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  1. The poll is very simple - what is your preferred amount of rocket flexibility and how should rockets behave when under joint stress?
  2. MacLuky Space Solutions Standing on the shoulders of giants we strive to bring a unique set of parts to the game that enhance and excite the gameplay. Download from GitHub: https://github.com/macluky/MacLuky/releases or SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/1279/MacLuky's Space Solutions Current release consists of: The IRAS Space Telescope IRAS is modeled after a telescope that was constructed at Hollandse Signaalapparaten, my first employer. The mod tries to stay close to the original. More info in the dev thread: Mod Support: * CTT * Bluedog Design Bureau (scale down so it can be launched on a Delta rocket as original) * TarsierSpaceTech Known issues: None License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/ Space Labs A set of space habitats that can be easily converted into early space labs using the the better science labs mod. Consists of an early 1.25m cabin like lab with expandable yagi antenna, a small 2.5m can and an inflatable lab that can be launched on a 1.25m stack. More info in the dev thread: Mod Support: * Prepped for BetterScienceLabs Known issues: - hatches and ladders not working License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ LanderCan MK12 After observing subway commuters during rush hour our lead engineer figured out how to add 2 more seats to the interior. Mod Support: * ASET and JSI props Known issues: - Textures loaded twice License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ FusTek Karmony IVA Simple IVA for the beautiful Harmony module. Reused original props, credits go to FusTek. Mod Support: * ASET and JSI props * Kerbalism and USI-LS Known issues: - Textures loaded twice License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ Mod Review Roadmap Rosetta and Philea (Solar panels, grabbing hook) ESA Launchers (Lionheads revived or own stuff) Foldable Rover (wheels, wheels!) Fictional crew capsule. Cross over between Dragon and Apollo and Soyuz. Special thanks Bobcat, dboi88, CobaltWolf, InsaneDruid, martinezfg11, SpannerMonkey, NecroBones, Climberfx
  3. Stock + DLC's + KRE + AmpYear + HullCam Feel free to post your designs too!
  4. Hi! This thread is for people who want to try other people's SSTOs and Rockets. Rules, Requirements, Guides, and Destinations are below. Enjoy! Rules: 1. No DLCs or Mods that add parts. 2. Must fit requirements (see below) 3. Must be original (Modified versions of other spacecraft is allowed) Requirements: 1. For Beginners. 2. Easy to Control. 3. Can reach at least one of the Destinations (see below) a Flyby is allowed. 4. Must be launchable from the Original Kerbal Space Center (KSC). Destinations: 1. Orbit around Kerbin 2. Mun 3. Minmus 4. Duna Guides: Basic Rocket Probe And Satellite 1 Basic Satellite 2 Rover Plane Design 1 Spaceplane Basics Plane Design 2
  5. Remember this rocket from Captain Earth when Globe launched it to prevent the alien menace? You know, the "Kill-T-Gang"? Now, this rocket has become a reality, in 5 different versions! Ladies and Gentlemen, I (and Mitsubishi themselves) present to you, the Pegasus rocket family! The rockets are as follows: Pegasus (the original) Pegasus-E (for Expendable) Pegasus-L (for Liquid, hinting at the liquid-fueled boosters) Pegasus-P (from "poudre", French for solid), and Pegasus-L Hydrolox , a more powerful (and environmentally friendly) version of the Pegasus, with 4 Hydrolox engines. Also included is the "X Base One Propulsion Section" for "X Base One" (in turn both based on NASA's Constellation program and the BBC's Doctor Who (Bowie Base One, The Waters of Mars), and the Pegasus 2, Pegasus-M for the MRC, Pegasus-H for my original "Hippogriff" spacecraft, Pegasus-O for the Orion spacecraft, Unicorn, EuroPegasus, DORUS, and a version for the launch of Mir's core module. See them on my hangar right here: https://kerbalx.com/hangars/145355
  6. Have you guys seen many rockets in anime? If so, just put the screenshots of the rocket's here.
  7. This is my new RO mod for the Neutron Rocket. This is my first "fully functional" (WIP) mod. This is the download link: https://github.com/Suyash-Jevaria/Neutron_Rocket There aren't any images cause I got kinda lazy lol
  8. i was wondering if theres gonna be a update for RN Series for The 1.12.0 KSP Version ?
  9. NOTICE: This thread is no longer countined. Please go to the link below. All submissions here will be transfered. How far can you go on monopropelent? Well lets see. To gain pionts you ahve to land on the planet or moon and return to kerbin. You may use propellers but no jet engines. You can only use electric and monopropellent (no ion engines). Maned 20p Robotic 10p Mun 2p Minmus 1p Duna 10p Eve 15 p Moho, Jool- 20p each Laythe-25p Tylo-30p Pol and Bob- 15p each Gilly and Ike- 15p each Eeloo- 35p Asteroid or Comet (Docked)- 40p Once your done please post a picture of you rocket or pictures of it landed. thanks and have fun! (No mods but yes to docs.) P equals point and post number of pionts
  10. about the zephyr launch vehicle and Shetland launch site!!! i cant wait for zephyr to launch and also the Shetland launch site to be complete
  11. KNSA Pictured: DF4 second stage A stock-a-like chinese rocketry mod aimed to provide replicas at a stock scale Currently working on parts for DF2, DF3 and C1
  12. Make the most Kerbal Rocket ever! Add booster and more, make it Kerbal! To submit your rockets and to share all over the Kerbal community post your rocket and enter a disscripstion. Let the Most-Kerbal Rocket take place!
  13. Welcome! KirrimLabs KirrimLabs is a fast growing repository of SSTOs, and crafts are added every week/ month(depending on my ongoing projects, currently i'm working on The Upsilon Initiative. Tau Class This class is the smallest of all the SSTOs, and have relatively short range. Skylon This SSTO contains 3 1.875m service bays for deploying small satellites and CubeSats. REQUIRED MODS: TweakScale for intake and service bay ACTION GROUPS AG1 toggle RAPIER AG2 toggle RAPIER mode AG3 toggle solar panel and antenna Tau This SSTO can reach the Mun, if flown correctly. ACTION GROUPS ACTION GROUPS--------------- AG1 - toggle RAPIER AG2 - switch modes AG3 - toggle NERVs AG4 - toggle solar panel and antenna Raptor Class These SSTOs consist of massive Mk3 Fuselages, and will easily do local moon hops and Large Payload Deployments. Raptor This SSTO can willingly loft cargo and 8 Crew into LKO. Features a custom Mk3 inline docking port. ACTION GROUPS----------------------------- AG1 - toggle dockingport AG2 - toggle Engines AG3 - closed cycle AG4 - toggle solar panel AG5 - shutdown whiplash Raptor MK II SSTO capable of putting 24 Crew into LKO. Contains small payload bay for small satellites. ACTION GROUPS-----------------------------AG1 - N/AAG2 - toggle EnginesAG3 - closed cycleAG4 - toggle solar panelAG5 - shutdown whiplash Falcon A massive SSTO capable of Minmus flybys and includes an optional ISRU unit and an example payload, for the adventurous. Dragon Class These SSTOs are the biggest of the bunch, and can do minmus landings with loads of fuel to spare. Dragon An Orange tank SSTO, capable of landing on minmus. ACTION GROUPS AG1 toggle jet engine AG2 switch mode AG3 toggle NERV AG4 toggle solarpanel AG5 toggle intake AG6 toggle whiplash AG7 shutdown elevon AG8 activate elevon Endeavour A 84 seat Minmus SSTO with 2600m/s DeltaV in LKO. ACTION GROUPS AG1 toggle jet engine AG2 switch mode AG3 toggle NERV AG4 toggle solarpanel AG5 toggle intake AG6 toggle whiplash AG7 shutdown elevon AG8 activate elevon Phantom Based off the original Endeavour, this SSTO has about 5000m/s of DeltaV in LKO, and will easily do Duna/Gilly/Mun. ACTION GROUPS AG1 toggle jet engine AG2 toggle mode AG3 toggle NERV AG4 toggle Solar Panel AG5 toggle intake AG6 toggle Ramjet AG7 shutdown aero surface A8 activate aero surface Artemis A double orange tank SSTO ACTION GROUPS---------------------------------- AG1 toggle RAPIER AG2 toggle mode AG3 toggle NERV AG4 toggle Whiplash AG5 toggle solar panel/antenna AG0 toggle posterior landing gear Vulkan Class Vulkan This nimble SSTO is awesome for transporting 10 Kerbals into LKO. Action Groups AG1 - Toggle Cargo bay and antenna AG2 - toggle RAPIERS AG3 - Toggle NERV AG4 - Switch modes VulkanB This SSTO is based off of the original Vulkan, capable of carrying large payloads to LKO under crew control or probe control. Action Groups AG1 - toggle RAPIERS AG2 toggle NERVs AG3 toggle cargo bay, antenna, solar panels and shielded docking port AG4 switch RAPIER modes KrakenLabs KrakenLabs is a small division of KirrimLabs, and is where UNTESTED Prototypes are released. Uragan This Behemoth can easily loft cargo into orbit, and features a retractable dockingport and flyable boosters. AG1 - toggle hatch AG2 - toggle dockingport AG3 - toggle side booster wings The RelayNet 500 This Basic Relay dispenser will carry you anywhere in Kerbin's SOI, and features a Recoverable Second stage. Bear in mind that it is not capable of splashing down. Emarude This family of boosters allows for many configs. Example: Emarude 312 3= Fairing size 1= Amount of SRBs 2=Stage count Fairing Configs: 2 - Second stage is exposed and has smaller payload area 3 - Second stage is inside fairing SRB configs: 0 - No SRBs 1 - 1 SRB 2 - 2 SRBs 3 - 3 SRBs 4 - 4 SRBs 5 - 5 SRBs 6 - 6 SRBs 7 - 7 SRBs 8 - 8 SRBs 9 - 9 SRBs Stage Configs: 1 - Sounding rocket capable of launching large payloads into suborbital hops. 2 - Second stage is added, allowing exploration of Kerbin's moons. 3 - Third Stage is added, allowing smaller payloads to explore the Kerbol System. Feel free to request ships in the comments!
  14. Hi everyone , Sometimes , I just want to push F2 , but i push F1 , which makes me take random screenshots . Did it also happen to you ? Just check inside the "screenshots" file , you will be surprised . Well , I found some interesting (and strange) screenshots inside my screenshot file , I will share them with you . I didn' spent hundreds of hours on KPS , so I don't have a lot of pictures , I am sure you have better . I invite you to do the same with yours randoms pictures . My first station My station being refueled (do you see how it is twisted ?) , the station is possessed by the Kraken My cargo rocket for my 2.5 cargo bay mun station challenge Well ... I don' remember what was that . Let's see what you've got .
  15. What is/are the best engines for transfer burns?
  16. Hello there, Does anyone know of any mods that are compatible with 1.6.1 (yes I still use that, too lazy to find the updated versions of the 200000000000000 mods I have installed.) that add RANDOM FAILURES into the game? (capitalisation solely for dramatic effect) I want to add some realism into the game so, yeah. Also could anyone be so kind as to provide the link for Deadly Reentry's 1.6.x Release? The oldest I can get is 1.7.x Thanks and I appreciate it.
  17. This is poll where i'm wondering if you prefer building rockets, planes, or something else like SSTOs more in Kerbal Space Program.
  18. this thread is just a place to show off my historical (and current) mission and craft recreations this is an orbital version of a mercury redstone rocket dubbed the "Mercury Redstone Advanced"
  19. here's the idea, you and a friend who both have ksp start two seperate science playthroughs at the same time and on scheduled days of the week you both work to unlock the tech tree simultaneously, whoever unlocks the whole tech tree first wins you could also do this in career mode if you want
  20. I usually go with Greek gods and other ancient mythologies for rocket and/or spacecraft names. Here are some: - Artemis II Heavy Rocket - Osiris IV Medium Rocket - Hercules Crew Pod - Phoenix Mun Lander - Icarus Rescue Capsule - Atlas Duna Landing Vehicle - Capricorn Eve Ascent Rocket Anybody got something better? I'd like to hear them.
  21. Hey everyone I've been ondering if some people are willing to give me some cool plane/SSTO or rocket designs that I can use for my new save file. If I do make a video I would be sure to credit you. Links could be on drive or Dropbox. These crafts have to be stock because I do not like parts mods. Trucks and vehicles are fine. Just a quick message I am not a good builder myself so don't feel bad if your creation isn't that good and your not alone. It took me 3 hours to build a XB-47 and it looks terrible. Requirements Stock crafts only no tweakscale or fuel changing mods I mostly like airplanes because I'm training to become an actual piolot Prop planes are fine to give but show a demo video in the download link, For the parts, they have to be 1.4 parts If you make a SSTO make sure it has a docking port and enough fuel to randevus and docking Manuver to a space station in LKO. The SSTO must have a crew capacity to fit at least 5 people and it must be easy to fly. I just want some community made craft files for fun but I do not have a YouTube channel yet but if I do use it you should put your username in the description of the craft so I can remember. Thanks kerbals!
  22. SiriusRocketry's Craft Dealership! These are the craft I have built in my current save file. I have a tangled canoniverse for KSP which I will post here, as well as the little lore snippets in the craft brochures themselves! Sorry for the bare-bones nature of the thread, I'll update when I get the chance! This thread was inspired by the amazing works of @rawghi and Binary Aerospace, plus @Raptor9. My guide definitely doesn't have the amazing polish of their incredible versions, but I will try my best! Link to my Kerbalverse Timeline thread: Thanks, dear reader/player! UPDATE LOG: V0.1- Thread created, added Jeb's Junkyard launch vehicles, added EV-1 Wanderer orbiter, added Kerbal probes A.K.O.S, CubeSat and KerbCom. V0.2- Added Kerbalverse Timeline link V0.3- Added first two Rockomax launchers, the EV-1B 'Drifter' and the Jebediah Mark 4. V0.4- Added Rockomax Thunder 3 and the EV-1C 'Seeker. V0.5- Big update, added EV-2A 'Minnow', the P-2 'Osiris', P-1 'Poyekhali' and the I-9 'Summit' launcher. NEXT PLANS- Add 'Exploratory' sections for Jeb's Junkyard and Spaceship Parts Co. launchers, stat pages for Jeb's Junkyard and Spaceship Parts Co. launchers. KERBAL X LINK: https://kerbalx.com/SiriusRocketry LAUNCH VEHICLES: Jeb's Junkyard and Spaceship Parts Co: Rockomax Conglomerate: Kerbodyne Space Systems: Kolechian National Space Agency: EXCURSION VEHICLES: Generation 1 (33330s-33345): Generation 2 (33346-33379): Generation 3 (33380-present): PROBES & SATELLITES: Standard Communication: Deep Space Communication: Exploration and Distant Travel:
  23. I am having trouble thinking up rocket designs this thread is about giving design to the community and help people if they are stuck (like if they can’t get to a planet.) no real rules at this point in time but I will make some up in the near future. You can post wacky rockets or really cool planes, SSTO, really weird missions and stuff like that. Everyone is welcome. Be nice. If you what to tell a community if you made a mod you can post the link in the thread. Most importantly have fun
  24. Can somebody please give me rocket making tips, so I can know lots more about rocket making. I know lots on how to make some but also I would like to expand my knowledge.
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