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Found 7 results

  1. Hi ! I think I've hit a record while doing the discord challenge "Around the World in 80 seconds, more or less", since the closest I red about was Stratzenblitz with 19 min, please tell me if you know about any other time ! Goal is to circumnavigate Kerbin as fast as possible. As I explain in the video, it's far from perfect, and there's still a lot of room for improvements ! Cheers
  2. Considering that planes are probably the single biggest upgrade over stock ksp1, i figured id make a challenge that would incorporate them nicely well providing unique challenges to both new and experienced plane builders Once atmospheric heating is enabled, the maximum speeds that people will be able to achieve will likely be a lot lower, so this is a limited time opportunity to set an all time record that likely wont be broken in the future. The eVe.max challenge is: achieve the highest speed possible on eve under 1000m (sea lvl) Rules: 1. It does not matter how you get to eve, cheats are encouraged for eve transport. Id recommend using lazy orbit to ''land'' your self ~2000m above eve's surface to start the run. 2.The speed record MUST BE below 1000m, higher altitude runs will not count. 3. V.max must be reached in level flight (no diving). 4. No infinite fuel. 5. Craft doesnt have to be manned, but it will need a powerful enough antenna to maintain legit contact with ksc if you choose to make it a drone. 6. There will be separate leaderboards for kraken drive craft. 7. No staging How to enter: 1. Submit a picture of your craft at its highest top speed with both the speed indicator and altimeter (set to altitude above sea level) visible. 2. Have fun Leaderboards Vanilla: ID Date V.max Alt. 1 Sequence 3/21 472 951 2 3 4 5 6 Kraken drive: ID Date V.max Alt. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  3. Hello Guys, I logged into this forum, because I need help to safely achieve my own ground speed record with stock parts, but there is one problem, which occurs no matter which craft you use. If you finally reach damn high speeds, over 2000ms, You have the problem, that you collide into the terrain. To solve that problem which already occurs at 800 m/s you can put your aerodynamic quality to minimal, then you can achieve speeds over 2000ms easily with sepatrons. But when you start to slow down, you crash into the ground again, but how can you fix that? I already put everything on the lowest settings and put some back to see if it's changing something. What can you do about it? Suggest me Mods or other solutions to fix that. Stratzenblitz75 already posted something about it: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/160697-the-speed-of-ground-a-study-into-how-ksp-terrain-colliders-handle-land-vehicles-with-high-magnitudes-of-velocity/
  4. *Minor Notification • The author is very unlikely to be familiar with English, so grammar is likely to be destroyed. • More than 95 percent of this article has been translated into Google Translator. •This article was uploaded during the writing due to a mistake by the author (;;;) ***Important Notification • I am not the "original author" of "this Craft" and the "original Korean text" of this article. The "original author" was a user named "HoDeok(호덕)" of Korean KSP Forum, and this article is translated into English with permission of the original author. • The author of this article are not familiar with the Western forum system. If there is a problem with this article (?) It will be deleted or modified immediately. • "original auther"s message : This rocket was made by mixing two rockets developed by Turbo Pumped. ______________________________________ <Light & Powerful! Eeloo and back with 2.3 ton tocket> World Record! Eeloo is the planet of Pluto in KSP. The distance is so long that we need a big rocket on the roundabout. Because it is so difficult, I did not go there for half a year, So I decided to go there today. Of course, I'm bored if I just go., let's try mixing some rockets developed by others! 1.7 ton minmus rocket by Turbo Pumped + 2.7 ton Eeloo rocket by Turbo Pumped FUUUUUUUSION!! Creating a spaceship is easy, is not it? It took only 8 hours to fuse properly. The weight of this spacecraft is 2.3 tons, and when it is astronaut, it is 2.394 tons. Wait, Kerbals are 90 centimeters tall, 94 kilograms, it's obese. Maybe it's because of the weight of the spacesuit. Liftoff! This plane can speed up to 700m/s with only two J-20 Juno engines. It's an engine that's normally used for low-speed airplanes, and it's amazing how fast it is. At full speed, slowly raise the nose and ignite the 48-7s spark engine at an altitude of 10 km! Take off the used fuel tank and keep moving! Using an ion engine to make the final acceleration, LKO Reached! I don't want to get too long, so I'll just write it down. First, get out of Kerbin, get help from Eve's gravity, Get another gravity assist by Eve, I went into the Jool System and got gravity assist from Jool and Laythe. It's been a long time since I've been on the Orbit for Eloo, so I've had a lot of trial and error. It took 41 years for the Kerbal time. But it's better than not getting there. Approcahing Eeloo! Eeloo is about five times farther from the sun than Kerbin, making solar panels less efficient than 1/35 or 1/36. So, the ion engine that eats a lot of electricity is often turned off. Turbo Pumped solved it by taking a huge battery! That's a great idea! Touchdown! It's been seven months? It's been a long time since I went Eeloo! It's been a long time since Kerbal put a flag on the frozen ground! I think Kerbal misses home a little. Forty-one years is a really long time no matter how happy a creature is. Good. We don't have much to do here, so let's go home. Two small solar panels have charged up electricity, so getting to Orbit is a piece of cake! Low Eeloo Orbit Reached! Keep accelerating, make an orbit that meets the jool, With two gravitational help from Jool, Go to Duna, KSP's Mars! I came here because I thought my head would explode if I got more gravity assist. It's been more than five hours since i started the game. So i took a less fuel-efficient but easier way to get back to the Kerbin. As shown in the picture, a single collision in the upper atmosphere of the Duna, can create an elliptical orbit of the Duna! Hahah. It's the best way to save 1500m/s. Final Burn To Kerbin! Kerbin in 84 years! REEEEENTRY!! Many parts were smashed, but the spacecraft managed to decelerate safely! Kerval's parachute for the last time, Landed safely? He is ALIVE! Phew... It's been a long time since I've been a Eeloo mission. I've had a lot of trial and error. It's the longest mission I ever had. *Crying* Instead, I got a sense of how to do Gravity assist, so I got a lot of things. Turbo Pumped's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrfWUNq3XCKoAo_E8JMJpfg Craft File: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1651455293
  5. I thought about doing a Land Speed Record for 1.1.x. With the new wheel physics, this should be FUN. RULES: No part/gameplay affecting mods allowed. KER/MechJeb allowed, however. So is eye candy... No ALT+F12, cheating, or HyperEdit. Rocket/jet/MonoProp/Nuclear(?) engines allowed. Entries must be submitted as screenshots or videos, with at least one of the F3 screen at the end of the run. Run must be completed at end of the runway. Let's see how this goes.
  6. This week i will try to set a new record in KSP. I will try to reach a speed of 6000 m\s OH YEA Only with stock parts ! I dont know what more i have to say IF i will do that i will upload a video on YT !
  7. What is your land speed record? Mine is 622 m/s (which is 2239 km/h or 1391 Mile per hour). BTW, does anybody know why trying to insert media comes up with " The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."?
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