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Found 5 results

  1. I'm interested to see what the community thinks the timeframe will be for the future of KSP 2 and its updates There is no wrong answer! (unless you're a time traveller)
  2. When do you think the next updates will be? By this I mean the next couple of bug fixes and then the roadmap releases. There is no wrong answer! Currently I predict the first update sometime next week or the following (early March) and then a second patch late March or the beginning of April. Then I think Science will be added in the Summer (July or September) Then Colonies in the Winter of 2023 (December) I sadly don't think Interstellar will be added until 2024, realistically speaking. Same for the second "Exploration" update which I predict in late 2024 Thoughts?
  3. Hello, if KSP2 will have more advanced manoeuvre planner than KSP, why not to add landing prediction? On the eye it is hard to predict where you land, because you can't really know how atmosphere resistance will affect on trajectory and how point of landing will move because of planet rotation. It would make game more easier, which can damage spirit or/and experience of ksp I think, but it can reduce another not so pleasent routine and you can concentrate on more interesting things. And it doesn't cancel process of creating your mission's route, when you plane all maneuvres and where you will land and start. Also you always have choice to not use this function if you don't like it Maybe you can balance this function by unlocking it only when you reached certain level of space center or have certain amount of navigation satellites on orbit
  4. I was wondering what to predict for the future 1.12 update! 1.11 was great and introduced not only new parts but new mechanics, and I think it would be cool to see more stuff like that. Personally, I'd like to see a revamp to the science system, basically just add more variety, experiments, scenarios, and maybe more biomes too What do you guys want to see in 1.12?
  5. http://news.sciencemag.org/space/2015/12/most-likely-spots-life-milky-way Basically nothing profound, places with a local steelar environment much like our sun has is most likely to support worlds with life on them. The question is however, do we no what are stellar environment would look like from a telescope 100 light years away?
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