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  1. I have decided to revamp a current save. It crashes every 30 minutes consistently and the frame-rate with a craft below 300 parts is like 20. My computer might be bad, but I still take that unacceptable. I am using 1.3.1 as my version, and I have heard reports that 1.2 was one of the most stable versions of the game. I'm willing to downgrade a bit for the sake of a good frame-rate. Just a few specifics: 1. I am using KSP 86x so I would think it has good processing. 2. I do have something like 50 or 60 mods installed presently. 3. I have a Lenovo with 6 Gs of Ram and a Core 13. Don't know exactly what the later means, but I put it up because it is something I know about my computer. Happy Explosions.
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