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  1. CHAPTER 0: OUR DREAM YEAR 1, DAY 1 - LAUNCH OF THE CKR SPACE PROGRAM 200 years ago, the nations of Kerbin agreed to join into one global government, called the Communist Kerbin Republic (CKR). Ever since the start of the CKR, its citizens had always looked to the stars. Even with its shaky start, the dream stayed alive. Unfortunately, the nation formed just as the industrial revolution was starting, so the stars always remained just out of reach. Well today, the dream comes alive, with the creation of the brand new CKR Space Program. Its goal is to conquer the new frontier of space travel, and spread all across the Kerbolar system. Of course, we're thinking too far ahead. For now, we need to figure out one thing: can we even get there? CHAPTER LIST Chapter 1: Dawn of the Space Age Chapter 2: Mun and Done Chapter 3: Expanded Influence Chapter 4: Stepping Out Chapter 5: Advancement and Innovation Chapter 6: Walking Among the Stars Chapter 7: Gaining Experience -------------------------------------------------------------- Well, here we go again. Another mission report. Maybe this time I'll actually get around to updating it. Why exactly am I making this mission report though? Well, I'm honestly very disappointed with the huge lack of soviet based mission reports. There are several based on NASA. Hell, even Beyond is based on NASA. But there's something about Soviet spacecraft that has character to them. The round spacecraft shapes in contrast to the sharp-pointed fairings, the round circular windows. Sure, the Soviet Union wasn't the greatest of countries, but from how much they've contributed to space travel, they at least deserve some form of recognition on the forums. Inspirations: @Hotaru's mission report CCKP: An Eventful Return for giving me the idea of doing a Soviet thread. @Misguided Kerbal's mission report Starbound - A JNSQ Adventure for the semi-historical thread idea and what I'm basing my layout off of. @TwoCalories's mission report The Sky is Not the Limt: A modded KSP1 Career Playthrough for his Kerbalized Soviet craft, as well as TwoCalories himself being a valiant friend of mine on the forums. THIS IS NOT A PRO OR ANTI COMMUNIST THREAD, NOR A POLITICAL STATEMENT. I WANT TO SAY THAT BEFORE SOMEBODY YELLS AT ME.
  2. STARBOUND Introduction Oh boy, here we go again. I'm Misguided Kerbal, and here I am starting another mission report (hopefully we'll finish this one.) Anyway, I've been meaning to do a full JNSQ playthrough for quite a while now so I'm quite excited for this. This is going to be in JNSQ - sandbox mode, but with my own personal restrictions, as I really hate the grind of Career and Science mode and just want to do my own thing. All of this is my own interpretation, of course - though you will see strong inspiration from things such as BDB and Raptor9's craft catalog and the likes. So, what exactly are we doing here? Good question, imaginary voice in my head. The end goal - land a kerbal on every single body in the JNSQ system. We'll see how it goes. Restrictions Modlist Completed Missions Chapters Prelude Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15
  3. Sam67c created a KSP themed LEGO set (Kerbal space program - Modular ship system). I created this topic to help the creator to achieve his goal, to reach 10.000 supporters, so his set could be released. To support him, I leave the link here to his project. https://ideas.lego.com/s/p:7f69cc4b9fcf40c693e8aad1c9d3362e
  4. adsii1970's sandbox micro-challenges 20221217: This thread has been updated and reformatted to work better on most devices. The challenge threads were edited to stack the stock and modded challenge requirements rather than to list them side by side. After it was reported to me, and verified, it appears that Apple devices and some browsers were not displaying the complete table. A couple of days ago I was asked on one of the Facebook groups if I would post some micro-challenge/mission ideas for those who are looking for some sort of objective in playing a sandbox game. I asked around as a profile status post to see what everyone's thoughts were. And after careful consideration, I've decided to create an entire thread of micro-challenges for those interested. I play with mods and expect that many of you do, too. Here are the mods which will make the micro-challenges easier for you: Kerbal Engineer Redux Mechjeb for all Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux Snacks! By no means do you have to complete the challenges with mods, you can complete them without mods.* And you can use other mods besides these. For many of us "older" KSP players, these challenges are pretty easy but still fun. For a newbie who is just getting the hang of the game, they can be challenging and rewarding. For now, the sandbox micro-challenges will only include the stock system. If there's interest in more development of the challenges, I will add missions which will incorporate the Outer Planets Mod. Each micro-challenge will fall into one or more categories. Each micro-challenge will come with it's own leader board and signature image. Every three weeks, I will release a new micro-challenge. You do not have to do all the micro-challenges posted; simply choose the ones which interest you. You are free to use the most recently posted challenge or you can use one of the older ones. The edit of December 17, 2022 changed the format of the OP. To keep things tidy, I placed each of the stock bodies of the Kerbol system in their own heading and a spoiler under the heading where each mission will have a link. I think it will work better than the previous tables that caused some forum members to have issues with the extreme ends of the tables not properly displaying on certain web browsers. For now, there are placeholder entries for those planets and satellites (and Kerbol) where I haven't shared a mission (yet). Don't worry, there will be missions to those far away destinations. Here are the rules/guidelines for the challenges: Once you've completed the micro-challenge, simply post to this thread and share images or video which shows your progress and completion of the challenge - and be sure to include the name of the challenge in your post. If you are using images, please embed them in a spoiler. Many people have complained that excessive images not in spoilers cause lag issues on older or mobile devices. Using spoilers seems to help with this. On that challenge's post, I'll add your name to the leader board and a link to your post for others to easily find what was done to complete the micro-challenge. The challenges are rated on a three-tiered scale of an easy, medium, or hard challenge. There are a few followers of this thread who assist me in rating the challenges. If you are interested in helping me rate the challenge, send me a private message and I'll add you to the group. A description of the challenge levels are below: Rating Description These missions can usually be completed in one to three launches and require the very basic skills of spaceflight in Kerbal Space Program. These skills include rendezvous, docking, and achieving polar or circular orbits within the Kerbin sphere of influence. Some of these missions do include the designing of specialized craft to perform certain functions. These missions can be a little more challenging and while can be completed in one to seven launches, in addition to requiring the basic skills of spaceflight, landing a probe, lander, or assemble a station on a natural satellite or planet. These missions are hard and involve the construction of space stations, planetary bases, and such which should ideally be constructed in multiple launches and assembled in place. There are some who have provided feedback saying they intend to play these in career mode to make them even more challenging. That's fine - these missions are simply meant to be a springboard to help you sharpen your skills. Sandbox micro-challenges within Kerbin's sphere of influence: Kerbin: The Mün: Minmus: Sandbox micro-challenges within the Kerbol system (excluding Kerbin's sphere of influence): Kerbol: The Asteroids near Kerbin: Moho: (newest challenge - December 26, 2022) Eve: Gilly: Duna: Ike: Dres: Jool: Laythe: Vall: Tylo: Bop: Pol: Eeloo:
  5. It had been 12 years since the 7th Kerbin War ended. 14 years since the space program ended. Kerbals have always had a habit of worldwide conflicts, having fought 5 in the last 50 years. But this war was different, it was worse. Massive armadas of ships were deployed only for a handful to return. In the end, the Kefrican Federation won, but at what cost? Retired director of the old Space Program John Kerman brings the old kerbonauts and scientists back together, but with the economy in ruins and almost a decade of work destroyed, will they be able to succeed in bringing Kerbalkind to space? This is a story/mission report with a lot of Forgotten Space Program Influence, but is kinda based on my old, dead version 1.11 career. Modlist: Enjoy the story! Chapters: A new beginning 01-A great start 02-Old parts, new mission 03-Like peas in a pod 04-KOOSE on deck! 05-Boring stuff number 1 06-The Anomaly 07-Project Rediscovery The Elcano (note, this is done in another unmodded save to make the entry stock) 08-The Roadtrip 09-The Elcano Begins 10-Bumps and a "tiny scratch" 11-Over the Rim Back at the KSC :12-Intercept Back at the KSC :13-The Plan Back at the KSC :14-Flight of the Dynamic Back at the KSC:15-Doppelganger Back at the KSC:16-Old props and old kerbonauts 17-Back to the Elcano 18-Cliffs and Craters
  6. Out-of universe notes will be in cursive As you know, in 1.12 fireworks were added to KSP. What you might not know is that you can overclock fireworks using a KAL controller. These overpowered fireworks can be used for propulsion, if you're careful enough. FROM THE DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS OF THE KERBAL AEROSPACE FORCE: THE ORION DRIVE Ever since kerbals created explosives, they've wondered: can I fly with it? The question had been answered a long time ago by solid-fuel motors, but some kept thinking if there was more to it. That day, they proved there was. The Orion test vehicle was sitting on the launchpad, waiting for further commands. Daredevil pilot Jebediah Kerman was sitting inside. Even Jeb, the famous Kerbal With No Fear, was pondering the absurdity of this idea. A couple tons of explosives were going to be shot out of a hole at supersonic speeds, an Jeb was going to ride the shockwave. Suddenly, he heard a command from Ground Control. CAPTAIN KERMAN, PREPARE FOR LIFTOFF IN 3, 2, 1... And like that, Project Orion was born. Not with a whimper, but with a bang. Jeb felt the vehicle accelerate rapidly. He struggled with his breath, and his ears were ringing. COMMANDER KERMAN, WE HAVE LIFTOFF, I REPEAT, WE HAVE... BANG! and another one and another one Getting used to this is gonna be hard, Jeb thought. 28 more explosions followed. WE HAVE REACHED 100 m/s, Mission Control stated. Beginning descent, Jeb replied. Commander Kerman parachuted to safety. While his vehicle was being recovered, his brother Gene, head of Kerbal Aerospace Forces, called him to his office. Great job, Jeb, he said. We've officially started the Orion Program, and the investors are impressed. We're going to need you again soon, Jeb. Do you want to continue? Oh boy, more explosions? Jeb replied with excitement. Count me in! I need a vacation, though, my back hurts from all the gees now. I knew you would be interested. We'll call you. Jeb, the Orion Rider. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Gene finished. Okay, I'm tired, I'll publish the next part later today or tomorrow, I hope. I have all the pictures ready. Did you like this? Any criticism, questions or recommendations? Please reply! Here are some bonus photos. They'll come with every episode. They are not canon, consider them bloopers. NEXT UP ON THUNDERSTRUCK: WHO PUT ORION ON A PLANE?
  7. What is this? In real life the Space Shuttle Program was originally supposed to make access to space cheap and easy, flying up to every two weeks and being the US’ sole launch vehicle. For various reasons the Space Shuttle never lived up to these early goals, but in this KSP play-through I’m recreating the program somewhere between what it was supposed to be and what it actually was. I’m probably never going to get to a launch every two weeks, but I’ll be flying frequently and including payloads planned for the Shuttle but never flown like the Shuttle-Centaur liquid-fueled upper stage. While I’m not going to be keeping detailed tracks of budgets or anything, I am going to be assuming that my budget is larger and supports more planetary/science missions than the IRL NASA budget did and plan fun payloads accordingly. (Mid-1980s Viking 3 lander to Duna? Moved-up and expanded Mariner Mark II Program? Yes, please!). The Game I’m playing in Sandbox because I want all of the shuttle parts available immediately, and generally want to do things as I see fit for my recreation (which is not always the way KSP wants to do things). I am, however, self-imposing other rules for verisimilitude; for instance, the Space Shuttle Main Engines cannot be re-started. I am not allowing reverting to launch or VAB, and while I am quicksaving at key points I will reload a quicksave ONLY in cases of gross pilot error during launch or landing. [Edit: having played for a while I am not sticking as closely to the quicksaving rule as I'd planned...] I’m renaming most of my Kerbals (except for Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Val, obviously) using a random name generator, mostly so that my mission patches don’t just say “Kerman Kerman Kerman Kerman Kerman ….” Mods: TAC Life Support, Dang It! Continued, Decal Stickers R2.0, Tantares (after February 1986, parts used only on SSSR mission). I may add other part mods later but don’t intend to significantly change the functionality of the game beyond the mods I already have. The Metagame In order to do my own homebrew simulations of things not included in the base KSP game, I’ve written Python scripts to tell me how long the Shuttle needs to spend being processed after each mission, and whether the weather is clear for launch or landing on each day, including a forecast for the next week (based on real-life Kennedy Space Center and Edwards Air Force Base weather data for the dates in question). I’m also using the calendar Year 1=1981, Year 2=1982, etc., and split the 426-day Kerbin year into 12 months, each of which has 5 more days than our real-life calendar (except for February, which has 6 more). The Dirty Secret The shuttle’s crew compartment is actually two Mk3 cockpits clipped together It was the only way I could get the orbiter’s balance right so that it would be stable during both hypersonic flight and landing, and has the added benefit that I can fit the same crew of 7 or 8 used by the IRL Shuttle. Mission Reports For each mission I’ll provide a mission written from the perspective of the kerbals, including mission patches and screenshots. Once I start flying I’ll edit this post to include a table of contents/quick-links below. Table of Contents/Summary of Missions/Mission Patch Galleries Shuttle Flights: STS-1 - (1981-) [A gallery of all of the full-sized patches can be found here] SSSR Flights: Svoboda Base Module - (1986-) Preview Following extensive simulator tests for craft design and years of construction of testing, the Space Shuttle Columbia was rolled out to Pad 39A at Kerbal Space Center on February 34, 1981. After a successful Flight Readiness Test Firing during which the three Space Shuttle Main Engines were fired for 23 seconds on the pad on March 20, the shuttle now stands ready for its first flight. Astronauts Jebediah Kerman and Abe Dykstra are scheduled to launch on April 3 to take Columbia on a 2-day test flight. All eyes on Kerbin turn towards the brave astronauts and the shining winged rocket straining towards liftoff… Columbia completes Flight Readiness Test Firing, March 20, 1981.
  8. Better Specialization Settings v0.0.4 @ 2019-05-22 This mod provides a bunch of settings to allow finer customization of gameplay revolving around crew specializations (i.e. Pilot, Engineer, Scientist). The bulk of its functionality is focused on making crew specializations more relevant and meaningful in sandbox and science sandbox play. There are also settings to allow customization of the level requirements needed to perform certain tasks in career mode. Oversimplified tl;dr: Make autopilot/SAS require a pilot in science/sandbox Make wheel/leg repairs require an engineer in science/sandbox Allow adjusting engineer level required for wheel/leg repairs in career Make parachute repacking require an engineer in science/sandbox Allow adjusting engineer level required for parachute repacking in career ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Preface: stock KSP settings In stock KSP, the primary setting affecting gameplay behavior related to crew specializations is the "Enable Kerbal Experience" setting found under "Advanced" in the difficulty options for new games: In Career mode, this setting is turned on by default, which means that kerbals need to gain experience in order to level up and unlock more abilities, such as different SAS stability modes for pilots, or wheel repair skills for engineers. In the Science or Sandbox modes, it is turned off by default, and all kerbals start with their level already maxed out. This option can be changed at the start of a new game (but not for existing saves), which means it is actually possible to play a Career game without having to level up your kerbals, or play Science or Sandbox modes with the experience system turned on. However, this setting is very coarse-grained and has other side effects. Consider: When the setting is on, certain tasks can only be performed by specialized kerbals of a particular skill level, e.g. a pilot of particular skill level is needed to access various SAS stability modes like normal/anti-normal and radial/anti-radial. But with the setting turned off, many of these tasks can suddenly be performed by all kerbals regardless of specialization. Scientists and engineers can fly vessels with full SAS and all stability mode options. Pilots and scientists can repack parachutes and perform repairs. You can do almost everything with just a scientist, etc. This behavior cheapens the specializations, so the specialization type of a crew member does not matter as much anymore. And because this is the default setting for Science and Sandbox games, it can contribute to the gameplay in those modes feeling more shallow. Now, I'm not actually opposed to having an "easy mode" option where the skill levels and specializations do not matter very much. The real problem here is that there is a lack of a middle ground between the "on" and "off" settings. Why can't we have a setting where we don't have to deal with the XP and leveling up aspects, but where the different specializations are still meaningful in terms of needing certain types of crew to fill different roles and do different tasks? This mod was born to address that flaw. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Autopilot/SAS For players with mods that add other crew specialization types: when "pilot" is mentioned here, it includes any modded crew specialization that has the "Autopilot" skill. Stock behavior: If Enable Kerbal Experience is on, SAS and the stability modes available to a vessel depends on having a command module with a pilot of adequate skill level for crewed vessels. For uncrewed probes, a part with the required SAS service level is needed. (SAS service level is analogous to pilot experience level: cheaper, simpler probe cores have lower level than the more expensive and advanced models. For example, the QBE is equivalent to a Level 0 pilot and only has stability assist, whereas an OKTO2 is equal to a Level 2 pilot.) For KSP versions before KSP 1.6, if experience system is turned off, then none of the above crew skill requirements and part SAS service level requirements are respected. SAS and all stability modes are available with any type of crewmember in a command module, or any probe core. This actually makes it pointless to use more expensive, "better" probe cores when a cheaper one would still give full SAS. To fix the issue, since KSP 1.6+ an additional option called "All SAS Modes on all probes" is available in the "Advanced" tab of the difficulty options when the game mode is Science or Sandbox: If the option is turned on, the behavior is the same as having experience system turned off in earlier versions, as already described above. If it is turned off, then the intended behavior is for any type of crewmember to be able to provide all SAS stability modes on crewed vessels, but uncrewed probes would still need to have a part with the required SAS service level. However, testing has shown that when "All SAS Modes on all probes" is off, SAS availability for crewed vessels actually depends on having a crewmember with either Autopilot Skill, Repair Skill, or Science Skill, i.e. these are being used as a proxy to test if there is a Pilot, Engineer, or Scientist on board the vessel. This works for stock KSP, but if you use any mod that adds crew specialization types that don't have any of these skills, then it is no longer true that "any crewmember" is able to give full SAS control. What this mod provides: If "Enable Kerbal Experience" is on, stock behavior as described in the previous section will be used. Full requirements are imposed for SAS availability. If "Enable Kerbal Experience" is off, but "All SAS Modes on all probes" is on, stock behavior will be used: none of the SAS requirements are imposed. For backwards compatibility, this mod adds the "All SAS Modes on all probes" option to older KSP versions before KSP 1.6. This option is located under the "Better Specialization Settings" tab of difficulty settings dialog, rather than under the stock "Advanced" tab. If both "Enable Kerbal Experience" and "All SAS Modes on all probes" settings are off, then custom behavior of this mod will be used. This is governed by a setting called "Require pilot for SAS": (KSP 1.6+) (KSP < 1.6) When "Require pilot for SAS" is on, SAS and the stability modes available to a crewed vessel will depend on having a command module with a pilot. Crew level is irrelevant as it is always maxed out. Other crew types will not be able to provide SAS. Uncrewed probes will need to have a part with the required SAS service level. If the setting is off, then any type of crewmember will be able to provide all SAS stability modes on crewed vessels. Uncrewed probes will still need to have a part with the required SAS service level. This is a bugfixed version of the KSP 1.6+ behavior when "All SAS Modes on all probes" is off, in that truly (almost) all crew types will provide SAS. (Tourists, and the modded specialization type "Civilian" don't count.) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Wheel/leg repair For players with mods that add other crew specialization types: when "engineer" is mentioned here, it includes any modded crew specialization that has the "Repair" skill. Stock behavior: If Enable Kerbal Experience is on, an engineer of level 3 or above will be required to repair damaged wheels and landing legs. Much, much older versions of KSP needed only level 2 to repair legs, but that has not been the case since around KSP 1.1 when the old ModuleWheel, ModuleLandingLeg and ModuleLandingGear were replaced by ModuleWheelBase and its submodules. If Enable Kerbal Experience is off, any type of crewmember can perform repairs. What this mod provides: If Enable Kerbal Experience is off, an option "Require engineer to repair legs/wheels" is available. When this option is on, it will limit the ability to perform repairs to engineers only. Turning this option off will cause stock behavior to be used instead. If Enable Kerbal Experience is on, an option is provided to override the engineer level required to perform repairs. If this option is not used, then the stock reqirement of level 3 will be followed. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Parachute repacking For players with mods that add other crew specialization types: when "engineer" is mentioned here, it includes any modded crew specialization that has the "Repair" skill. Stock behavior: If Enable Kerbal Experience is on, an engineer of level 1 or above will be required to repack parachutes. If Enable Kerbal Experience is off, any type of crewmember can repack parachutes. What this mod provides: If Enable Kerbal Experience is off, an option "Require engineer to repack parachutes" is available. When this option is on, it will limit the ability to repack parachutes to engineers only. Turning this option off will cause stock behavior to be used instead. If Enable Kerbal Experience is on, an option is provided to override the engineer level required to repack parachutes. If this option is not used, then the stock reqirement of level 1 will be followed. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ License All rights reserved. Download Better Specialization Settings v0.0.4 for KSP 1.7.x (backward compatible with KSP 1.6.x - 1.3.x) Caution: Dev build. Backup your saves before proceeding. Requires Module Manager (please obtain separately.) Download includes the Harmony library, version See this comment for explanation. Installation: Delete older version, if any. Place contents of GameData into your installation's GameData folder. Source: GitHub Changelog: v0.0.4 ~ 2019-05-22 ~ KSP 1.7.x - 1.3.x Dev Build - Harmony included Add restrict parachute repacking to engineers Add adjust level requirement for parachute repacking Fix bug in engineer (repair skill) requirement check for wheel repair v0.0.3 ~ 2019-05-13 ~ KSP 1.7.x - 1.3.x Dev Build - Harmony included - Add restrict wheel/leg repair to engineers - Add adjust level requirement for wheel/leg repair - Rename mod due to feature for career mode - Refactored code v0.0.2 ~ 2019-04-17 ~ KSP 1.7.x - 1.3.x Dev Build - Harmony included - Refactored code, improved robustness, optimizations - Backward compatibility for KSP < 1.6.x v0.0.1 ~ 2019-04-15 ~ KSP 1.7.x - 1.6.x Dev Build - Harmony included - Prototype autopilot/SAS restricted to pilots
  9. Challenge: Find and Screenshot Easter Eggs in KSP Rules: No mods, Spacecraft need to be Stock, No kerbnet, No cheats Difficulty: Easy=Screenshot Minimal 2 Easter Egg Medium=Screenshot Minimal 5 Easter Egg Hard=Screenshot all Easter Eggs in KSP Good luck if anyone wanna do this challenge!
  10. I'm in sandbox mode, I go into the VAB, switch buildings (from inside of the VAB) and now all the buildings are level one. on the outside, it shows all level 3, but the requirements for launch are level one
  11. Overview: Kerpton (kerp-tawn) Future Media was a software development company which created the popular singing synthesizer program "Kertsune (kert-soo-neh) Miku", which many Kerbals had used to make their own songs. But lately, its founder, Hiroyuki Kerman, had considered starting a space program after playing a realistic space simulator for several months. Using the wealth he had acquired from selling so many copies of music software, he started a new organization called the Kerpton Aero-Space Development Agency, and hired several young aerospace engineers. This thread will document the various missions of KASDA. KASDA insignia, depicting a green onion (negi) flying through space KSP Version: 1.1.3 (originally 0.20.2) Mods currently in use: Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Precise Maneuver, MechJeb, Ambient Light Adjustment, Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (doesn't seem to be for 1.1.3 anymore but I have a copy), Kerbpaint (with update for 1.1.3), Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Near Future Construction, Asteroid Day, Habitat Pack, HyperEdit (for testing only), TAC Fuel Balancer, Trajectories, Taurus HCV, Environmental Visual Enhancements, Scatterer, Stock Visual Enhancements, Kopernicus, Outer Planets Mod, Pood's OPM-VO, Planetshine, in-game Transfer Window Planner, Engine Lighting, Flag Decals, Kerbal Inventory System, NavHud, EVA Follower, Atomic Age, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, SpaceY + SpaceY Expanded, Behemoth Aerospace, Stock Visual Terrain Useful calculators: Launch window calculator, Aerobraking calculator, Parachute calculator Robotic programs: Crewed programs: Mission list (if you end up in the wrong place when you click a link, click the address bar and press enter) Timeline of interplanetary mission milestones prior to the manifestation of Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon, and Plock, and everything that happened in between (Y1 to Y29) (1-100) (101-200) (201-270) (By the way, how do you people take screenshots? I can't move the camera to the camera angle that I want if it is paused, and I can't move the camera and fly the rocket at the same time.)
  12. i am in sandbox mode and my buildings are therefore at the max level, but sometimes when i go to launch a craft it glitches out and tells me that the launch pad/runway and vab/sph are level 1 and cannot support more than 20 tonnes. also i cant have my kerbals do an eva because my astronaut complex is to low of a level even though its in sandbox. has any one had a similar problem this is currently a huge problem because i Need to get a kerbal out to repack parachutes or i will lose a colony seed ship (edit) now vab wont let me have action groups
  13. As you may notice, this thread is dated two years older than the posts within it; due to a graduation and employment-induced hiatus, I've had to abandon the original plan to maintain continuity with my previous fic, Flight to Independence. Unlike the earlier fic, this one starts in the von Braun days, so at least you won't have to suffer through justifications of an Inexplicable Technology Reset. This fic will operate on a combination of significant amounts of headcanon and rocket science; the Kerbals may be more humanized and less stupid than you're accustomed to. I would especially advise you not to pester me for getting the parts manufacturers "wrong"; DMagic's science fanon, however, is used as default. 1.7.3 install, no DLCs, heavily modded and held together with duct-tape, could provide info on request. Overall program progress
  14. I've always played career mode only since it came out but I've grown tired of the same grind to get to where I want to be and I never seems to get there. So I've decided to start a sandbox game instead but I miss the objectives and structure aspect of career mode. So I've made this "guide" to help me stay on target with my vision of my space program. I thought I might share it with you guys in case someone else was looking for something similar. Space Program Master Plan Recommended gameplay mods: MKS USI Life Support Kerbal Engineer Redux • Disable stock ground towers. Downloadable document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iaYfJTvhPXosoHK8VAbI4jDqzHWkzw56FFeg-rK7FWw/edit?usp=sharing Project SOL Section #1: Conquer the kerbin system! Colonize the Mun and Minmus with a self sufficient base for 25 kerbals. SOL-1: Setup communication network SOL-2: Survey the land SOL-3: Build an Industrial support infrastructure SOL-4: Build the industrial fleet SOL-5: Finding the perfect spots SOL-6: Colonize the moons of Kerbin Project VULCAN Section 2: Destination Duna Goal: Establish a mining outpost, a manufacturing facility and living habitation for a 25 Kerbal Colony On Duna. VULCAN-1: Set up Communication network VULCAN-2: Do the research VULCAN-3: Location location location! VULCAN-4: Beep!! VULCAN-5: Engineering and preparation VULCAN-6: Moar ships! And Bon voyage VULCAN-7: Hi ho! Hi ho! VULCAN-8: Building the Duna base VULCAN-9: Stocking up VULCAN-10: It's happening! VULCAN-11: Gentlemen, man your stations
  15. This one is simple. Just complete all of the weekly challenges from there first run.(I heard they will be returning) I will be providing updates on my progress in the discussion below. I know it possible because this is a compilation of previously tested/completed challenges. You may have already done some of these. I haven't as I was not an active member of the community until recently. Any badges put in the discussion would be appreciated as I am a horrendous artist who should never be given a paintbrush. Here is a list of all the challenges I found on Reddit. Its probably accurate, good luck! P.S if the challenge is no longer possible you can do something very similar (for example instead of crashing into the sun you let your probe explode due to overheating) If a challenge seems to easy for you feel free to beef it up. No making things easier thought and no skips. Dont document post by post just send a few screenshots and mission reports once in a while and tell of what challenges you have conquered Mun and Back! mun Go to Mün and back 20 Apr 2012 2 Rendezvous! rendezvous Perform an orbital rendezvous 27 Apr 2012 3 Second KSC! ksc Find the second KSC 4 May 2012 4 Munolith! munolith Locate the Munolith 11 May 2012 5 Minmus! minmus Go to Minmus and back 18 May 2012 6 Across the Sea! spaceplane Fly across the eastern sea 25 May 2012 7 Conqueror! system Do a Grand Tour (of Kerbins moons) 1 Jun 2012 8 Kerbcarus! kerbol Return from solar orbit 8 Jun 2012 9 Lucky Kerbal II! kerbin Circumnavigate Kerbin 15 Jun 2012 10 Kolumbia STS-1 shuttle Launch a spaceplane to orbit via rocket 22 Jun 2012 11 Voyager! voyager Create an escape tractory from Kerbol 29 Jun 2012 12 MKROSS! mkross Crash a ship powered by solid fuel into the Mün 6 Jul 2012 13 VTOL! n/a Create a VTOL spaceplane 10 Aug 2012 14 Munar Arch Exploration! arch Land on one of Mün's arches, and return home 7 Sep 2012 15 Crew Swap! swap Transfer a Kerbal to another ship 14 Sep 2012 16 Interplanetary Exploration! planets Land on one of the 'new' celestial bodies 21 Sep 2012 17 Kuriosity! rover Land a rover in Duna's "Gale Crater" 28 Sep 2012 18 Not My Department! explosion Destroy a craft on the launchpad 5 Oct 2012 19 A Breath of Fresh Air! laythe Fly a spaceplane to Laythe 12 Oct 2012 20 Kosmonaut! soviet Land at the second KSC, and then achieve orbit 19 Oct 2012 21 Interplanetary Exploration II - The Return! fullsystem Land on one of the 'new' celestial bodies 26 Oct 2012 22 Spacecraft Carrier! anchor Land on an aircraft carrier 2 Nov 2012 23 Saboteur! saboteur Destroy a ship in orbit through collision with another craft 9 Nov 2012 24 Kerbal X Prize! recycle Land on another planet and return with the same engines 16 Nov 2012 25 Ike and Back! dunaike Land on Duna, and Ike, and then return to Kerbin 23 Nov 2012 26 Kessler Syndrome! dock Dock two spaceships 30 Nov 2012 27 Leaning Tower! tower Dock 4 identical crafts on top of one another 7 Dec 2012 28 The Starship Challenge! n/a Construct a multi-node starship 14 Dec 2012 29 Santa's Helper! gift Land on Eeloo's north pole and return to Kerbin 21 Dec 2012 30 Operation Lodestone! weight Complete any of the previous challenges, while carrying a full x64 large red tank 28 Dec 2012 31 Solar Probe! sunglasses Crash a probe on the Sun 4 Jan 2013 32 Munar Express! express Crash on Mün within 25 minutes 18 Jan 2013 33 Minimize! mini Land on Dres using only 1.25 m (or smaller) engines 1 Feb 2013 34 Green Scout! ssto Using an SSTO spaceplane, place a probe into Keostationary orbit 8 Feb 2013 35 Buzzing the Tower! buzz Achieve orbit of 5 km around any body 22 Feb 2013 36 Project Snowflake! snow Land on another planet using a craft made of non-repeating parts 1 Mar 2013 37 Falling with Style! fireball Return a kerbal from space, on EVA 8 Mar 2013 38 Asteroid Hugging! gilly Land on Gilly on EVA 15 Mar 2013 39 Easter Egg Hunt! egg Visit two in-game easter eggs 31 Mar 2013 40 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! recycle Use parachutes to land on another planet, the repack them, and use them to land on Kerbin 12 Apr 2013 41 Katapult! cannon Launch a Kerbal to an altitude of 5km 19 Apr 2013 42 Kerbal Bowling! pin Place 10 kerbals in position on Mun or Minmus, and knock them down with another Kerbal 26 Apr 2013 43 20 000 Kerbals Under the Sea! sub Using a submarine, visit the seabed Smiley 3 May 2013 44 Limbo, limbo, limbo! limbo Create an orbit around Mün lower than 5000 metres 10 May 2013 45 Budget Crisis! dollar Land and return from one of Kerbin's moons using no more than 15 parts 17 May 2013 46 Staging Mishap! parachute Get into orbit around Kerbin, using open parachutes 24 May 2013 47 Ribbit, Ribbit! frog Land an amphibious rover on another planet or moon 7 Jun 2013 48 Up Goer Five! upgoer Launch a rocket with all engines upside-down 14 Jun 2013 49 Jetsetter! jet Achieve an altitude of 200km using only jet engines 21 Jun 2013 50 Week 50 Spectacular! fifty Complete 5 of the previous challenges, in a single launch 28 Jun 2013 51 Solar Flare! rescue Resque 3 Kerbals from orbit within 15 minutes 19 Jul 2013 52 K2! peak Place a flag on top of the mountain west of the KSC 26 Jul 2013 53 School Trip! n/a Land 25 Kerbals on Mün, and return them 2 Aug 2013 54 Apollo Style! lem Recreate the Apollo mission 9 Aug 2013 55 Woops, lost a Docking Port! scott Impact Mün with an unconnected rocket underneath 30 Aug 2013 56 Eve and Back! n/a Land on Eve, and return to Kerbin 7 Sep 2013 57 Orange Efficiency tank Go to Mün and back using only one orange fuel tank for fuel 13 Sep 2013 58 Out of Control! n/a Perform a docking without RCS 21 Sep 2013 59 Full Orange Tank to Orbit... to Orbit? squared Get a full orange fuel tank to orbit 28 Sep 2013 60 3-Man SSTO! n/a Take 3 kerbals to orbit in an SSTO spaceplane 5 Oct 2013 61 You Take a Left, Then a Right, Then a Oh Cr- planethopper Land on another planet, then on Mün, and then return to Kerbin 22 Oct 2013 62 Farmers Take KSC! tractor Send a piece of farm machinery to Mün 30 Nov 2013 63 Circumnavigation 2.0! n/a Circumnavigate another planet or moon in a spaceplane 9 Dec 2013 64 Christmas Special! christmas Send a Christmas tree and present to Val 26 Dec 2013 65 Exam Time! crayons Send a Kerbal to the island on the crater in 20 minutes 18 Jan 2014 66 Wait, Where'd I Leave My Wallet? wallet Land on Mün, and return to Kerbin, twice in a single launch 24 Jan 2014 67 This Is The End theend Send 3 Kerbals on a Sun escape trajectory 16 Mar 2014 Hiatus 68 Back and Better Than Ever! beta Launch a rocket, starting upside down, into orbit 27 Dec 2014 69 Thanks Obama! beta Crash an asteroid on the KSC 10 Jan 2015 70 Science Deniers beta Using only basic parts, achieve keostationary orbit 18 Jan 2015 71 The Race for Space beta Launch into orbit within 120 seconds 31 Jan 2015 72 Conjoined Spaceplanes beta Design a spaceship that can fly in two directions 16 Feb 2015 73 Featherlight beta Go to orbit in a ship weighing less than 2t 21 Feb 2015 74 Reviving the Shuttle Program shuttle2 Launch a replica of the space shuttle into orbit 28 Feb 2015 75 One hundred thousand! statue Place a statue on another celestial body 7 Mar 2015 76 Atmospheric Docking pilot Dock two spaceplanes while in-flight 14 Mar 2015 77 Rule 1: Moar boosters mustang Drive at least 500 m/s while still on the runway 21 Mar 2015 78 Think of the environment! tree Fly a solar-powered plane up to a height of 1 km 28 Mar 2015 79 Periscope down! submarine Launch a submarine to the seas of Eve or Laythe 4 Apr 2015 80 Unstoppable! solid Land on Mün using only solid fuel 11 Apr 2015 81 What Are The Civilian Applications? spacek Land a rocket on a barge in the ocean 18 Apr 2015 82 Multitasking double Launch two rockets into space simultaneously 25 Apr 2015 83 The Race from Space reentry Land a craft from orbit within 100 seconds 2 May 2015 84 Asymmetry skylon Create a spaceplane without using a part twice 9 May 2015 85 Dresteroids dres Go to Dres and return a Dresteroid 16 May 2015 86 Press space to space space Fly a rocket into space while only controlling it with the spacebar 24 May 2015 87 Grand Tour grand Land on every celestial body in the solar system 31 May 2015 88 The Race for Space II race Get an SSTO spaceplane into orbit within 5 minutes 6 Jun 2015 89 Out of funds! funds Launch a fully fueled orange fuel tank into orbit for less than 100k 14 Jun 2015 90 Could get a bit 'technical' altair Land on Mün, using a craft that has only one engine 21 Jun 2015 91 Air-to-space pegasus Fly a pegasus-style rocket to Duna 27 Jun 2015 92 Ready your pickaxes! hardhat Deliver 300 ore from Duna to Ike 5 Jul 2015 93 The mother of all spacewalks jetpack Fly a kerbal from Gilly to the Kerbin system 12 Jul 2015 94 The rocket-powered elevator vab Get a kerbal on top of the VAB without controlling it after it leaves the ground 19 Jul 2015 95 Milk Run milk Land on Minmus and return to Kerbin within 6 hours 25 Jul 2015 96 A Kerbal Perspective iva Perform a mission while in IVA the entire time 2 Aug 2015 97 Satellite Snatch shuttle3 Retrieve a satellite within a single orbit 8 Aug 2015 98 Tender Tummy rollercoaster Launch a Kerbal into space without subjecting him/her to more than 2 G's 16 Aug 2015 99 The Caveman Challenge caveman Unlock the tech tree up to tier 5 without upgrading any facilities 22 Aug 2015 100 Week 100 Spectacular! hundred Complete 2 previous challenges in one go 29 Aug 2015 101 The Porkbarrel Challenge factory Build and fly a craft using only one part per manufacturer 6 Sept 2015 102 The Jool-5 jool Plant a flag on every moon of Jool 13 Sept 2015 103 Buckle Up! push Push a Kerbalnaut into orbit on top of a heatshield 19 Sept 2015 104 New Horizons pluto Replicate the New Horizons mission 26 Sept 2015 Hiatus 105 Welcome back! stunt Fly a plane underneath the bridge of the R&D building 22 Nov 2015 106 Single Stage To Anywhere ice Develop a Single-Stage-To-Anywhere spaceplane 29 Nov 2015 107 Island Express island Land on the island runway in under 60 seconds 6 Dec 2015 108 The Jatwaa Challenge jatwaa Launch a rocket into orbit from the bottom of the sea 13 Dec 2015 109 The Force is strong with this one yoda/maul Recreate one of the ships from Star Wars 20 Dec 2015 110 Merry Kristmas! xmas Plant a Christmas tree on another celestial body 27 Dec 2015 111 Happy New Year! carrier Land an aircraft on a carrier 3 Jan 2016 112 Threading the Needle needle Pass one ship through another in opposing orbit 10 Jan 2016 113 Just like a pitstop escape Detach a probe on escape trajectory, land on Mün, and dock with the probe before it leaves the SoI 16 Jan 2016 114 Orange Efficiency II orange Using only an S3-14400 fuel tank for fuel, get into orbit around Minmus 24 Jan 2016 115 More bang for your bucks funds2 Get to Mün and back for less than 30k funds 30 Jan 2016 116 Kerbal Katapult cata Throw a Kerbal 500 meters down the runway 7 Feb 2016 117 Operation Pet Asteroid pet Land an asteroid on Kerbin, and launch it back into orbit 14 Feb 2016 118 The Race for Space III jfk Land a Kerbal on Mun within 2 days after starting a new save 21 Feb 2016 119 Unstoppable II srbssto Launch a single-stage spaceplane into orbit, using only solid fuel 27 Feb 2016 120 A Salty Trip Back Home crane Recover a craft from the island runway 6 Mar 2016 121 Got My Ion You xenon Land on Mun and Minmus using only ion engines from orbit around Kerbin 13 Mar 2016 122 Computer Troubles duck Dock two crafts without using maneuver nodes or RCS 19 Mar 2016 123 Easter Egg Hunt II bunny Locate an Easter Egg 26 Mar 2016 124 Free Ride apollo Get into a free-return trajectory with Mun and Minmus 3 Apr 2016 125 A Kerbal Perspective II pup Land an SSTO spaceplane on Minmus while in IVA the entire time 10 Apr 2016 126 Multitasking II clock Launch 3 satellites into orbit within 8 minutes 17 Apr 2016 127 The Grand Prix of KSC flag Race around the KSC within 4 minutes 24 Apr 2016 128 The Caveman Challenge II comp Land a craft on Mun without upgrading any buildings 1 May 2016 129 King of the Mountain climb Drive a rover up one of the mountains near the KSC 8 May 2016 130 Revolutionary Technology heli Fly a stock helicopter up to an altitude of 1 km and land it safely 15 May 2016 131 Fuel Troubles frog2 Get to orbit using only liquid fuel and monopropellant 21 May 2016 132 Oops! Left the scientist in orbit x33 Launch an SSTO spaceplane into orbit... twice 29 May 2016 133 True Spaceships champ Launch an actual ship into orbit 12 Jun 2016 134 Island Hopping kit Land an aircraft downhill on all four islands near KSC 20 Jun 2016 135 Operation Missing Boulder boulder Find the Magic Boulder 25 Jun 2016 136 The Joolno Probe juno Send a probe to aerobrake into Joolian orbit 2 Jul 2016 137 The Season Finale n/a Be the best at something 9 Jul 2016 Hiatus 138 Collision Course coll Destroy a satellite with an asteroid 15 Oct 2017 139 Forgot the decouplers decoup Decouple a stage by smashing it into Mün 22 Oct 2017 140 Flight fundamentals wright Control an airplane by moving mass around 30 Oct 2017 141 A rocket for ants!? minim Get a Kerbal into orbit using only 0.625 meter parts 6 Nov 2017 142 Sea rescue sea Rescue a command pod from the ocean 12 Nov 2017 143 Twenty thousand leagues under the Eve sbob Build a base on the bottom of Eve's ocean 19 Nov 2017 144 Keep Space Klean klean Send a fully re-usable craft to Mün and back 26 Nov 2017 145 Lightweight Eve Mission eve Launch a craft weighing less than 80t from Eve 3 Dec 2017 146 It's just a prank! ufo Create an aircraft that looks like a flying saucer 10 Dec 2017 147 It's Kerbmas again! xmas Decorate the KSC 17 Dec 2017 148 Happy New Year! ny Create fireworks at KSC 26 Dec 2017 149 Roads to Duna dstar Assemble a craft in orbit and fly to Duna and back 2 Jan 2018 150 The Liquid Job drops Get to orbit using only liquid fuel 7 Jan 2018 151 Kerbal Katch skyd Catch a Kerbal in freefall 14 Jan 2018 152 Twin-Boar Efficiency tb Bring 24 tons of fuel to orbit using a Twin-Boar engine as first stage 21 Jan 2018 153 A drop of the Kanges karma Fly to the Kanges river and back within 25 minutes 28 Jan 2018 154 Chad 'Ace' Kerman chad Fly to Jool and back without using SAS 4 Feb 2018 155 A drive through space spacek Land a Kesla Roadster on Mün and then land it on Kerbin 11 Feb 2018 156 SSSTO sssto Launch a SSTO spaceplane from sea 18 Feb 2018 157 Exquisite Design design Design the best-looking spaceplane you can 25 Feb 2018 158 Mohole Adventures hole Plant a flag in one of the Moholes 4 Mar 2018 159 Making History history Recreate a real-life mission using the Making History Expansion 12 Mar 2018 160 Space Station Design design Design the best-looking space station you can 20 Mar 2018 161 The Longest Spacewalk jetpack Use the EVA jetpack to fly a Kerbal from Gilly back home 26 Mar 2018 162 Kiangong 1 tg1 Dock with a space station just before it crashes on Kerbin 1 Apr 2018 163 Mün Base Aesthetics design Design the best-looking Mün base you can 8 Apr 2018 164 Like a model rocket minim Fly a rocket smaller than a Kerbodyne S3-14400 fuel tank to Mün 14 Apr 2018 165 Wrecking Ball hardhat Destroy a building at KSC using an asteroid 23 Apr 2018 166 Stylish Rovers design Design the best-looking rover you can 29 Apr 2018 167 Rocket-assisted upgrades hardhat Destroy all buildings at KSC in a single launch 6 May 2018 168 Space Janitors trash Recover three junk parts from orbit 13 May 2018 169 Classy Rockets design Design the best-looking rocket you can 21 May 2018 170 Small versus large push Push another rocket to orbit 27 May 2018 171 Lithobraking Works! decoup Safely land a capsule using lithobraking 3 Jun 2018 172 Splashing Design design Design the best-looking boat you can 12 Jun 2018 173 Sponsor Run funds Launch a spaceplane into space using only 3 manufacturers 18 Jun 2018 174 Community Challenges - Challenge your fellow Kerbalnauts 24 Jun 2018 175 Good looks on Laythe design Design the best-looking Laythe base you can 8 Jul 2018 176 Aesthetic Airplanes design Design the best-looking airplane you can 16 Jul 2018 177 Coupled Asteroids asteroid Couple two asteroids together 22 Jul 2018 178 Featherlight II feather Design a craft weighing less than 2t that can carry a Kerbal to orbit 30 Jul 2018 179 Visiting Jool jool2 Fly by Jool using an SSTO spaceplane 6 Aug 2018 180 Exquisite Space Probes design Design the best-looking unmanned space probe you can 14 Aug 2018 181 Flying Dangerous pilot Fly a plane with a CoL in front of the CoM 20 Aug 2018 182 The Blindfold Challenge blind Fly a rocket to orbit without looking at your screen 27 Aug 2018 183 Asteroid Bases design Design the best-looking asteroid base you can 3 Sep 2018 184 Storytime! Tell a story in KSP 10 Sep 2018 Revisited Challenges Week # Challenge Name Flair CSS class Short Description Date 1 Good Old Memories tower Stack 4 identical crafts on top of one another 16 Jul 2016 2 Minimize! mini Land on Dres and return to Kerbin using only 1.25 meter or smaller parts 24 Jul 2016 3 Kerbal Kapatult cannon2 Launch a Kerbal 1000 meters up into the air 31 Jul 2016 4 Staging Mishap parachute With open parachutes, get to orbit 6 Aug 2016 5 Up Goer Seven! upgoer Launch a rocket, starting upside down, to space 13 Aug 2016 6 Summer Break three Bring 25 Kerbals to Mun and back 21 Aug 2016 7 Just like the good old days lem Recreate the Apollo mission 28 Aug 2016 8 Escaping the purple monster eve Land on Eve and return to Kerbin 4 Sept 2016 9 Forgot my phone! phone Go to Mun and back twice in a single launch 12 Sep 2016 10 A Delivery for Wernher von Kerman asteroid Destroy a building at KSC with an asteroid 18 Sep 2016 11 Rebuilding the R&D rt5 Go to geostationary orbit without any tech 25 Sep 2016 12 The Race to Space swatch Get to stable orbit within 120 seconds 2 Oct 2016 13 Conjoined Spaceplanes conjoined Create a spaceplane that can fly in two directions 9 Oct 2016 14 Rocket on a diet feather Create a rocket weighing less than 2 tons 16 Oct 2016 15 Revisiting the Shuttle Program shuttle2 Recreate the Space Shuttle 23 Oct 2016 16 Atmospheric Docking pilot Dock two airplanes while within the atmosphere 30 Oct 2016 17 The fastest rover in the solar system mustang Drive at least 600 m/s while still on the runway 6 Nov 2016 18 Awoogah! Awoogah! submarine Design a submarine, and send it to Eve or Laythe 13 Nov 2016 19 The easiest craft to fly? solid Design a craft with only solid fuel and fly it to Mun 20 Nov 2016 20 Of Course I Still Love You spacek Land the first stage of a rocket on a barge in the ocean 27 Nov 2016 21 The Race from Space reentry Land a craft from orbit within 80 seconds 4 Dec 2016 22 Asymmetry skylon Create a spaceplane using no duplicate parts 11 Dec 2016 23 Merry Kerbmas! xmas Plant a Christmas tree on the VAB 18 Dec 2016 24 Dresteroids dres Retrieve an asteroid from orbit around Dres 25 Dec 2016 25 Press space to space space Launch a craft into orbit while only controlling it with the spacebar 1 Jan 2017 26 The Race to Space II race Launch an SSTO spaceplane into orbit within 4 minutes and 30 seconds 8 Jan 2017 27 The Lowest Bidder funds Launch a full orange fuel tank to orbit for less than 75k funds 15 Jan 2017 28 One Engine to rule them all altair Land on Mün and return to Kerbin, using a craft that only has one engine 23 Jan 2017 29 Air-to-space pegasus Using a Pegasus-style rocket, land on Duna 29 Jan 2017 30 Ready your pickaxes! hardhat Bring 300 ore from Duna to Ike 5 Feb 2017 31 The mother of all spacewalks jetpack Fly a Kerbal from Gilly to the Kerbin system using nothing but their EVA suit 11 Feb 2017 32 The Kerbal Elevator vab Launch a Kerbal to the top of the VAB without controlling him after he leaves the ground 19 Feb 2017 33 The Minmus Speedrun milk Launch a Kerbal to Minmus, and return him to Kerbin within 8 hours 26 Feb 2017 34 A Kerbal Perspective iva Land on Mun while in IVA view the whole time 6 Mar 2017 35 Satellite Snatch shuttle3 Recover a satellite from LKO within a single orbital revolution 12 Mar 2017 36 Tender Tummy rollercoaster Launch a Kerbal to orbit without subjecting him/her to more than 2 G's 19 Mar 2017 37 The Caveman Challenge caveman Unlock the tech tree up to and including tier 4 without upgrading a single facility 24 Mar 2017 38 The Porkbarrel Challenge factory Build and fly a craft using only one part per manufacturer 1 Apr 2017 39 The Jool-5 jool Plant a flag on every moon of Jool 9 Apr 2017 40 Buckle up! push Push a Kerbal to orbit using a heat shield 16 Apr 2017 41 Single Stage to Anywhere ice Create a craft that can make it to anywhere in the solar system with one stage 23 Apr 2017 42 Island Express island Get to the island runway in only 50 seconds 30 Apr 2017 43 The Jatwaa Challenge jatwaa Launch a rocket to orbit from the bottom of the ocean 7 May 2017 44 Just like a pitstop escape Detach a probe on escape trajectory, land on Mün, and dock with the probe before it leaves the SoI 14 May 2017 45 Orange Efficiency II orange Using only an S3-14400 fuel tank for fuel, get into orbit around Minmus 21 May 2017 46 More bang for your bucks funds2 Get to Mün and back for less than 20k funds 28 May 2017 47 Kerbapult cata Throw a Kerbal 500 meters down the runway 4 Jun 2017 48 Operation Pet Asteroid pet Land an asteroid safely at KSC 11 Jun 2017 49 The Race for Space III jfk Land a Kerbal on Mun within 2 days after starting a new save 18 Jun 2017 50 A Salty Trip Back Home crane Recover a craft from the island runway 25 Jun 2017 51 Got My Ion You xenon Land on Mun and Minmus using only ion engines from LKO 2 Jul 2017 52 Computer Troubles duck Dock two crafts without using maneuver nodes or RCS 9 Jul 2017 53 Free Ride apollo Get into a free-return trajectory with Mun and Minmus 16 Jul 2017 54 A Kerbal Perspective II pup Land an SSTO spaceplane on Minmus while in IVA the entire time 23 Jul 2017 55 Multitasking II clock Launch three satellites within 8 minutes 30 Jul 2017 56 The Caveman Challenge II comp Land a craft on Mun without upgrading any buildings 8 Aug 2017 57 King of the Mountain climb Drive a rover to the peak of a mountain 14 Aug 2017 58 Revolutionary Technology heli Create a working stock helicopter 20 Aug 2017 59 Fuel Troubles frog2 Gwt to orbit using only liquid fuel and monopropellant 28 Aug 2017 60 Oops! Left the scientist in orbit x33 Launch an SSTO spaceplane into orbit... twice 3 Sep 2017 61 True Spaceships champ Launch an actual ship into space 10 Sep 2017 62 Island Hopper kit Land on the four islands near KSC 17 Sep 2017 63 Operation Magic Boulder boulder Find the Magic Boulder 24 Sep 2017 64 The Kassini Probe juno Send a probe to aerobrake into Joolian orbit 1 Oct 2017 65 Multitasking double Launch two rockets at the same time 9 Oct 2017
  16. i was just wondering what the community loves most. is does not matter how modded your game is as mods can make the difference between playing the one or the other.
  17. RealSolarSystem Easter Eggs hunting! In my rp-1 career, as I was doing some unmanned Moonar landing mission, I saw, once orbiting the moon, that an anomaly was in my orbit trajectory, so I decided to precise land there, and I found this: A Neil Amstrong memorial!!! It excited me to found all others ones present in Real Solar System. So just started a new sandbox game to give it a try, and challenge my self. First I'll deal with Earth of course. Here's what the map says: I will start with the one which is North-East of Cape Canaveral Let's HUNT!
  18. Is it OK if I play KSP in sandbox everytime, and not play career at all? Does the community accept mission reports and stories that are done in sandbox?
  19. Firstly, apologies if this already exists, and thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Is there a Mod that, or is someone willing to make or assist me make, will allow me to restrict the tech level available to me in Sandbox, I would like to be able to deactivate Tech Tree nodes and/Or Tech Tree levels. I want to use a Sandbox save as a testing and development 'simulation' for my careers, but find trying to remember which parts I can use a pain.
  20. It would be nice to have access to the mission builder and player built missions in sandbox mode. Even if it was limited compare to the existing mission builder system I still think It would be fun to have mission in sandbox.
  21. How do you make upgradeable buildings in Sandbox mode? I think that would be a fun experience for me and other people. (if it matters, I don't use Windows.) Thanks!
  22. [NOTE: This is a fresh start/reboot of "The Outer Planets Adventures!", which some of you may remember. It is in a different save, so some past events mentioned in both series may be contradictory, although they did actually happen.] [NOTE: @Angel-125's Wild Blue Industries mods will be featured heavily in this Mission Report, for the simple reason that I like them and they are very well put together.] The space program was looking better than ever. Five bases on Duna were constantly staffed, and a permanent colony had been established on the Mun. Plans were even underway for a sample-return from the inescapable hellscape of Eve. With the recent return of the DSEV-02 Columbia, even the Jool 5 challenge was now complete. It was time for exploration of the outer planets to begin in earnest. Apart from initial flyby probes and Joolileo-style orbital missions, the outer gas giants were a mystery. Plock was even more unexplored due to the enormous Delta-V requirement, with just one probe, Plock Horizons, having performed a flyby of the Plock-Karen system. Exploration had really been more focused on the inner planets, the Dresteroid Belt, and Jool, which were far easier to reach Delta-V wise. Excluding RTGs and LV-Ns, nuclear technology had really only been used twice in space: on the DSEV-01 Enterprise, which carried the first Kerbonauts to Duna and Ike before going on to Dres and returning, and the DSEV-02 Columbia, which recently completed the Jool 5 mission and is now scheduled to travel back and forth between Kerbin and Jool for later expeditions. Both of those craft have nuclear reactors for power, and an advanced Supernova engine custom-built by Wild Blue Industries to be as ridiculously efficient as possible. The next target of the KSP's exploration is Sarnus and its moons. Gene and Mission Control have hashed together a rough timetable: [KERBIN-SARNUS TRANSFER WINDOW 01] -Sarnus Expedition 1 (SE-1) departure. The SE-1 consists of a mothership probe that will carry communications relay satellites and an ion-powered orbital survey probe to Sarnus orbit, and a completely separate standalone probe that will refine on the orbital surveys of the other probe using a Wild Blue Industries TERRAIN scanner. [KERBIN-SARNUS TRANSFER WINDOW 02] -Sarnus Expedition 2 (SE-2) departure. The SE-2 will consist of a crewed DSEV-class mothership and an assortment of landers, as well as separately launched and transfer-burned supply drops to assemble a Pathfinder base on Eeloo to be a base of operations for the mission. [SOME TIME LATER] -SE-1 arrival. SE-1 (hopefully) completes primary mission. [SOME TIME LATER] -SE-2 arrival. Due to SE-2's actual mission being made up on the fly based on the results of SE-1, no further mission statuses can be anticipated from here. --- Wild Blue Industries has been contracted to make a new DSEV-class vessel, entitled DSEV-03 Challenger. Challenger will be heavily modified and almost completely different from Enterprise and Columbia, due to Challenger being required to go vastly longer without resupply or refurbishment. --- Stay tuned for screenshots and more updates coming soonTM.
  23. Hello everyone, this is one of my first post so I'm sorry if I make an error. I make designs on the page kerbalx.com, I've been doing it for a while. Recently, I discovered the Infernal Robotics mod and it was just what I needed for my latest design, foldable wings. In that mod, there are hinges that are the part I need for this, and this is where my problem starts. When I make a hinge, I mount the wing on it, and I set it up, it works perfectly, the wing moves to its configured position without problems. But when I put 2 hinges, the madness begins. In the editor work perfectly, both wings open outwardly unfolding correctly, but once inside the game the hinges go crazy, the 2 are just leaving the axes causing graphic and structural problems in the ship, do not move as in the editor and they end up breaking. I need help with this, to know if someone has happened to him, or if it is a problem with the configuration of the mod. I have to say, I have sought help and the only advice I found was 'disable Auto-Struts' (Advanced Tweakables) but I already did it and the problem is still there. Does anyone know why this happens? Before anything thanks to everyone!
  24. I wasn't originally planning on making Eeloo my first interplanetary trip in 1.3.1, but it was the first launch window I had when I decided to spam SCANsat probes across the solar system. I've been playing with the Community Resource Pack, as well as trying to resurrect some old mods, so I threw together ... something. Behold, the OLDDTM N1 - LCATM Zenit-S200HE - BDBTM Agena - StockTM probe SCANsatTM? Eeloo mission (SCANsat RADAR Extended Range Mk 3)! All of 13,900 m/s delta-V to deliver a SCANSat radar to Eeloo. Excessive? Yes. Impractical? Yes. MOARdV? Yes. Although it is a 3.2x diameter / 6.4x orbit Sigma Dimensions configuration. Even with a reduced configuration of only 24 nerf'd NK-33 engines (the inner 6 were not installed), I had to limit throttle to keep it to about 1.65 T/W at launch. The Blok A cluster of engines pushed the super-booster well up into the atmosphere before running out of fuel and handing off to the eight NK-43 engines in Blok B. Well out of the atmosphere, with the aeroshrouds gone, Blok B was discarded, leaving Blok V's four engines to finish the push into a parking orbit. And, finally, Blok V fell away (with half a tank of fuel going to waste), exposing the dual RL10-4 engines that will circularize the orbit and provide the departure impulse. Okay, so it's not as exciting as a lot of mission reports...
  25. this is the totaly unfacinating adventures of the kerbals. submiting a payload is easy all you need is name and link the first order of bisnes is that i have came up with a story line vagely that i will follow i will be using all kinds of launch methords (not including Newtons Cannonball) i will be using kerbinside for a bit of extra challenge current crew in space MISSIONS (initial missions will not be to space) 1. x-0 flight 1 completed MISSIONS (in space) (will be filled in when i get a request) 1. Soyuz 4 2. Soyuz 5 (will launch 1 day after soyuz 4) 3. SSSTS 10 4. SLS 1 5. TBA 6. TBA 7. TBA 8. TBA 9. TBA FLIGHTS (comming soon) x-0-1 (x-0 mission 1) LATEST NEWS:
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