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Found 2 results

  1. CollectingSP's U.S. Ribbons Pack Ever wanted to award your kerbals with real-life awards, such as the congressional space medal of honor, or NASA's space flight medal? Well, Now you can. I am currently developing this pack to replicate every U.S. government award. At this time, the only awards included are NASA awards, but I plan to add more soon! Dependencies- Final frontier by @Nereid Is required for this ribbon pack. Preview of what's in this Beta: Note: ALL NASA for now. there is only one other agency ribbon in the pack atm. NASA AWARDS: Congressional Space Medal of Honor Distinguished Service Medal Distinguished Public Service Medal Outstanding Leadership Medal Outstanding Service Medal (obsolete) Outstanding Public Leadership Medal Exceptional Service Medal Exceptional Public Service Medal Exceptional Bravery Medal Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal Equal Employment Opportunity Medal Exceptional Administrative Achievement Medal Exceptional Achievement Medal Exceptional Public Achievement Medal Early Career Achievement Medal Silver Achievement Medal Space Flight Medal Space Exploration Medal (IDK If this exists, I had to make up a description, as i could not find one.) FAA valor medal (I had to make up a description, as i could not find one.) Download- Spacedock CKAN Is supported as well. To install- Plop the contents of the "GameData" folder in the .Zip file into your KSP GameData Folder. Disclaimers and all of the fun stuff- This mod is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. This mod should not break saves, but in the case that it does, I will NOT be held responsible. this mod has NO warranty whatsoever. The ribbons are sourced from Wikimedia commons, and are in the public domain. ones that are not are used under their appropriate licenses.
  2. Don't be shy, brag about your accomplishments! The KSP Ribbon Generator lets you easily create a fancy collection of KSP awards. Ribbons are awards you give yourself for accomplishing feats of daring in Kerbal Space Program, using images created by Unistrut. Things like getting into orbit and landing on another planet - ya know, all in a day's work. The Ribbon Generator lets you choose which goals you've done, and combine them into a fancy image that you can put in your signature, or wherever you like. You can see mine in my siggy below. Version 2.0 ~ Now with the Grand Tour Shield! Kerbaltek is proud to be the home of the KSP Ribbon Generator. Unistrut created all the great ribbons and artwork used by the generator and developed their rules for use; and Moustachauve originally developed the web app, which has been completely rebuilt by us at Kerbaltek. www.Kerbaltek.com/ribbons Please feel free to contact us here or on our site with any support or other issues you might have. We'll do our best to address everything in time.
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