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  1. anyone interested in being in a luna server with scheduled skirmishes with jets and such, still working out the details but I'd love to start something like this! im kind of invisioning this where youd have a site for a match release a few days in advance, and you would (optionally) move jets, isru's, etc to said location, and the winner of the match could build a site with KK their, making it their territory for deployments etc, the person setting the sites would be like a dungeon master allowing for neutral deciding of locations, this could also allow for rematches over territory without things being unfair
  2. Download Links Release & Development client, server, updater, modpackupdater from the build server. Client and server from d-mp.org. Client and Server download from SpaceDock Client download from Curse (New releases make take a while to show up) It's also available on the CKAN, which is an amazing community project mod manager. Go check it out CurseForge does not allow me to host exe files, so DMPServer will NEVER be available on curse. Remember to back up your GameData/DarkMultiplayer/Plugins/Data/[private|public]key.txt files if you move to a new install or you won't be able to use your old username. Highly recommended updater (source code is below if you're interested): DMPUpdater download (build server) DMPModpackUpdater (for use with modded servers that have enabled modpack syncing) DMPModpackUpdater download (build server) Public Server List: D-MP.org link godarklight.info.tm link Installation tutorial: (There used to be a horrible video here, ignore it, either use CKAN, DMPUpdater, or extract DMPClient/GameData/DarkMultiPlayer to KSP_Folder/GameData/DarkMultiPlayer) Licence: MIT. v0.3.8.0 Changelog: godarklight: - Update to 1.12 Pre-emptively answered questions: What is DarkMultiPlayer? DarkMultiPlayer is a multiplayer mod for KSP. It supports subspace-style (and master controlled warp) warping & career mode, with an easy-to-edit server database. Can you show me the code? DarkMultiPlayer: https://github.com/godarklight/DarkMultiPlayer MessageStream: https://github.com/godarklight/BinarySerialiser (Used for building the network messages) DMPUpdater: https://github.com/godarklight/DMPUpdater How do I install it? Client: Simply extract the zip into GameData. Although I do highly recommend just chucking DMPUpdater in your KSP directory and running it, It will also install DMP. Server: Extract the zip to a folder (not KSP or GameData). You can then put DMPUpdater next to it and it will happily update the server as well. Mods? Read DMPModControl.txt on the server, the file is heavily commented/documented. You can generate a DMPModControl specific for your gamedata setup by starting the DarkMultiPlayer client, hitting options, and then pressing "Generate DMPModControl.txt" Alternatively, switch Config/settings.txt to modpackMode=GAMEDATA, add yourself as an admin with /admin add playername, and type /upload when connected to the server. Why did you create this mod? For one reason only, I want to play multiplayer too!. What do I do if I find a bug? * Report it on the github issue tracker * Get it contact with me directly on discord Are there any server lists? Yes. https://d-mp.org/serverlist and the ugly backup list at http://godarklight.info.tm/dmp-serverlist/. How can I contact you? Easiest way is discord Credits: * TheGimp666 - If it wasn't for KMP, we'd most likely still have insta-locked threads for talking about multiplayer, Squad may-or-may-not be talking about it, and DMP definitely would not exist . * RockyTV / JoshBlake / dsonbill - Contributed rather large parts to DMP * Dazoe - I borrowed his chat-doesn't-stage-or-control-the-vessel fix from KMP. It's a nice way of getting around a unity/KSP bug. * Ryannathans/ChronicSilence - The mod system is implemented nearly the exact same way as KMP. It made sense to remain compatible with the file format. * Hyperedit / persistent trails - I've referenced off these mods quite a bit during my KMP orbital branch, DMP uses that same orbital mode positioning. * Wisper - For motivating me to get around to shared science * The #DMP channel for helping me find any bugs / test new features, especially MrFreake for running a career mode server on the other side of the planet to test networking (And it made me actually play career mode too!). * Squad: For Kerbal Space Program, and their top-notch API documentation.
  3. Licence: MIT (you don't need to ask me for permission if you want to make a fork ) Description: Around March-2016 I started LMP as a refactoring over DMP but it finally evolved to a totally different program and different code architecture, this means that the code is totally different although it still uses some ideas from DMP like the concept of subspaces. Nevertheless, this mod wouldn't exist if it wasn't for @godarklight's job as he made a solid base and a good example of where to start. If you want to support this project, consider donating trough paypal As the mod is still in beta it might has some bugs so if you want to report a issue, please do so on github If you want to collaborate testing new versions or help us in development join us in the discord chat Main features: Clean and optimized code architecture, based on systems and windows which makes it easier to read and modify. Multi threaded (as much as Unity allows) Settings saved as XML. Time synced between clients and the server using the NTP protocol. UDP networking using the Lidgren library for reliable UDP message handling. Uses interpolation so the vessels shouldn't jump from one place to another. Nat-punchtrough feature so a server doesn't need to open ports on it's router. Servers are displayed within the mod. Better creation of network messages so they are easier to modify. Every network message is cached in order to reduce the garbage collector spikes Based on tasks instead of threads. QuickLZ for fast compression Supports science and career modes UPnP support for the server. Links: Official website: http://www.lunamultiplayer.com Oficial Github repo: https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer Download from: GitHub Wiki: https://github.com/LunaMultiplayer/LunaMultiplayer/wiki Discord chat: https://discord.gg/wKVMhWQ Current developers: @Dagger - Main developer Legacy developers: MalteJanz - Developer (career and science modes) @Lothsahn - Developer Sladernimo - Developer Collaborators: @godarklight - Assesment & DMP code @SupperRobin6394 - Discrod Bot development @Toonu - Testing + Documentation @The HellBox - Testing + Documentation (linux) Video (Old and outdated version):
  4. Unsure if it's the Mandela effect or not, but looking at KSP2 Steam Store I see it's not listed as Multiplayer (anymore). And now this Are we going to hear un update related about Multiplayer inclusion in KSP2 in the coming days?
  5. I'm not the best with words, so I'll get straight to my point: I believe that the developers of Kerbal Space Program 2 should have multiplayer functionality as a higher priority than it already is. Even in the game's current state, I believe multiplayer would be highly beneficial to the development team, as it would attract more people into the game's player base, as well as help to keep existing players invested. This means more money in their pockets and more motivation in their heads, making it much more likely that they'll be able to successfully fulfill the goals set in their roadmap, shown below: ^ KSP2's current roadmap ^ As can be seen, multiplayer is currently at the final stage of the roadmap. What do you guys think? Should the developers try to add multiplayer as soon as they can, or should they maintain current course?
  6. I've been playing quite a bit of Magic The Gathering: Arena recently thanks to the LOTR crossover bringing me back, and I'm always looking for more people to play with! I figured that I'd make a thread for people to share their in game ID and preferred game modes with others just in case there were fellow players here! ID: Arkantos97#78526 Preferred Modes: Historic Brawl, Commander, Standard
  7. After seeing majority of voters in https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/216402-multiplayer-question-what-kind-of-player-are-you-marczewski’s-gamification-user-types/ being either Free Spirits or Achievers I wonder on general attitude towards multiplayer. Personally, I'd consider game not less valuabe if multiplayer never made it into milestone list. Still, the fact that every game aspect is developed with multiplayer in mind might lead to some exciting interactions in singleplayer campaigns.
  8. hello I've been a player of ksp for a long time and I think it would be good to add a multiplayer. I think these multiplayer features would be the best and serve for ksp: first off adding friends this is simple we have a online username account that well be used to pull up the players account page and you can add friend or join game which means the player is playing with the other players. groups this can be made by any player and a group can serve as just for friends or it can serve for a certain amount of players only like 20 multiplayer players and the user wants 10 he can do that you can also just do you and a friend. this multiplayer wouldn't be a mod it would be built in the game. I hope you consider making this you'll make me and so many other people happy thank you ksp team. any other feature the ksp founders would like to add this is unlimited because they made the game. my opinion I've played a lot of games and I've seen that multiplayer is a lot of fun it can get boring playing a game by yourself this adds a new experience in gameplay there is gonna be dog fights, wars, racing, flying together, operations and so much more this little add will give a huge amount of fun and gameplay and its gonna be so many kingdoms of players are gonna arise and buy the game I know because I have friends and a brother me my friends and my brother we buy games we like that have multiplayer ones that don't we usually look for another one but I really like this game and so does my friends and brother I really think this would help. thank you for your time. for the gamers of ksp multiplayer would add so much fun and a huge experience it would be epic and fun think of the gameplay that would be possible wars and big wars, operations you plan, huge fleet of planes flying, and so much more with our imagination's and what we want to do In the game we can do some pretty awesome stuff thank you community for reading.
  9. So, how do you think multiplayer, a thing we've all (or some) of us wanted in ksp for some time and are now getting in KSP 2, will work? My idea is that there might be a create server thing and after you create a server you can invite players to the server and build with them in real time. Maybe there will be a space-race mode where you can play against someone else and try and beat them to the mun or another moon or planet. But that's just my idea, what about you? (Edit: I guess this has now turned into a discussion thread, you can express your thoughts about the addition of multiplayer)
  10. Imagine being on Kerbin, looking up at the sky and seeing in real-time how a giant interstellar ship is being pulled out of spaceport by small tugs. It orients to fly past the Mun and then lights it's nuclear engine to start anew. All while other players are flying jets in formation above, 3 huge rockets are taking off, capsules leave firy reentry trails in the distance and you're doing buggy ramp jumps with friends. Do I have your attention? Good. I've thought it through a little and I (hope) I have found a straight-forward way to circumvent the annoying time-warp problem. Just get rid of manually controlling it on / in-proximity-of celestial bodies and mostly play real-time: Have planetary sphere-of-influence sized real-time bubbles that auto-sync. Players can't manually control time warp inside the multiplayer real-time bubble. Instead they use a maneuver node journey planner (map view) to go from A (start) to B (destination). After starting the journey players can control time warp (outside non-team multiplayer). During the journey players cannot directly interact if not on the same craft. The game / server alone manages the planetary bodies configurations in the solar systems. Multiplayer de-sync is done when waiting for a launch window and when starting a journey. Multiplayer re-sync is done when time is cyclic and flexible: when arriving in the destination's orbit, after landing or when on approach (space station type bubble). You can also easily re-sync if you cancel leaving on the journey. Also, if you're curious about how multiplayer would work in-space while allowing time warping, the solutions I found use the following ideas: Recorded actions / milestones / events for missions (which would also allow returning to the past after finishing a mission) - this also allows a number of interesting gameplay ideas like having single player space races against AI controlled agencies and is the basis for implementing the delivery routes system. All player actions in-space would be recorded and placed on a common timeline and when playing in map view (and time warping) we would see actions of other players. Also for multiplayer in small real-time bubbles like around space stations or when doing rendezvous syncing would be done when in proximity. This combined with the large celestial-body sized multiplayer bubbles would represent the hybrid system which allows for real-time interactions. I think this solution leads me to what I think is my greatest wish and suggestion. Make KSP2 multiplayer a competitive space-race team-based persistent-world MMO with inter-agency contracts and trade. Servers would be public, permanent, multiple per region with max. 1000 players each. What you build never gets lost or there would be very rare resets. You can also set-up private servers and edit the rules. Maybe you can even invite players into your single player campaign. Each agency can have 1-4 co-op players, you can build / fly / do missions together. Each player controls a kerbal per mission (although you can switch). You can switch to your space agency's crafts anytime you want. Space agencies can also do contracts for other space agencies. Space agencies can collaborate with each other on huge projects. You can physically interact with other players space stations or colonies only by requesting permissions to dock or land. But otherwise you can trade, emote and communicate. Craft of competing space agencies are all visible in normal view but are pass-through (can't interact physically - for gameplay and performance reasons). They are hidden in map view to avoid clutter, but you can select what you see in orbit. This is my dream for the greatest game ever made. Q&A: "Can it still be KSP with realistic space travel even as a MMO type game?" Yes. You gain big multiplayer by just giving up being able to manually control time-warp on / in-proximity-of a celestial body because you don't want to desync the players. Each place in the universe has its own simultaneity bubble where time flows regularly. You cannot travel to the future unless you are in a cyclic loop or static. Causality must always be preserved. The speed of light is constant in any frame of reference. You cannot send information to the past. If you switch colonies or vessels, you are moving in space AND time. But that's the key to the system: you ignore the fact that central-universal-synced time doesn't exist. All solar systems are looped when on rails. You hide temporal internal information and just sync positional configuration. "Would there be big differences compared to KSP1 gameplay?" If I can see you from the ground or low orbit, you would be inside the local real-time multiplayer bubble. Once you get to orbit you can plan maneuver nodes and start the inter-celestial-body journey. You exit large multiplayer when you start a journey. You keep team-based co-op multiplayer by being able to interact with the players on your craft. While on a journey time-warping is enabled and you can edit maneuver nodes and the destination. The server syncs you to the local SOI real-time bubble and system configuration when you arrive at your destination in order to re-enter large multiplayer. It's like waiting for transfer windows, but the abstraction is reversed. "What does "the server controls the local time and configuration of the celestial body system" mean?" It means that you don't control the local positions of celestial bodies by time warping. It's the same system configuration for everyone in that specific local real-time bubble, as defined by the server. "Where would manually controlling time-warp be disabled?" There would be real-time gameplay on / in-proximity-of the celestial body. In space you could have special / local real-time bubbles for stations, asteroids and comets. You can warp during journeys. "You can't play without manually controlling physics warp. Every player needs it." You can't have large scale multiplayer with physics warp. You would just see people popping in and out of existence as if they are using hyper-speed wall-hack cheats. It breaks immersion. You couldn't have space-races or races of any kind. Besides, devs said: no warp drives (that's what real-time warping actually means, not to mention desyncs and causality problems). I'm sure there are other solutions if you really are that impatient. "Why do you say travel between SOIs is virtual? It's virtual because it's outside of server defined time. During the journey you can interact only with players that are already in your craft. "What about mid-course corrections?" When you are on a journey you are outside of objective time bubbles. You make course corrections as usual, you can change destination without any issue. You go from maneuver node to maneuver node or pause the journey and create new maneuver nodes. But non-team multiplayer only exists after you arrive in the destination time bubble and auto-sync to the local system time and configuration set by the server." "How do you account for moons or star positions as seen planet-side?" When on a planet you see the moons and sun positions. You go to orbit, circularize, set maneuver nodes to travel to the moon, press go. When you arrive you auto-sync with a server defined local time in-proximity-of the moon. The problem you have now is that, if you switch colonies or vessels, you see different solar system configuration for each SOI. But it's irrelevant for gameplay, it's just like being in different time zones. You sync to where you are. "The map view is supposed to be a direct reflection of the world you're in. What do you mean when you imply that the normal view is real and the map view is virtual?" Map view only represents the system configuration you are playing in. When you start a journey, map view shows you a system configuration starting with the time of the transfer window, but it does not represent any server-defined real-time bubble system state. It's virtual during a journey, outside of time and outside of non-team multiplayer. When you arrive, server syncs the map view to the local configuration. "What if I get bored of waiting to ... circularize at apoapsis / rendezvous / land with parachutes ... in real-time?" Use basic automation as software modules and simple conditional triggers. Create the maneuver in advance and allow smart-parts or a minimal autopilot to do the final burn / do the approach or dock / trigger the parachutes and the landing legs. And/or set an alarm and go do something else meanwhile. You don't have to micromanage or babysit. Unload manual controls to the rocket design process. "What if I want to quickly meet up with my friends?" Meet in the middle. Travel to your nearest colony. Switch to / spawn at your favorite colony. Then takeoff together. "Was KSP envisioned to be multiplayer from the beginning?" I personally sincerely believe that. There is no official confirmation, but there are some signs. planting flags so others that come later find them (this is not a single player or co-op team-only feature) leaving custom messages on plaques that can only be read by getting physically close to them (not single player or co-op team-only feature) having agency contracts, rescue missions, (submodules) testing missions, tourism the huge empty world where we all could build colonies and space stations no cities or signs of Kerbal civilization on Kerbin being able to build cool rockets that we can admire, trade or share directly controlling kerbals (that will be able to emote) I think game design, tech levels and funding didn't allow the dream to be realized. Until now! "Doesn't your solution desync celestial bodies from the universal time?" Yes, universal time would cease to exist. You would only exist in regional-time or in virtual journey-time. Better yet think about it this way: instead of traveling in time, you travel from one positional configuration to another. "Doesn't the lack of universal time break resource management?" First of all you need to set up resupply loops. Secondly, to preserve resource management causality there could also be a timer used internally by the simulation to calculate "resources depletion estimated time". The thing is that it doesn't really impact multiplayer. Other players can't see inside your craft or colony to check if your resources are depleted. How do we prevent the visual shift in map view or in normal view when syncing to the real-time multiplayer bubble? When you arrive at your target the server sets the configuration you play in and politely hides any sudden jumps using the places where events are cyclical and time is flexible: while in orbit, while on approach, while landed. Some solutions: in map view: getting spun around in orbit (like a reverse warp-to-transfer window) in map view: limiting view of other celestial bodies by zooming in close to my craft and then zooming out in normal view: seeing your craft third person and correctly positioning the sun and moons during time-warp to target. in normal view: seeing an arrival-at-target cut-scene in map or normal view: if going directly into a suborbital trajectory without circularizing (entering atmosphere or landing) there might be a jump in the positions of the moons or day-time/night-time. To sync you (and only you) see an animation of some day / night cycles after landing. The players already in the multiplayer bubble see you arrive in real-time. "How many players per server?" Kerbin has a total surface area of 4,523,893.4 km^2. Excluding water based colonies, the land surface area is roughly half of that. But let's exclude mountains and steep hills and say 40%. Kerbin usable land surface area: ~ 1,800,000 km^2. We should also account for the fact that not being near the equator makes the game harder for players. That would again put a limit of probably 40% on the practical usable land area for better balance. Kerbin surface area of land practical for orbital launches: ~ 720,000 km^2. The KSC plateau is about 25 km^2 (from the wiki). But let's say a 1-4 kerbal agency would need 100 km^2. That's a maximum of 7,200 individual space agencies and a maximum of 28,800 players on Kerbin. Steam-Charts says the peak player count for KSP1 was 19,079. And currently on average there are 3,500 players online at any given moment. But in order to avoid latency issues and overcrowding the players should be split in multiple servers per region. My estimate for optimized gameplay would be a maximum of 1,000 space agencies per server, meaning anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 players per server. "The players with Space Centers on / near the Kerbin equator have an unfair advantage over other players because of orbital inclination change costs." This could be a difficulty setting you choose when joining a server. If you want to play on easy, join a server that has free space near the equator. "Couldn't all the players build and fly in the same persistent world?" They could if dynamic instancing was used for some celestial bodies (mainly in the Kerbollar system). The further players explore, the fewer they are, so there's not really the problem of colonial overcrowding on planets and moons that are far away from Kerbin. And there would be a server rule that each instance always had enough room for new player colonies, while maintaining a healthy density and interesting older / bigger colonies. We would only see / interact with max N number of players on each world, but more advanced players would converge the farther away they travel. How could players collaborate inside the persistent world? playing co-op with max 3 other players inside a single space agency (using extended single player mechanics) seeing other players crafts, stations and colonies but having limited (approval based) interactions with them having a contracts and trading system and market interface that allows multiple space agencies to indirectly interact: ex. you ask for a satellite with some specs and pay another agency to build and/or launch it etc. having a "grand projects" system that allows multiple space agencies to interact directly by building together or contributing (kerbals, designs, craft, station segments, resources etc.) ex. a huge space station or interstellar mission. How would multiplayer actually work in-space (where time warping is absolutely necessary)? The events / actions recording system (which is also used by the delivery routes system) would allow to have a centralized timeline for massive multiplayer. This would allow time warping at will (because everything is either on-rails or manually controlled - which would trigger updates to the recordings placed on the timeline). Server could optimize sending you only the relevant localized recordings using an events / actions LOD system. Players would see all pre-recorded actions of other players in space as they play / warp. This combined with the hybrid multiplayer bubbles (big ones close to celestial bodies and small ones around space stations or for rendezvous) would be a general workable solution for KSP2 multiplayer. How would space races work? If there's only one timeline common to all players then events recorded during missions get placed on it at the appropriate future time coordinate. So if Player A that's playing right now (real-life time) lands on the Mun, he would have that event recorded and placed on the timeline. If Player B that's playing some days later (real-life time) is faster (relative to in-game time), then that Player B event recording would be placed before the Player A recording on the common timeline. All other players would be notified of milestones when the in-game time hits a recorded event. So the one that wins the "land on the Mun" space race is the one that created the earliest recording of the event (real life time does not really matter, but there should be rules so someone does not lag behind for a year in real life just to win the race).
  11. Small idea that would be nice for planning space stations and rendevous, especially in multiplayer, would be the ability to mark orbits in a similar ways to what satellite contracts do in KSP1
  12. So me and one of my friends were thinking about what to do w/ the ksp 2 multiplayer, and him and I were thinking about competitions. Thats when i had the idea. There should be the ability for coms slatelites to only work with certain frequencies. I.e. allowing for me and my friend to compete without needing to turn our satelites off everytime the other needs to send science.
  13. One thing I've been curious about is a possible multiplayer feature that would allow multiple players to design vessels (stages) at the same time in the VAB. For everyone one person would work on the rocket while another world build the payload - at the same time, in the same VAB room. This feature would also allow more experienced players to teach beginners how to design and build correctly. Has anyone seen any clue about this feature?
  14. Straight to the point: we're going to want to build tourist colonies that other players can visit in multiplayer. Colonies with beautiful vistas, breathtaking sunsets, amazing skies to dream about at night. Maybe we'll even be able to charge players for a space bus ticket and a bed. Maybe we'll even be jealous that we were not the first to plant the flag at the location of our dreams. But we're also gonna wanna build extreme sports resort colonies. We'll produce and sell jetpacks, mini-copters, fast jets, AWD rovers and bikes.. I'm sure someone will even build an amusement park and a huge roller coaster on the Mun to fund his interstellar project. More ideas for extreme sports activities and related colonies built at location: captured asteroid surfing in very low orbit around Minmus (actually saw a video on YT - don't know if he also built a mini-colony using the ground anchor) asteroid field racing (like in the KSP2 cinematic) jumping off huge vertical cliffs with friends (parachutes included but useless) underwater trench exploration (going down to max depth with a submersible) last bus trip into the sun (expensive ticket) racing jets through Dres and Duna canyons Kerbin desert Baja motorcycle jumping dunes Minmus flat plains ramp jump to orbit (prepare your max downforce rover) falling from orbit wearing just a helmet and a heat shield rover jumping over Mun craters and Eeloo crevasses volcano exploration (i hope we also get nonflammable crane parts) hovercraft racing over the Rask & Rusk lava lakes high altitude balloon bungee jumping on Eve going down the Mohole with just a suit and a helmet (it might take a while to return) last one to avoid jets collision is a chicken (1v1 on Laythe) drag racing on Tylo jetpack racing around Gilly, Bop and Pol having dinner at the space-station restaurant in the stable Lagrange point between Rask & Rusk (then having a tug of war party) Jool atmospheric deep dives (under pressure tananana) surfing storm planet tsunamis erupting ice geyzer riding on Eeloo kerbal cannonball between Rask and Rusk infinite depth limbo on Glumo Minmus flats hover-racing Skoot upside-down dining and spacediving jousting with Asteroids ring casino (tug puts you into a polar orbit swings a ringed planet and picks you back up if it survives an orbit) sledding / skiing on Eeloo, Merbel gravity assist roller coaster around the moons in the Jool system Eve mountaintop outlook at the North Pole (diving board included) X-Games: reaction wheel assisted stunts (jumps, flips) with all types of vehicles (buggy rovers, bikes, even planes or jet skis) (also related to the Baja idea, but can be done on all planets with gravity and atmosphere acting as difficulty levels) battle arenas (jets, space ships, mechs, tanks, naval, underwater). Bring your best creations and duke it out. hide & seek in the clouds Trackmania! And I'm sure we can come up with a lot more! Only question is if we can respawn back at the colony / space station.
  15. So I'm wondering, with resource trading supposedly being a thing in multiplayer, I think it would be fun to have the ability to charge for usage of a players relay network. Now, idk if probe control will work on a packet system the way science uploads do and I honestly doubt they would, but I think it would be very fun from a role play perspective to try to play as the System's telecommunications network and fund your other projects that way. Ultimately my goal would be to be able to become the "PAY YOUR PHONE BILLS" meme from battletech.
  16. Galaxies Unbound is hosting Luna Multiplayer Servers, one for warfare, and one for collaborative colonization, however, in the future, we may do other multiplayer challenges, Such as space races and the like Join the Discord for More Information JOIN DISCORD FOR ALL QUESTIONS https://discord.gg/KUNV92PHbR Mods that will ALWAYS be present in the challenges @StarCrusher96's Galaxies Unbound @R-T-B's Kopernicus @JadeOfMaar's OPT Spaceplane And finally, last but not least @Nertea's Near Future Construction, Spacecraft, And Launch Vehicles General Rules that apply to ALL multiplayer servers No Vessels which are intended to crash the game No Part Mods or planet mods outside the ones specified in the rules of the server No Cheats Unless otherwise stated(Unless the Kraken destroys your ship or something, or if a ship flips over due to something unreasonable) No Blowing up peoples ships unless otherwise stated In General, Don't Be a Jerk If you violate the rules more than 3 times, you will be banned from participating in future multiplayer challenges(asside from part mod rule, in that case, the vessel will be removed) Don't complain about the modlist if you aren't planning on playing, the modlist is set when we start, so if u want to pick the modlist, just wait till the current one ends Requirements to Play Have Discord Have KSP Read all rules before joining Note that warfare has a limited number of slots, get em while you can
  17. DISCLAIMER The issues, solutions, etc. in this thread are NOT suggestions for KSP devs. Rather, the thread's primary use is to provide help and answers about multiplayer, more specifically to solve the problems of multiplayer. Because its primary use is for modders, it is located in Add-on Discussions. It's content is free to use in mods, as long as you mention the user who made the suggestion / answer. MIST — Multiplayer Issues Solving Thread As KSP is a game different than others by its nature, its gameplay and its objectives, multiplayer is far more difficult to include in it than in simpler games, such as Minecraft. This thread was created to try to solve multiplayer problems. Please keep in mind that you have, of course, to respect the Forum Rules. Time Warp In KSP, real-time games would be extremely long. KSP offers a feature to make games faster: Time Warp. But in multiplayer, players don't all play in the same game-time; thus, Time Warp needs special rules in multiplayer. The following are my three suggestions: No Time Warp This means, "no Time Warp aviable". It's very frustrative for players on long missions, it means they have to plan their flights so they can be there when needed... Not a good idea. Plenty of Time Warp Everyone can Time Warp. So, there could be Time Warp Wars between players, this can lead to fights... No, that's definitely not a very good idea. Regulated Time Warp With this option, players can set "Warp-stop points", which are points in the game (e.g Apoapsis of a certain vessel, when that tank on that vessel is full, on Y27 D419 5:23:11, etc.) when Time Warp will automatically stop. The "Warp-stop points" can be instantaneous or on a long period. Any player can Time Warp freely and globally, but the Time Warp will stop at "Warp-stop points". This is for me the best of the three options. /!\ This post is a WIP.
  18. Lets say I want to host a continuously running game server for myself, and a few friends, or a youtuber wants to create a community server for viewers to mess around on. What kind of options are available to do this? Personally, I would prefer a dedicated program that I can deploy on a spare computer, vm or even a cloud service, similar to how games like minecraft or arma handle dedicated servers, alongside a simpler system like portal 2 or left for dead where servers are p2p and are only up as long as the host is playing the game.
  19. I've been thinking; warfare in KSP2 using mods and multiplayer would be awesome, much more so than in KSP1. In KSP1 you need a lot of mods if you want to play war. You need mods to make bases and cities, you need mods like BDArmory so you can actually fight, and if you're not doing it alone you'll need a multiplayer mod. Most of the time the fighting only happens on Kerbin, and when its in space its usually role play and not strategy based. With the new base system in KSP2 and stock multiplayer, you won't need nearly as much mods, but playing war will (most likely) work much differently. Not only can you fight on other planets without needing to haul weapons and vehicles across space, but you can fight each other's bases and fight for control over parts of a planet/moon, or fight for total control over the whole thing. Imagine scouting a planet for a good spot to place a strategic base! Maybe you've found a good canyon and you can put a fighter base at the base of a cliff, or you have a tall point of land that you place a fort on to protect the nearby area. It'll be fun to play war in KSP2 less as role play but actual strategy in multiplayer. When a weapons mod eventually comes to KSP2, playing war in multiplayer would be very fun IMO CLARIFICATION: I'm not saying stock KSP2 should have weapons and some kind of focus on warfare. That should be delegated solely to mods and how you yourself play KSP.
  20. SYNCRIO – by Caylis1397 KSP Version: 1.2.2 , 1.3.0, and 1.3.1 Current Mod Version: v0.9.0.1/v1.0 Beta 4.1 Download(SpaceDock): Client Server Download(Github): 1.2.2 1.3.0 Download(v1.0 Beta 4.1) 1.3.1 Source code: GitHub News: (4/19/2018) Because of life stuff I am no longer going to be working on Syncrio. I changed the license to MIT, and uploaded the progress I had on the complete rewrite of Syncrio. The rewrite is incomplete, but it was mostly working as of KSP 1.4.0. If anyone want to pickup where I left off, then feel free to do so. However Luna Multiplayer is beginning to replace Syncrio. LMP already has some basic career data syncing complete. I want to thank you all for the support and the chance to be a part of the KSP community. I hope that one day somewhere down the line I will have time to return, but it wont be for quite a while, if at all. Again, Thank You. DESCRIPTION: Syncrio is a modification of Kerbal Space Program that features multiplayer-style scenario syncing. The multiplayer-style scenario syncing allows you to sync your scenario data (funds, reputation, science and tech trees) to a group so that other players in the group a sync from the group and have the same scenario data as you. You can have many groups on a server, this allows you to have competing space agencies or if you want to play coop just have one group. Syncrio is mostly meant to be used with DMP to achieve a true multiplayer experience. Although it works just fine on its own, you just won't be in the same kerbal universe. Known Bug(s) and Issues: Anti-Keyloggers and Comodo auto-sandbox are known to crash Syncrio. You have been warned. If you find any bugs please report them. And if you do report them please follow this guide on making a bug report. Thank you. SUPPORTED MODS: DarkMultiPlayer -Note: By default this is turned off. To turn it on in the server run the server once and then go to the config folder then open the settings.txt file and set DMP-Coop-Mode to true and then on the client side in the connection window click settings and enable DMP Co-op Mode. COMPATIBLE MODS: Historical Progression Tech Tree. Although any tech tree mod should work great with Syncrio, but I have only tested it with HP Tech Tree. So I can't say for sure. Planet packs should work too, but I have not tested any yet. SPECIAL THANKS: @godarklightand the DarkMultiPlayer team for their great work on DarkMultiPlayer! @Ippo for the Open Node Parser. And Squad for KSP! REQUIREMENTS: Windows or Wine / Mono (if you have a Linux or Mac OSX) -Note: Wine or Mono should do the trick if you have a Linux or Mac OSX, but I have no way of testing it. LICENSE: This mod is released under the MIT license. UI Pics(Very Old): http://imgur.com/a/pbNsj
  21. So I had an idea for multiplayer (did you really? its only in the title, tag and first sentence!) So this would be for a large multiplayer server, maybe the main one. Everyone starts in their own solar system, gradually building their way up to interstellar travel. People can send trading envoys, and establish relations, working together to build up a galactic civilization. No one has to join, it just makes your journey easier. The people you can communicate with (i.e chat) are people inside your antenna range. You can have colonies anywhere and spread your kerbals out, but in a race or in coordination with fellow players. Personally I see it as this. The best players would slowly gravitate toward the center, either naturally or by quests and other incentives, while the old systems are cleaned and used for newer server members. People could join, and send out their broadcasts into interstellar space, inviting people, sending them away, or just yelling into the void. Then as they got experience they would join the cycle of civilizations. The planets would have variable resources, encouraging trade for rare materials and energy sources. The people could trade with each other, you could work together on ambitious projects, or just fly around and have a good time. I don't know how well this would actually work, and I don't have any answer for the main multiplayer problems, but I will say that the idea is very interesting and would be very fun to try out.
  22. This is the all new U.K.N. thread, it is where we upper governments will control the future of KSP2 servers that we play on and lead everyone to a better future. Guidelines will be added in based on a democratic system, of course this is a work in progress and it will slowly be developed to the point where we will have weekly polls and we we debate on an issue that need be taken care of. There will be a weekly paper that will go into the specifics of what the primary issue is and peoples ideas to solve said issue. Now of course we are over a year away from the release of KSP2 but as I always say, "A planned system is a working system.". I strive for an economy and the economy strives for balance and peace!
  23. This question is pretty simple, but how will consoles behave with multiplayer? Will they be cross compatible with other consoles and pc players, will they have full multiplayer but limited to other users of the same console. Will they have limited multiplayer (for example only co-op, no servers?)
  24. As multiplayer will be a thing, a large number of people will be setting up roleplay and PVP-enabled servers, so, that presents them with a very interesting set of challanges. The most important one is transportation. The best option i see is a mod that facilitates FTL travel, or some kind of kraken drive ( to reach ~C ). What do you think the community will prefer? As for weapons, the stock parts can provide good (but limited) weapon capabilities. Some that come to mind are : Mini-missiles Engine plume accelerators Reaction wheel cutters Deorbit claw Colony irradiator Kraken drive interstellar missile Weaponizable Kraken glitch creator Kessler syndrome generator, mass debris cloud deployment Concentrated directional debris cloud driven mission launch disruptor satellite station. For ground defense, i think most efficient approach would be a missile with a fairing containing thousands of small struts, or cubes, that would be deployed in a cloud to destroy any incoming object, kind of like the distuptor satellite, but with a much higher debris density(this could also be deployed by a ship to protect itself). This only works if the part-breaking system remains similar to KSP-1. Some cool mods that not only PVP, but all modded servers would benefit from: Energy shields (for ships and colonies) Missile Shields Detection satellites Just disabling the ability for people to break other people's ships or Safezones. So, what do you think combat will look like? Those weapon ideas are made on the spot. What can you come up with? What about defending against them? How will large interstellar Warships work? Physics exploits? Mods that add in FTL drives?
  25. I am thinking about Playing KSP with some of my Friends and now have these questions about the mods that exist: "Which is the best mod ?" Do they work over hamachi? Do they support other mods? How easy/quick can the server be set up? Should i suggest my friends, who don't own KSP, buying KSP1 or should we wait for the KSP2 Release? How does time warp work? How is the game performance with the Mod? How accurate is the syncing of the crafts? Can multiple players launch rockets with a dockable payload simultaneously from the equator and then dock them in orbit?
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