Of these 141, 90 are in the grasslands, 31 in the shores, 11 in the deserts, 8 in the badlands and 2 in the highlands. No cities are visible on islands, mountains, the tundra or in the polar regions. I also noticed the absence of cities in this area, which could be an indication of some social or environmental event in Kerbin's history. That's it, choose cities (they are numbered) and propose names if you wish. Also comment if you want to continue adding these maps, for some reason I find it entertaining to make them
  4. The GIS-Octopus Mapping and Surveying Agency presents Project ORBAT-Kerbol ORbital, Biome and Altimetry, Telemetry of the planets in the Kerbol system GMSA has partnered with DMagic Orbital Science corporation and SCANsat in an effort to map the entire Kerbol system. The aim of the project is to provide space agencies with high resolution altimetry to aid relevant planetary surface operations. Progress has been slow due to a lack of funding but a recent donation from the Mario-Foundation has allowed GMSA to serve coffee again to its employees. Moral is better then ever now. Consider donating to the GMSA employees. We need lots of coffee and every little bit helps! GMSA-KGS Kerbin Global Surveyor Maps Topographic Map of Kerbin by Purple Dan, on Flickr GMSA-KGS1 Kerbin-Mun Global Surveyor maps Mun-Topographic Mun-Biome Mun-Slope Mun-Focal GMSA-KGS2 Kerbin-Minmus Global Surveyor maps Minmus-Topographic Minmus-Biome Minmus-Slope Minmus-Focal GMSA-DGS Duna Global Surveyor maps Duna-Topographic Duna-Biome Duna maps need to be redone, using wrong projection system GMSA-MGS Moho Global Surveyor maps Moho-Topographic Moho-Biome Moho-Slope Moho-Focal GMSA-JGS1 Jool-Laythe Global Surveyor maps Laythe-Topographic Laythe-Biome Laythe-Slope Laythe-Focal I hope you guys enjoy these maps. More are on their way
  5. I have created this topic so that i could share my ideas about nations being in KSP and so that i can communicate with people with similar ideas on the same principle.
  6. Does anybody happen to have a good high res map of Kerbin without any words or anything on it? I'm trying to design my own map system and separate it into continents
  7. https://www.google.com/maps/space/iss/@29.5603808,-95.085575,2a,75y,41.85h,84.65t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sXD68A8T_h04AAAQvxgbyMw!2e0!7i10000!8i5000 I think you'll all enjoy this. Don't get lost!
  8. https://goo.gl/images/8Wt5ey Laythe
  9. I think this is where this should go but not entirely sure. So, as a user of www.kerbalmaps.com I was disappointed a few days ago when I went to the website and it was down. Does anyone know what has happened to it?
  10. I believe KerbalMaps is down sometime last year, so is there any detailed maps for Kerbin? Best with coordinates, easter eggs and all! Any help will be very appreciated!
  11. http://www.satflare.com/track.asp?q=Iridium#MAP\ This is a website I found where you can track basically all visible satellites. It has a few key features other satellite trackers I've found don't: It shows a map of satellite paths through your sky, which can be set to any time You can use it to predict Iridium flares, when and where to look and how bright I really suggest checking it out and seeing when an especially bright Iridium flare will appear in your sky! It's great for all kinds of tracking and predictions.
  12. Hello there! A few of you know me as /u/Psycho8890 from /r/kerbalspaceprogram, for the many who don't, I am Dan and I create maps for the various planets in the Kerbol system. My maps include topographic data, biome data and slope data among other things, but too the point... I would like to add these maps to the KSP wiki eventually, right now I would like some criticism first... What projection system would be better, colour schemes layout of the maps, etc. Below is an example of a new map I made and for the rest of the maps I have made check the link in my signature! Topographic Map of Kerbin by Purple Dan, on Flickr
  13. Using the SCANsat Module in KSP I have commenced scanning all of the planets and moons in Kerbal Space. I have designed and use two different satellites for my scanning, SCANsat and SURVsat. I will be publishing the maps they generate as I create them. The first set are complete, SCANsat - Kerbin.
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