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Found 10 results

  1. In KSP1 reaction wheels were overpowerd, all crafts with cabin could rotate easily because of their reaction wheels, and there were no need to think about rcs other than docking. Reaction wheels were panacea from most problem of orientation, which block development of construction creativity I believe that rightbalance is: reaction wheels are weak but electricty is renewable resource because of sun, and rcs is strong but amount of monofuel is limited. Now you must bring rcs for medium/huge spaceships if you want to rotate it comfortly and properly in vacuum of space. It brings more challenge, realism and adds interest in game, which is about constructing spaceships and solving puzzles about fuel managment, stabilization, dv-calculation. It teach players how to design spacecraft more properly and control craft more considered. You must take into account another solutions: rcs, stabilazers, place center of mass properly, make form more aero-stable and others. It makes game more complicated, but more interesting and exciting
  2. I've installed Realism Overhaul for a couple of days.I found that the torque of 'small inline reaction wheel(0.625m)' is awfully small,which is only 0.0001. In comparison,the torque of 'advanced inline stabilizer(1.25m)' is 1,and the torque of 'advanced reaction wheel module,large(2.5m)' is 10 Checking others' post,I found that the torque of the 0.625m reaction wheel in RO should be 0.1. Is that a bug,or a intended torque setting?
  3. Reaction wheels in real life gets saturated when they spin too fast and have an external force applied to the craft. RW in ksp 1 are overpowered not because the amount of torque they can apply, but because they don’t get saturated. So you can use RW everywhere you want, some applications would be impossible in real life, like attitude control in aircraft. Add saturation to each of three axes of rotation of RW’s. Alternatives to RW: Add Magnetorquer "A magnetorquer or magnetic torquer (also known as a torque rod) is a satellite system for attitude control, detumbling, and stabilization built from electromagnetic coils. The magnetorquer creates a magnetic dipole that interfaces with an ambient magnetic field, usually Earth's, so that the counter-forces produced provide useful torque." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetorquer It would also be cool if it could take into account the amount of magnetic field on different planets, so it would be useful orbiting some celestial bodies and not so much on others. Add Reaction control system that uses only liquid fuel and intake air (for vtol aircraft, like the one used on the Harrier and the F-35B). On previous version of ksp1, the player could use the drain valve to drain intake air and create a little amount of infinite thrust. Create an RCS that uses intake air + liquid fuel would solve the problem. Make engines gimbaling more customizable. For vtol aircrafts with tilting engines the automatic gimbaling in ksp1 gets really confused and ineffective when control reference is pointing forward and engines are pointing down. If there was a way to manually set up where engines should point when player input a pitch-yaw-roll command it would open a lot of alternatives for attitude control.
  4. What it says on the tin; i'm wondering if any mod adds reaction wheels for 5M and 7.5M parts? And i'm aware that RCS is a thing; sadly even monoprop tanks over 2.5M aren't a thing it seems. I'm also aware what i'm doing is kinda non-standard for even non-standard stuff so i'm not going to be shocked if the answer is a resounding "No"
  5. hey guys ! i don't if i am posting this thread in the right place The thing for sure is that reaction wheel can cause errors on gyro specially when using on a cube sat my question was first ; How ? then : What to do ? any paper or journal that have covered this issue is appreciated . thanks
  6. Reaction wheels that are turned on use power when in timewarp, right? (e.g. when you have SAS set to "stabilize" or "follow target") After having them drain all my power a few times, I got in the habit a while back of always turning off SAS when I leave a ship (e.g. when I return to Space Center / Tracking Station). I'm wondering, is there a way to hibernate them similar to command modules? Could hibernate capability be added via CFG edits?
  7. Okay, I know people may say this is because of power or antenna on 1.2, but for some reason, every time I get close to another one of my ships (i.e. attempt docking) with it. I can get about 20km away, and all of a sudden everything on the ship stops working.... permanently. These are not large ships, and even the in game tutorial is doing this. When I was in career mode, I put everything in, made sure I had the antennas up, had several battery packs for my probe core and/or command module and the reaction wheels, as well as RCS. Even the RCS didn't work when I asked it to. The whole ship just went dead. It's become very problematic for me to build stuff in space because of this. I've tried three types of control systems (mk1 pod, probodyne, and the mk1 lander pods). I tried looking it up and seeing if I was doing something wrong. I don't know because I'm a new player and got the game just a few days ago on steam.
  8. I'm curious about this. I've tried doing some research and find lots of info about wobble in large builds, but that has to do with the various parts of the ship flexing. This is not related to that, as my craft is only a small handful of parts. So, I've built a small, two-stage, sub-orbital probe using Procedural Parts fuel tanks, with a pair of reaction wheels (one 1.25m on stage one, and one .625m on stage two with the probe core). Stage one is a Swivel engine, stage two is a Terrier. Stage one launches nicely, and it flies quite well. This is actually the first design I've made that I have successfully executed a gravity turn with. I have to play with the throttle all the way up, otherwise it will go unstable and start flipping at around 25,000m. The problem comes in stage 2. For some reason, the SAS causes the craft to wobble endlessly, and I don't know why. It's wasting my electric charge from all the constant control inputs. If I turn off the reaction wheel, the craft just floats wildly out of control because the probe core doesn't have a built-in reaction wheel. I've had this problem before, but it was usually associated with having multiple active reaction wheels or RCS thrusters that were interfering with each other. This time, I have only the one reaction wheel active. Any ideas?
  9. I've seen a lot of people using rotating pieces, like 90 degree angle rotating wing-systems for VTOLs. I've been unable to figure it out so far on my own. How do you make a rotating axle?
  10. Hello, I'm not an expert, but I think that the reaction wheels power are very (too) powerfull... This is a lil bit of cheating isn't it? For example, take the Mk1-2 Command Pod, jettison it on space, and apply full pitch or/and roll... The pod will just rotate close to the light speed and the Kerbals inside will just have a brain attack. This issue have to effect to make useless the RCS for the little ships... Thanks and regards. EDIT: to complete my statement: The RCS is just totally useless in attitude adjustement for a regular sized ship... I think this is a lack in the gameplay, because the reaction wheels are very light (more light than a RCS tank :)). It is more intressting to add a SAS module than an RCS with monoproplent tanks... Please, read the statements in this thread before voting...
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