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Found 7 results

  1. Get the latest here. Mirror: SpaceDock Pathfinder Wiki Source (Pathfinder), Source (WildBlueTools) BARIS Wiki CKAN? Why not look and see? After planting the flag, taking the group photo op and getting a good night's rest, Bill got to the real work of the Duna One Expedition's post-landing ops: building the Pathfinder base. Grabbing a powered screwdriver and a Saddle from the Buckboard 2000, Bill detached the Ponderosa from the cargo lander and bolted the Saddle into the surveyed ground. He then attached the Ponderosa module to the Saddle. "Get the Doc next," Bob encouraged Bill. As the engineer walked over to the Buckboard, Val and Jeb hooked up the Saddle to the cargo lander's equipment storage tank. Bill supervised the Ponderosa's assembly, while Bob outfitted the module as a Pathfinder geology lab. Once the engineer attached the Doc Science Lab to the back of the Ponderosa, Bob immediately got to work again. "Uh oh," Val said. "The Sombrero didn't survive the drop. The solar panels are broken. Can you fix it, Bill?" Bill looked at the solar array and shook his head. "No, but I can rig up a generator from one of the Buckboards, and use the Gold Diggers to dig up some ore." "But, I need those drills to take core samples," Bob protested. "Without those core samples we can't tweak production efficiency!" "Don't worry," Bill responded, "we can convert the spare Casa into a workshop and print some more using the material kits in the lander." "Ok, let's get that done after we set up the Telegraph. We need more relays back to Kerbin." An engineer's work is never done, Bill thought to himself... See The Sights You've done your flags and footprints, now comes the time to do some geology to find the best place to plunk down your more permanent base. Establish a basecamp, stay awhile, and survey the land to see if you can find a better concentration of resources (or perhaps a worse concentration, maybe those orbital scans weren't accurate). If you've found the right spot, then it's time to bring in the bigger stuff. If not, then it's time to pack up your Buffalo Modular Space Exploration Vehicle and look elsewhere. Space Camping Pathfinders have KIS/KAS friendly, portable equipment to go “space camping" with. Just convert a few Buckboard or Conestoga multipurpose containers into storage units, pack your gear, and head out. Temporary Bases Want to build a sprawling temporary base? Pathfinder offers a number of different parts for temporary base building, with optional support for mods like OSE Workshop, Extraplanetary Launchpads, TAC Life Support, Snacks, USI-LS, kOS, and more. Travel in Style Pathfinders are always on the go, and you can travel in style with the Buffalo Modular Space Exploration Vehicle (MSEV), based on NASA's real-world MMSEV. Whether driving or making sub-orbital hops, the Buffalo has you covered. As if that's not enough, you also have a personal flying wing known as the JetWing, and the Outback EVA Support System, which can hold a small amount of a lot of different resources. Your Game, Your Choice Don't like how the mod is configured? Simply press <mod key, which defaults to Alt on Windows> and P simultaneously to bring up the Pathfinder Settings window. It's not cheating if the default configuration for the mod simply doesn't match your play style. Additionally, Pathfinder is easily customizable using ModuleManager patches. Want to create a new template? Here's a wiki page on how. Requires Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) and Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) by KospY & Winn78. ---ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS --- Module Manager by Sarbian Icons by icons8: https://icons8.com/license/ --- LICENSE --- Recommended Mods Featured on Kottabos Space Program, here is an early look at Pathfinder. Thanks Kottabos!
  2. Photo by @Talverd SPOCK - Shuttle Pathfinder Orbiter Construction Kit [WIP] Stockalike Nuclear Shuttle Pathfinder From For All Mankind Shuttle Pathfinder Orbiter Construction Kit is a mod recreating the Pathfinder, a second generation nuclear shuttle series came from the TV show For All Mankind Season 2 by @benjee10's SOCK art style. Promo video by Matthew Cable Key features: Highly detailed textures Switchable Shuttle names, texture, designations & decals Almost in the same way to construct the vehicle as SOCK Can equip utility design for SOCK's cargo bay Redesign and add some parts to make it playable The drag chute can switch to SOCK type Still WIP: The C-5 air-launch carrier(will make it to a mod) Balance Main engine model (temporary borrow from @Nertea 's ReStock Vector engine) IVA model (temporary borrow from SOCK) Engines effect A lot Dependencies(all in the download file): B9PartSwitch Waterfall Benjee10 Shared Assets (for AJ-10 engine) Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit (temporary) Licensing: Under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Download: GitHub
  3. So I wanted to make a space shuttle in KSP, I decided to inspire the design a bit from the Pathfinder in the series "For All Mankind" (great series 10/10 would recommend) So yeah, the booster layout is similar to Energia, and the 4 KS-25s are offset on the main core stage to the shuttle. The shuttle itself has 2 Nuclear Engines and one lower 2.5m docking port for.....expansion . Monopropellant on the "docking module" can be toggled for use because the flow is off by default ;-; Mods required are Restock+ and Restock probably I haven't really kept track which is restock plus and which isnt ;_; Any Recommendations to improve it helps ;_;)/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/182679-1111-restock-revamping-ksps-art-ksp-111-jan-31/ So there are three variants, the LEO for Low Kerbin Orbit payloads, Deep-Space for Mun and probably beyond if you can, and Tanker for refuelling operations in Low Kerbin Orbit Preview Images: Heres the craft Tanker: https://mega.nz/file/QMdm0TYC#A_ETQ3KJsRYQn6b4EO6hxuUt5N9NjYdoQtS-miSCMWk Deep-Space:https://mega.nz/file/MZdG3TDA#jX-v5S0HY64fc8ZvsspddbItKJozJy6PF4SN7jRx4mM Leo:https://mega.nz/file/VUUmTLYb#Vys8CM1XghFfgZq3ds0Fvi54Tqw93Qmc1ZIFtREyCpA
  4. My Pathfinder boxes, like the Ponderosa or any of the larger box buildings, are said by KSP (in flight and in the VAB) to weigh only 100 grams. This would be only a curiosity, if it weren't that when I have one of my astronauts take one of these boxes onto their back and try to walk, they are flung at high speeds (over 10 m/s) across the planet or moon. Once, my astronaut was flung straight up at 100 m/s, to an altitude of 5 km, on the Mun. The save where this particular astronaut was is now unusable. What can I do about this? Is this a known bug? Is it a "feature"? Why does this happen? SOLVED: It's an error in the specifications of CKAN dependencies of Pathfinder. Required both WildBlueTools and WildBlueCore.
  5. I made a graph, at first for my own use, of all the possible processes which an OmniConverter (from the Pathfinder mod) can be set up to execute. Note that the Ponderosa permits only a subset of these processes to be used. I license it under CC-BY-SA 4.0. The graph is quite large, so I put it beneath a spoiler. Ovals represent resources. Red boxes are those processes which consume Electric Charge. Green boxes are those processes which generate it. An arrow from a resource to a process represents that that resource is a reactant in that process. An arrow from a process to a resource represents that that resource is a product of that process. The graph: (3520x1403 PNG, 736 kB) This graph could be improved by putting consumption and production rates on the edges, and also EC consumption or production rates on the process nodes. It could also be improved by tidying up the edges some and indicating which resources can be produced directly from a resource extractor. Here, beneath another spoiler, is the DOT source code:
  6. There's AURUM in them thar hills! This challenge (to anyone interested) is an evolution of a mission plan I had in the (I don't recall well) late KSP 1.0.5 days, but abandoned as a resource scarcity (before I knew about making mods or changing the seed of a save) fundamentally wasted my efforts and my many intricate crafts. Short and sweet: it was a grand Duna colonization plan involving MKS Lite, USI life support, NF Tech mods, old SSPX, and SpaceY Heavy Lifters. How it works Deploy SCANsats (or at least the T.E.R.R.A.I.N. Geo Scanner device which is equivalent to the M700 stock orbital scanner but with some added features) and infrastructure at a target planet supporting a crew of at least 4 (life support recommended but not absolutely required). Once the scans are done and the infrastructure is far enough along or finished, send a manned mission to this planet and execute an intensive mining and exploration mission between arrival date and the first return transfer window. The intent is also to potentially have fun making your castle on the planet you're rushing at it. The mining mechanic is familiar to MKS users but to everyone else it's like this: The precious resource can't be located just by running a scan and dropping a waypoint on it. You must operate a rover or any other capable land vehicle equipped with a Buffalo cabin or any Pathfinder enabled Geology Labs. Every 3km (default setting) you must use the Prospecting tool and test for a resource lode. If you uncover a lode, deploy only WBI's drills and mine it dry. A resource lode is a finite and dense concentration of a resource like Kethane or the giant kidney stones unknown-type scatter objects that appear on the terrain in MKS. It is pure so its yield is massive and the containers will fill the fastest from it. Be prepared to have to haul way over 9,000 units back to the KSC! Crew are required to prepare and (most likely) occupy these parts while they need to be used. Gold! The mission objective Treasure Quest using Wild Blue Industries: GoldStrike. With any number of the yellow Gold Digger Portable Mini-Drill or the rover-body Buffalo Drill, mine at least one resource lode dry and bring home the bounty. Terms of engagement™: Wild Blue mods (Buffalo rover and Pathfinder bases) required. USI kontainers not allowed. WBI provides many tanks for holding the treasure. (Aurum also only exists in WBI. USI kontainers will not support it.) The best storage parts in WBI are the MC-6000 Buckboard, Mule MLM, Chuckwagon IMW. No rescue missions. No missed window. No kerbal left behind (I hope). Bring the full bounty or none at all. Resource must be one of the 4 GoldStrike resources: Aurum, ExoticMienrals, Karborundum, RareMetals. But Aurum is #1. Your report must at least include screenshots of: The location(s) with a GoldStrike waypoint marker and showing how much is in it before mining. The mothership that returns the bounty to Kerbin/Gael/whatever... with the resource panel open, showing GoldStrike tankage. The ascent vehicle, capable of carrying any significant amount of treasure. You need not actually reply in this thread. Feel free to use this in your own mission report/kerbal story and let me know you did so. Any OP engine mod is allowed if desired, but as Karborundum is a propellant, and can be scooped in space, you're not allowed to pick this for the treasure and have engines from its mod on any ship. (You can mine Karborundum with the WBI drills and without the Karbonite mod(s) installed) Any other USI mod is allowed. The levels Easy mode: Perform challenge at the nearest low-gee world: Duna; Niven in GPP; the moon(s) of The Atlas™ in Gameslinx's Before Kerbin; and whatever applies in Gameslinx Planet Overhaul. Normal mode: Perform challenge at a nearby planet except Niven or Duna. If using life support, this is any planet near enough that DeepFreeze is not required to help the crew and the food to last longer. Hard mode: If using life support, perform challenge at any distant planet without the use of DeepFreeze. If not, perform challenge at any high-gee world such as Eve or Tylo; Tellumo or Catullus in GPP; or in Gameslinx's planet mods: Fume, Sonus, Tillos, Thalius, Reaper. Very Hard mode: Mine at least 2 lodes. Perform challenge at Thalia or Icarus in Galileo's Planet Pack, or any lava planet in Gameslinx's planet mods. Otherwise, do Hard Mode (just 1 lode and the previous planets) with BARIS installed. Let me see your Equipment boxes. Super Mode: Impress me. I'm shamelessly directing hype towards @Angel-125 @Galileo @Gameslinx. Problem?
  7. I've been playing with a couple of new toys, OPT Space Plane and Pathfinder. I used both to create a base to study the crashed UFO in Kerbin's north polar regions. Here are the basic facts of the story:
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