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Found 3 results

  1. Recently, Breakthrough Starshot tested 6 Sprites in orbit around Earth. For those who don't know, these tiny 4-gram probes (sometimes called Star Chips) are planned to go to the Alpha Centauri and Proxima systems, being accelerated by light bouncing off huge graphite "sails". They would travel at 20% light speed, reach their targets in 20 years, and send their data back on a 4-year trip to Earth. While there was quite a lot of planning for these things, none have been officially tested until now. Based on the article, it seems like this test was to see how the tiny interstellar probes work in the vacuum of space and how well they connect/transmit data to each other. It was reported that all Spites were "performing as designed". http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/space/prototype-star-chips-called-sprites-are-being-tested-in-orbit-ahead-of-a-proposed-visit-to-alpha-centauri/news-story/211d7e4b2db9d124e619a6b1c38689ab Finally, after years of waiting, humanity is making its first big step on the road to interstellar travel.
  2. It's about time!!!! We're FINALLY doing a detailed search for potentially habitable exoplanets around our closest neighbor (Other than the sun), Proxima Centauri!!! The observing will take about 2 months and will use the Doppler method to find them. Youtube video Website Twitter (Use the # Pale Red Dot) Facebook Yay!!! June 19th, 2017, ESO has launched a second campaign to search for planets around Barnard's star, and Ross 154! As well as continuing the search for additional planets around Proxina centauri.
  3. So recently, the ESO confirmed the existence of an Earth-mass planet around our nearest star, the midgety red dwarf Proxima Centauri. Because of how monumental this discovery is, it's only fitting to give Proxima b a name. What do you think it should be named? Also, since there appears to be at least one other hard-to-detect planet in the system, what should other planets orbiting Proxima be named? I like to call Proxima b Feronia, after the Roman goddess of the Earth, nature, health, and fertility. Since this system is so close to us, I feel like giving it the Greco-Roman naming convention we use for our solar system.
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