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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the Kerbol Wilds. This is gonna be a mod influenced by the now-released game Outer Wilds. Planets will be at the scale of 2x Outer Wilds' system(still meters across) and will not be EXACT copies, they'll be INSPIRED by the game. Planets will be listed here: Stay tuned for more!
  2. Get the mod HERE old thread here Backstory The tiny planet Kerbin, covered in many villages, had recently begun to undergo an industrial revolution. After discovering coal and oil within their planet's crust, they used it to fuel the fires of many sorts of steam and combustion engines. They built factories, formed alliances, and eventually started arming themselves against one another. The Kerbal villages were fragmented and all had different ideas about who was the best. Finally all of the tribes went to all out war. The war lasted about two Kerbin years, destroying many buildings and using up lots of valuable resources. Finally the war ended, and the leaders of all the villages came together to unite Kerbin into a single state: The United Conglomeration of Kerbal Villages. The new system was a democratic system, where the population of Kerbin would vote for the president and governors. The villages expanded into small towns, and grew more. Railways were built connecting the towns, and life was peaceful and happy for about twenty years. But eventually tragedy struck. The coal mines at the K2 mountain range had been totally depleted, and the nearby offshore oil rig had been sucked dry. The price of oil and coal went up, and it was realized that the planet was a lot smaller than they thought it was. The President of Kerbin, Mr. Johnfitz Kerman, called for the creation of a program that would eventually lead to the exploration and exploitation of the heavenly bodies: The Kerbal Space Program. The idea behind the K.S.P. was to invest what little resources Kerbin had left into getting resources back from the other planets, exploring the interesting properties of the other worlds along the way. The old oil refinery east of the K2 mountain range was converted into the Kerbin Spaceport Complex, or KSC. On his way home from the grand opening ceremony of the KSC, Johnfitz Kerman was killed by an ironic meteor strike. Since then, many politicians have suggested that the Kerbal Space Program is a complete and total waste of resources, and have done everything in their power to sour the space program's reputation. They've thoroughly slashed the space program's budget, and have constantly tried to limit the amount of progress they can make. Nevertheless, the people of Kerbin have always looked at the dots in the night sky with wonder, and they hope they will one day be able to travel to them. Game Settings Allow Quicksaves and Quickloads Crew Permadeath Resource Abundance: 110% Re-entry Heating: 150% (Note: This requires save file editing) Start Funds: $9000 Start Reputation: -3% Funds Gain: 10% Rep Gain: 50% Science Gain: 50% Funds Loss: 150% Rep Loss: 150% Mods Toy Solar System RemoteTech Texture Replacer and Multicolor Suits Pack Stock Replacement Assets AtomicAge (which would be pretty overpowered if I ever end up using it!) Corvus pod Sky Tonemapper PlanetShine Distant Object Enhancement Kerbal Engineer THE KERBAL WILDS Flight One The Fat Arrow Mk1 was pulled to the launchpad by a tractor, where it was put upright. Jebediah got out of the tractor and eyed the rocket excitedly. Jebediah Kerman was the chosen pilot because he was known to be one of the best race car drivers. Jebediah Kerman was able to consistently win car races due to his special "Jebediah Maneuver," a maneuver which consists of the driver of the car in question replacing a low-speed with a flattened brain by going at high speed on the inner edge of the curve of the race track. Jebediah Kerman was very capable of handling the high gee forces, and was thus the obvious choice for a rocket rider. Jebediah took out his portable radio. "I'm supposed to fly that thing?" he asked. "No, you're supposed to just sit there and watch it fly up without you." Said Gene Kerman, who was sitting in mission control. Jeb frowned. "OF COURSE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO FLY THAT THING!" Gene screamed. Jeb smiled, and climbed inside the capsule. It was nearly time for the rocket to launch. The radio inside the capsule clicked on. "You've got about a minute left until launch." Gene said. Jebediah pressed the big red button that said "Do not press this button until about one minute before the launch." The small battery that was attached to the capsule was automatically unplugged. Jeb could hear a woman in the corner of the mission control room counting down to the launch. Gene Kerman asked the staff of mission control if they were ready. They all replied with something along the lines of "Might work probably, maybe." Ten seconds were left. "Nine. Eight. Seven. Six." Gene decided there was no point in postponing the launch, as it would probably not get much better than it is now. "We are go for launch." He said. Jeb smiled even more. "Three. Two. One." Jeb heard the 'one' and pressed the big button that was labeled "BOOM." With a fizzle, then a crackle, then a roar, the Fat Arrow flew into the skies above the Kerbin Spaceport Complex. The rocket only fired for a few seconds before it shut down, and the vessel began to slow down. As the altimeter passed 872 meters, the mission controllers applauded themselves and roared with joy. 872 meters was the previous Kerballed altitude record. The rocket continued upward, until finally gravity had won against momentum, and the maximum height of 13 hectometers was achieved. The parachute was deployed to slow Jeb's fall. The craft smacked onto the ground, but the girders kept the craft from exploding. Jebediah got out of the ship, which had landed just a few hundred meters from the launchpad. He promptly fell off the ladder, hit his head, and blacked out... ...the next thing he knew he woke up in a hospital with three nurses and Walt Kerman at his side. Jeb spoke up. "What'd I miss?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Valentina Kerman was tired and groggy. It was the early morning in her town, and she was out of tea. She sat down at the table near the window of her small, cold apartment. She turned on her radio set to listen to the news. "We now return to the news, sponsored by Kerlington Kerman's Paper Products." A steam train blew its whistle and began chuffing by Valentina's window. She turned up the volume of the radio set. "It's a very exciting day here at the Kerbal Spaceport Complex, we are about seven minutes away from the launch of the Fat Arrow Mk1. The pilot, Jebediah Kerman, is best known for his skills on the racetrack. His experience with high gee forces will definitely help in the pursuit of space advancements. This mission will pave the way for future missions into space. We have with us Dr. Wernher von Kerman, the lead designer of the Kerbal Space Program's rocket science program..." Valentina frowned. She remembered the Kerbal Space Program. The K.S.P. was the reason she was fired from her job as a test pilot. After all, if there's rockets going into space, what's the purpose of flying planes higher and faster? Valentina turned off the radio set. She looked at the scale model of The Heightflier, the aircraft she used to break the altitude record. She decided to turn the radio back on. The radio made a fizzle sound, then a crackle sound, then a roaring sound. "The rocket is going up!" said the reporter. "Six hundred meters... Seven hundred... will it break eight?" He continued. The sounds of applause and celebration crackled through the radio's speakers. "We have confirmation that the Fat Arrow has made it past 872 meters, the record for the highest altitude, previously set by fighter pilot Valentina Kerman!" Valentina's heart was torn out. This was the last straw. Not only did they get her fired, but they broke her one little bit of fame. She would never get the chance to get the record back. The reporter on the radio happily explained that the ship had now reached an altitude of 1.3 kilometers. Valentina was now too furious to listen. She turned the radio off.
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