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Found 3 results

  1. So I decided to boot up KSP after a while, but upon loading the game, I discovered that there are very few parts in the VAB and SPH; even the stock parts are missing. Strangely they seem to load fine in the R&D but IDK what's causing it because when I load a craft from the tracking station it loads fine. Maybe because I have too many part mods that I don't need? The images: https://disco.pics/a4zu.png https://disco.pics/63ln.png https://disco.pics/bi1s.png https://disco.pics/ycbc.png
  2. After installing Konstruction (Downloaded from Spacedock), when I open KSP, there are no command pods in the parts toolbox, nor are there any parts from Konstruction. How do I fix it?? Timeline: Downloaded compressed mod file "Unzipped" compressed file Cut-and-pasted files into KSP GameData folder. When I did this, I did something I know I probably shouldn't have done. It said there were files (139 or something) with the same name as files I was pasting into the GameData folder. I looked at a lot of the files, and they looked the same. I chose to keep the files in the GameData folder, and not to replace them, thinking that that was the right thing to do in case any files were different. I loaded up KSP. When I went to open my saved game, it gave me this warning: I opened it up anyway because at that point I thought it only affected those specific craft, and I didn't really care about them. I went to the spaceplane hangar, and saw this: Please tell me how to fix it so I can get back to playing KSP!!! I have Tweakscale, KSO Space Center Vehicles, Grounded Modular Vehicles, Modular Launchpads, Kerbal Attachment System, Kerbal Foundries, and both DLCs.
  3. When I load KSP, it works, but when I go to the tech tree, KW rocketry is not there, I have installed it. I am using KSP 1.0.5. If you need more information please ask. How do I get the parts to appear?
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