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  1. SPACE ORGANISATION WITHOUT A COOL ACRONYM Overview The Government of the Kingdom of Hexania was in shambles. The recent war with the United Republic of Pentania had been massively unpopular with the people. King Jebvalilob (jeb-val-ee-lob) needed a distraction, to get rid of all the clichéd angry mobs with pitchforks and torches outside his quite lovely palace, which had graffiti of some rather rude words outside. Eggs also covered his windows, and he decided he needed something to diverge the peoples' attention away from the fact that even though the war was only one day long, it had somehow caused the snack supplies to drop to intolerable levels. He created a new organisation to deal with this. A year passed before any useful work happened, because of a large strike concerning the lack of a cool name for the agency. The strike ended after a large sum of money was paid to the organisation, but they grudgingly accepted that they would never find a cool name for their agency. Thus, the Space Organisation Without A Cool Acronym was born. Mod List Many of these mods are not used actively, this is just the ones I have installed. Mission List Mission 1 - Ariel 1 Mission 2 - Ariel 2
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