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Found 3 results

  1. i rescued a spacecraft that ran out of fuel in kerbin orbit. i re-entered two capsules at the same time. the top capsule was the capsule that was rescued.
  2. I have got this contract many times. But I never accepted one. I decided to try one out today. But I want to know what kind of rescue mission is it. How should I do it? Can I control the ship I am going to rescue? Does it have engines? What resources does it have? Lots of question. These are thing I need to know before doing any rescue mission.
  3. Here is my situation. I got a rescue mission for stranded guy stuck in debris around kerbin. So, I managed to RDV with object. The thins is, I can't pull out stranded guy from debris. It doesnt have anything I can control, neither docking module. So I did EVA to get inside that cabin. It seems solved, but actually it is not. I cant transfer both to my ship. I instantly lose control for crew cabin. So I have to choose one who will escape.(Obviously, this is inhumane. or I can say, 'inkerbane') This is my question: how can I complete this mission without sacrificing kerbal? I brought another kerbal for emergency situation, but this is not helping me for now. Because I cant remote control. I guess crew cabin without command module caused problem. But not for sure. I tried this mission for 6 hours. I dont wanna lose this.
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