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  1. "In Our system we have Kerbol Radiation Not Cosmic Radiation" -Crazy Kerbal Scientist No.1947 Im Back here with another great suggestion: Presenting........... The Suggestion that would take years for me to figure out: COSMIC RADIATION , And More oh well , What do i even say , This game doesn't have any sort of Cosmic radiation , so i came up with this , Going to explain Breifly: 1- Lets say for example i reached space in a Manned Vehicle and my spacecraft has a MK1 Cockpit which has weak radiation sheilding so basically the Mk1 Pilot is going to get exposed to radiation alot and if that goes on for a long time. Like for example 100 Kerbal days . The Pilot is going to die . Also Side Note: The Radiation mode only triggers in Normal , Hard , Extreme Difficulity's . so for any new people in the game they can just go on easy mode or on custom. 2- If i had a Mk3 for example it would keep its crew alive MORE than the Mk1 , For example MK1: 100 Days MK3: 300 Days . And if the Cockpit is surrounded or covered by something it would stand more for example a normal MK1 would stand 100 days but a MK1 which is covered by a shield stands for 150 Days. 3- Space EVA's: If any Kerbal went for EVA his suit would protect him from radiation for atleast 30 days. Continuesly 4- Planetary EVA's : If a Kerbal went for EVA on Kerbin his suit would protect him for a infinite amount of time since Kerbin is habitable , but if a Kerbal went for EVA on Duna his Suit would Protect him from radiation for 200 Days , Continuesly 5- Recovering : If a Kerbal went into space for a long time and came back to kerbin , he would recover / Or if a kerbal went into a Hab Module He would recover too +Another Idea SOLAR FLARES So basically ingame Solar flares would have the same effect as radiation. Except for : 1- it would distrupt communications 2- the closer a spacecraft is to the sun ,a solar flare. the more vunerable is it to overheating. 3- Kerbals Doing EVA inside Moho's orbit to the sun are facing a serious death sentence if any of the solar flares appear 4- 1 Major Solar flare would appear every year 5- Every atmospheric Planetery body that has a magnetosphere is Safe and That's all folks Please make this true Thanks for reading -Taco Kerman Year 201.6
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