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Found 3 results

  1. This is a mod based on OSE Workshop Reworked by @linuxgurugamer, itself a continuation of OSE Workshop Continued by @Aelfhe1m and ultimately a continuation of OSE Workshop by @ObiVanDamme. These mods allow parts to be manufactured directly on a craft using a Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) container to store them. They also allow spare parts in a KIS inventory to be recycled back into their raw materials (at a loss), and provide some limited support for those resources (an ore processor part, resource containers etc). This mod aims to overhaul many of the features of the previous incarnations, and add several new features as well, including a redesigned user interface; compatibility with the stock inventory system added in 1.11 (Some Reassembly Required); compatibility with part variants, B9 part switch, and other types of part changing normally only available in the editor; and compatibility with newer and modded part categories. The original mockup, which shows some as-yet unimplemented features is in the "spoiler" below. I am currently approaching the point where I can release a version of the mod. This will likely be some type of pre-release (which I'd probably call an alpha rather than a beta as it probably won't be feature-complete and will undoubtedly be buggy), as many of the changes made will require more testing than I can do alone, especially given the vast number of mod and version combinations likely to be in use which may interact with it in unforeseen ways. I cannot at this point give a date estimate though (it really depends how much time I have to work on it). Changes and new features (already implemented) Compatibility with the stock inventory system. KSP 1.11 greatly expanded the capabilities of the stock inventory system, which is now in many ways very similar to KIS + KAS. The mod is now able to place printed parts in stock containers as well as KIS ones, and recycle parts contained within stock containers. This mod is also compatible with older versions of KSP which use the pre-1.11 inventory system (as introduced in the Breaking Ground DLC), as limited as it is. I have been testing it sporadically in a highly-modded 1.9.1 game and so far it seems to be working OK. However, I am at this point not sure how robust it is. Obviously this can only be used with the limited number of parts designed specifically for it (or any other similar ones added by mods, if any exist). An overhauled user interface, with more information and options available to the player and a more stock-like layout. Specific changes include: The interface font has been changed to a smoother anti-aliased Arial rather than the previous aliased (pixelated) font. (I'd prefer to use the same font used in the stock interface (Noto Sans) but there isn't a version included with KSP which is compatible with the the old IMGUI system used by the mod. At some point I intend to convert the UI over to the newer uGUI system which KSP now uses for its interfaces, which will allow me to use the built-in Noto Sans TextMeshPro font.) The part categories are now shown on an editor-like vertical strip to the left of the part icons and use editor-like buttons. The part icons now appear in a scrollable area rather than "pages" as in the previous incarnations and more closely match the style of those in the editor. Part icons now spin when hovered over or selected like in the editor The part overview has been reworked to resemble the editor part preview (and indeed provide at least the same information). The search bar is now above the part list (like in the editor) and behaves better. Parts can now be sorted by name, mass, size, volume (KIS), packed volume (stock inventory system), buoyancy, max. temp, max. skin temp, max. pressure, G-tolerance, crew capacity and build time. The workshop UI now displays which mod a part comes from (similar to the tooltips added by the Janitor's Closet mod). This may be toggleable in future if people want that option (e.g. if they don't use many modded parts). A Workshop's progress is now shown as a progress bar in its right-click menu (PAW?) as well as the workshop interface. Compatibility with part variants. Now if a part has alternative skins or configurations which use the stock variants system they can be selected in the workshop interface. Compatibility with several part-switching mods. Like with stock part variants, several modded switchers can also be used through the workshop. These include B9PartSwitch, Firespitter, InterstellarFuelSwitch, KerbetrotterResourceSwitch (Feline Utility Rovers), KPBSModelSwitch (Kerbal Planetary Base Systems), B9 Procedural Wings, Conformal Decals Ability to modify the following values when manufacturing a part (which can normally only be done in the editor): Motor Size and Output(%) for robotic parts Extension/Angle Limit for robotic parts Motorized for robotic parts Allow Full Rotation for servos Ratcheted for rotors (when motorized is disabled) Attach nodes for parts with a DynamicNodes module (e.g. rotors) Quantity of resources "Fixed" resources such as solid fuel for SRBs and ablator for heat shields continue to be added during manufacture but their quantity can now be selected. Transferable resources such as liquid fuel and electric charge are transferred from the vessel at the end of the manufacturing process. Boot file and Disk Space for kOS processors Orientation, Size, Flag Image and Mirroring for flag parts Compatibility with the Robotics and Cargo categories. The previous OSE Workshop incarnations were developed before the introduction of these categories, and while they could be added to parts manually through their configs they were not there by default. Now they are. Compatibility with categories added by the Community Category Kit (CCK), Wild Blue Industries (WBI), Filter Extensions, Kerbal Planetary Base Systems (KPBS) and Feline Utility Rovers is now built in to the plugin. These populate automatically without any user intervention or manual coding required. The standard categories added by Umbra Space Industries (USI) (Rovers, Manufacturing, Logistics, Construction, Kolonization and LifeSupport) are also included, although these have been superseded in more recent versions of USI mods by CCK categories. Compatibility with other non-standard categories. Non-standard categories, including the one used for the workshop parts themselves, can now be added via a config. This currently includes Kerbalism and Infernal Robotics, but many more can be added as I find them (feel free to suggest any you know of that aren't added by any of the specifically implemented mods above). I have also added a (temporary?) catch-all BDArmory category.* As the system is config-based individual mod makers and players can support it themselves via a Module Manager patch. These can be set up to include (or exclude) parts based on any combination of part name, tags, modules, path (i.e. where the part's config file is) and manufacturer. "Advanced mode" filters/categories (Filter by Cross-Sectional Profile, Module, Resource, Manufacturer and Tech Level) are now available in addition to the standard categories (technically "filter by function"). These behave much like they do in the editors. Custom categories added using the pale brown/tan/beige + button in the editor are supported. Enhanced queue functionality, including part stacking, individual part pausing (including partially-manufactured parts), and queue re-ordering. Cancelled parts in the workshop are now be transferred into a recycler if one is available, allowing some of the resources used to be recovered. Parts in the recycler queue which haven't yet begun recycling can now be returned to an inventory. Where possible this will be the inventory it originated from, but if it is full or unavailable it will use other inventories instead. An OSE Manager app has been added to the sidebar, which allows workshop and recycler parts to be managed on any vessel in range (~2-3 km) without directly interacting with the part's PAW. I have added a new resource: Waste Material. Any mass which is not converted to useful resources by the recycler is now converted to Waste Material rather than simply vanishing, as are cancelled parts (both in the recycler and those in the workshop not moved to the recycler). Resources now (and indeed must) be transferred out from parts to be recycled. If they cannot be drained (e.g. there isn't enough space on the vessel to store them) they can be dumped/ejected. Similarly, if a part is finished recycling and there isn't enough space for the recovered resources the player may either dump them or have the recycler wait for space to become available. (Previously they would just be lost.) Items can be added to the recycler queue paused. (I also plan to add this functionality to the workshop but haven't done so yet.) This is not the same as the pre-existing functionality of pausing the recycler as it only effects newly added parts – any already queued but non-paused parts remain non-paused, and any individual item can be unpaused at any time. The former feature of specifying which categories are displayed in a workshop through the part's OseModuleWorkshop module is currently non-functional and should be considered obsolete. I have moved most of the text to a localization file, allowing translations to be easily done. I have also implemented an option to switch to British English spellings/terms via a setting (e.g. motorised instead of motorized, anticlockwise instead of counterclockwise, cancelling instead of canceling). This applies to all Workshop UI elements but does not apply to things like part descriptions. The way the system works means that it will have no impact on users who don't have English selected, and in fact the option won't even show up in the menu. I fixed bug where items in the deprecated Propulsion category would not show up: they now correctly appear in either engines or fuel tanks as appropriate. I worked around a memory issue: The KIS volume calculator seems to calculate the volume by loading up the part model and "measuring" it, but it seemingly never unloads it. (Since the KIS code documentation says to remember to destroy the object I suspect it's the Workshop's implementation but I haven't looked into this.) Previously this was done every frame for the selected part meaning that over time memory usage would creep up. This was especially bad for complex models (e.g. the large KIS containers) and could lead to several GB of extra memory use in a few minutes. This is now done only once on flight startup. Workshop UI is now not drawn when the KSP UI is hidden (triggered by the F2 button by default). The mass of the workshop module/part now increases as parts are manufactured, to simulate the part actually being built from the resources. This makes sure the total mass of the vessel doesn't change while manufacturing. (Previously it would decrease as the resources were used up, then increase again when the part was added to the container.) Parts are now recycled based on their actual state – formerly they were recycled based on the default version of the part, rather than taking into account things like variants or motor mass. * BDArmory uses a custom sub-category system which cannot simply be added through a config. I intend to look into replicating the system completely at some point after the initial release. Until then, I plan to include a basic config-based category which includes all the BDArmory parts. What still needs to be done (for this version) Currently, part variants and B9 subtypes do not play well with the stock inventory. Cosmetic changes and changes to things like tank type seem to work fine but changes to part mass do not; packed volume does not seem to be variable. However, I have had conflicting results when testing this in the VAB too so it may be a problem with KSP rather than the mod. Edit: As far as I can tell this aspect of the stock inventory system simply doesn't work. If you add 1 part with a mass-changing variant (e.g. the T-12 Structural Tube from Making History) to a stock container in the editor it will display correctly at launch. However, if you leave the vessel and reload it will revert back to default (in the case of the tube 0.075t/75kg). If you add 2 or more of the same part with a mass-changing variant in the editor but choose different variants, they will use whichever you chose last (until you leave the vessel, when they revert to default.) It would seem it doesn't take the moduleMass value into account. I don't think there's anything I can do to fix or work around this. There is still some GUI work to finish I'd also like to make sure the design is colour-blind-friendly. If it isn't and I can't make it so without compromising it I'll add a colour blind mode of some sort. If anyone knows of any other accessibility options/considerations that could/should be taken into account please let me know. Create a replacement for the KIS icon renderer that the mod uses. This is a WIP and on a basic level mostly done, but it needs more testing and there are things left to implement. Add the ability to add en masse all parts from a saved craft or subassembly to the build queue. This is mostly done but not yet completed. I'd like to look into the memory issue some more. If possible I'd like to not have it run at startup, as with large part counts this can increase load times quite substantially. It also appears to hang during said loading which is far from ideal. I need to make sure everything works correctly with save games and when switching vessels. Add any more stock (including expansions) editor-only variables that I haven't yet thought of. If you can think of any others please let me know. Light variables (colour, blink etc) Finish moving strings to the localisation file (mostly done I think). Add a few additional variables to sort by: resources required, etc. Fix a bug where scrolling sometimes zooms the camera as well as scrolling through the part/categories lists, part descriptions etc. I have worked around this issue. I need to think of a name for the mod Planned features/ideas (for future releases) I also have some plans for features which will (probably) not be present in the initial release, but may come in later releases. Naturally these are very much subject to change and may not ever come to pass. Planned "major" features (for far future releases) There are features which I plan to develop longer term, many of which will significantly change the nature of the mod. Most of them will probably be made as a separate dependent mod rather than being directly incorporated. While I won't go into detail here, most of them revolve around a new, far more expansive resource and recipe system and additional parts to facilitate this. The closest comparison I can think of is the MKS resource system. The basic idea behind this is to make colonisation a much more involved and challenging process rather than just a case of sending up a few modules and engineers and waiting. (Building a colony should require infrastructure, scarce resource management etc.) However, as I said this will likely be a separate sub-mod, so players who just want to build a few rockets on the Mun don't have to put up with a semi-realistic colonisation simulator.
  2. As you have probably know from the title I am working on a compatibility patch for MKS EL KPBS and OSE. I have most of the changes completed and have figured out that I could just run them through patch manager rather than needing to overwrite original configs. In this way it can also be completely optional but I'm not sure how to separate the patch into its own thing as I started by using the patch OSE.cfg in MKS, but I also noticed that MKS has a Patch Manager setup for EL so I started moving my changes over to the Patch Manager method so as stated before there would be no need to overwrite the original configs in their respective folders. To get more to my point would I be able to make my own mod folder to put into GameData and let Patch Manager make the changes from my folder rather than having to go through the folders of these other mods. It would contain the configs for part changes, the custom decals I made for the OSE containers, a ReadMe documenting all the changes (will probably also need help understanding licensing and requirements to even publish this) . It would use the Patch Manager folder structure as detailed in the MKS patches.
  3. Compatability Patch (v1.0) Attempts to fill the gaps in compatability between the following mods: Modular Kolonization Systems (Basically the whole USI Constellation) OSE Workshop Reworked Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Extraplanetary Launchpads ... Possibly More I will attempt to balance the resources between the different construction methods but cannot promise anything. Important Info -DOES NOT- do anything until the required mods are installed, and can be used without the entire collection of mods installed -Tested on KSP Version 1.12.9- Mod Dependencies = None (but does not take away the dependencies for other respective mods) Can optionally be controlled by Patch Manager if installed Only a few items aren't on the list yet, sorry theres alot I'm still working on finishing it During testing OSE does not consider B9 Part Switch as a dependency on CKAN but the tanks it comes with don't work without it, with it installed they will function and with this patch will also have the extra tanks Mods Affected Modular Kolonization Systems Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Extraplanetary Launchpads OSE Workshop Reworked B9 Part Switch Installation Just drop the folder DSGC into KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData and everything should be taken care of. Pics or No Clicks https://imgur.com/a/n4g8sMY the album only has 3 images showing some of the changes for compatability Download Link https://github.com/DSG-Cubik/DSGC-AIO-Patch Issue Tracker https://github.com/DSG-Cubik/DSGC-AIO-Patch/issues Giving Credit Where Credit is Due! For advice and insight easing the process of making this @Randazzo @Zer0kerbal (and an extra Thank You for the work making this page easier on the eyes) Legal Mod Licensed Under MIT Images used are under License (CC0 1.0) Credit for images Used All images were edited and changed in some form by me but still fall under the same license
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