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Found 3 results

  1. So, I downloaded a mod (I assume though that this doesn't change anything about the rescaling process) and was trying to rescale something. I wanted it to be bigger to be able to hold all the cargo I needed it to. I went into the config file for the part and saw the handy parameter; RescaleFactor. I quickly set it to 2 and went to load up my game again. Once in it though, I found all my nodes had disappeared!! I figured out that it was because the nodes didn't scale with the rescale factor. I then tried to open the part model and edit the node positions, and quickly found out I couldn't do it/understand a single thing about part modeling. Then I remembered that the internet existed. I googled my problem and found this thread: I think that the answer I am looking for is somewhere in this thread, but I am just to stupid to understand it. If anybody could tell me what values I have to change and by what amount to put the nodes back where they belong it would be much appreciated. (Using Tundra Exploration and trying to scale the Starship Cargo Bay to 1.5 so I can fit more inside it.) P.S. I am also rescaling the whole craft so that it fits and matches up with the Cargo Bay part.
  2. I am playing with SMURFF and Sigma Dimensions/Rescale 6.4x, but this question is regarding all scaled solar systems. https://github.com/Galileo88/Rescale https://github.com/Sigma88/Sigma-Dimensions As noted in SMURFF's config file (GameData/SMURFF/SMURFF.cfg), the levers are a decimal value between 0 and 1 representing the performance scaling: 0 is stock-alike 1 is "real-ish" performance, aka "classic SMURFF" 0 is meant for stock-sized systems (1x), while 1 is meant for real-sized systems (10x? 10.625x?). The author of SMURFF recommends experimenting with the value at 0.5 for intermediately-scaled systems: With a lack of documentation on either SMURFF's forum thread or GitHub repo, I pose the question: What should SMURFF levers be set to for intermediately-scaled solar systems, e.g. 6.4x? Would it be set to the scale multiplier, i.e. if it's 6.4x scale, it should be set to 0.64?
  3. Hello y'all! I am starting part creation and I have found my first thing (of many) that I don't understand. I think that the rescaleFactor is like tweakscale Is this right? If not, please tell me what it is.
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