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Found 1 result

  1. This is a bit of a random challenge for all those Outer Wilds fans out there (If there be any) The challenge requirements go as follows: - Create a replica of the Outer Wilds spaceship (Here's a 3d Model:) https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/outer-wilds-the-ship-f6797d8650794c8387708f7ef78ee0d5 (Or picture down below) Picture: - USE COLORS. I don't particularly want to see the basic black and white of KSP2. Express yourself! You can make it look like the actual Outer Wilds ship or you can make it your own colors. I like both! - Have working multi-directional engines (I.e. engines that can be flown in any direction using engines pointed in other directions) ((Action groups, though they are a little broken, are great for this.)) - NO REFUEL MISSIONS IN SPACE. All of your fuel has to be on the ship itself... (Good luck!) Here are the levels of difficulty: Model ship level (Tutorial): - Figure out how to fly the ship! These things are a little finicky and, once you attach an unholy amount of struts, fly it around a little! Slate Level (Easy) - Create the Outer Wilds ship and fly it in a suborbital trajectory (Fly up) to at least 30,000 meters and (OPTIONAL) perform a manual inspection of the ship (I hear Slate has not done a good job this time)... You can crash land if you want. BONUS POINTS: Land! (Splashdown, I guess) EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Land on land! (Land... down...?) Riebeck Level (Easy Medium) - Create the Outer Wilds Ventures ship and get all the way to space on a suborbital trajectory (70,000 meters straight up). Fly back down and either crash or... BONUS POINTS: Touch down safely on the ground... It's... probably possible. EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Touch down at either the KSC or the Old Airfield (Yes, it's still there) Gabbro Level (Difficult Medium) - Create the Outer Wilds Ventures ship and get to an orbital trajectory around Kerbin. Then, carefully deorbit and touch down safely ON LAND (No splashdowns.) BONUS POINTS: If you land back at the KSC EXTRA BONUS POINTS: If you land on either the launch pad or the helicopter pad. Hatchling level (Difficult) - Create the Outer Wilds Ventures ship and get to an Orbital trajectory around Kerbin. Plan your maneuvers just right because we're going to the Mun! Yup that's right! Pilot your ship to the mun and touch down safely without too much part damage (A couple explosions here and there are normal). BONUS POINTS: Get back to Kerbin! Normally I wouldn't allow refuels but, just this once, you get ONE refuel! (Extra bonus points if you don't use a refuel mission) EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Land again! See if this ship can fly multiple times! Feldspar lever (NEAR TO IMPOSSIBLE) - Create the Outer Wilds Ventures ship... yadayadayda. If you can... Go to Minmus or beyond. I want to see how far you guys can go! I will allow one extra refuel for every planet you cross (ex. Minmus: 1, Duna: 2, Dres: 3, so on and so forth) BONUS POINTS: If you either return to Kerbin or get OUT of the Kerbolar System (Aim for DebDeb you guys!) both of those will be awarded bonus points. EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Why not do both? This may be a bit of a stretch but try your best to get out of the Kerbolar system and then come back! POINT SYSTEM - 1 point for each requirement you complete (I would really like to see them all completed) - 1 point for each level completed (I.e. Model ship is one, Slate is two, Riebeck is three and so on) - 5 points for every bonus point level you complete (If you complete the extra bonus you get 10) - 2 points for every extra little gimmick you add (Point them out in your post!) Total up your points and let me know how you did you guys!
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