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Found 3 results

  1. So I recently realised that there is no such thing as bird milk and that birds dont have nipples. I am objectively aware that this is not necessarily surprising, especially if you know even the smallest amount about birds, but for some reason the realisation came upon me suddenly and its a weird concept to hold in my head. You've probably never thought about "bird milk" before, but is that because you are consciously aware that it cant exist, or merely because you've never thought about it until now?
  2. Who says we actually exist and are not some vast computer simulation called SimEarth? Oh, wait, maybe we are just a simulation... Oh, snap! That means life really is but a dream... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SimEarth
  3. So I was hitting random on XKCD and this one came up: https://xkcd.com/1626/ I've seen discussions elsewhere about the delta-V needed to send something into the sun, and while I have no idea what the delta-V of the typical ICBM is, I doubt they even have enough to reach LEO since they're a weapon that's intended to hit a target somewhere else on the Earth. But just as a thought experiment, what if the XKCD scenario happened? Say you launched them retrograde to Earth's orbit. Would they just just rain down on Earth again and kill everyone? How much delta-V would be needed for one to escape Earth and not come back? (Not necessarily hitting the Sun, just ending up in a Solar orbit that never intersects Earth again).
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