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Found 3 results

  1. SHUTTLE ORBITER CONSTRUCTION KIT RECOLORED This mod adds three different paint schemes and a few decals to @benjee10's Space Shuttle from his mod Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit(SOCK). This mod says 1.9, but it should work in any KSP version as long as SOCK and it's dependencies are installed. So far, I've only added three paint variants, but this may change in the future. Feel free to suggest alternate color schemes (please include pictures when doing so) and I will be happy to consider them, but just note I will be resistant to add too many, as the shuttle textures are very large. Additionally, these paint schemes are limited to textures (no mesh changes) and I will be unlikely to consider color schemes that require me to extensively alter TPS tile/AFRSI blanket placement (i.e. I will probably not do a Buran variant, sorry). PAINT VARIANTS: -Columbia -Includes Columbia's tiled rudder -STS 9+ Columbia rudder w/ SILTS pod -Columbia delta wing with black tiles in the front and black thermal tiles on the aft section -Challenger -Black thermal tiles on aft delta wing, also used on Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour until 1997 -Enterprise -Based on the real life design of Shuttle Enterprise -Revised TPS tiles on cockpit and aft section -Shuttle windows are now surrounded by white tiles -SOCK already comes with the Shuttle Enterprise name plate -Moonraker -Based on Shuttle Moonraker from the 1979 James Bond movie Moonraker -Features its iconic orange stripe that spans the shuttle's delta wings, aft section, rudder, and cargo bay -Revised TPS tiles on cockpit and aft section -Shuttle windows now surrounded more black TPS tiles -Includes Moonraker name plate and various decals (like the Drax Enterprise Corporation Logo and the Moonraker shuttle numbers from the movie) -Chrayol -Based on @DylanSemrau's Chrayol Design Organization's PSLV color scheme -TPS tiles (white and black) are now Chrayol red -Alters practically every external shuttle part including the cockpit, cargo bay, aft section, delta wings, rudder, body flap, and elevons (Screenshots featuring reDIRECT, HabTech 2, Modular Launch Pads, Bluedog Design Bureau, KNES, Near Future Exploration, and Conformal Decals) Credit to @Jay The Amazing Toaster: DOWNLOADS: SPACEDOCK GITHUB Dependencies: This mod is dependent on SOCK, and therefore is also dependent on its dependencies (which are bundled with the mod) B9PartSwitch, PlumeParty, Benjee10 Shared Assets, and HabTech Robotics. While the mods reDIRECT and HabTech 2 are NOT dependent, I HIGHLY recommend them, as reDIRECT includes the shuttle's external orange tank and boosters, while HabTech 2 includes ISS station parts which your shuttle can launch.
  2. I would love to have the reflective stainless steel look of the SpaceX starship in the game. Implementing that would be quite easy, as the "textures unlimited" package shows, simply set all surfaces except windows to full reflection. It looks cool and would add a completely new look to parts without any additional design work. Here is a look at a plane of mine in stainless steel:
  3. Hi all, I know I've tried to get this going before, but it's been a while since anyone's even prettymuch heard of KerbPaint. For those that don't know, KerbPaint was a mod made by Texel, that would let you paint each part of your craft. I say was, however, as Texel has long since vanished and the mod doesn't work anymore. I was wondering if someone could make a new one from scratch, since Texel is uncontactable. I would request, however, that instead of creating a mask for each part, instead, the mod detects what parts of parts are white, and applies a mask to them, what parts are black, etc. (windows, etc.) but instead of detecting 'just white', detecting which colour is most prevalent, which is second most, and which is third most. This would (hopefully) allow a uniform colour through the whole craft. Maybe apply a white mask to each area first to ensure this? I'm no programmer, so I have no clue how to do this, but it'd be pretty great, as I and many others miss it greatly... Cheers, Espresso
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