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Found 4 results

  1. Photo by @Talverd SPOCK - Shuttle Pathfinder Orbiter Construction Kit [WIP] Stockalike Nuclear Shuttle Pathfinder From For All Mankind Shuttle Pathfinder Orbiter Construction Kit is a mod recreating the Pathfinder, a second generation nuclear shuttle series came from the TV show For All Mankind Season 2 by @benjee10's SOCK art style. Promo video by Matthew Cable Key features: Highly detailed textures Switchable Shuttle names, texture, designations & decals Almost in the same way to construct the vehicle as SOCK Can equip utility design for SOCK's cargo bay Redesign and add some parts to make it playable The drag chute can switch to SOCK type Still WIP: The C-5 air-launch carrier(will make it to a mod) Balance Main engine model (temporary borrow from @Nertea 's ReStock Vector engine) IVA model (temporary borrow from SOCK) Engines effect A lot Dependencies(all in the download file): B9PartSwitch Waterfall Benjee10 Shared Assets (for AJ-10 engine) Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit (temporary) Licensing: Under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Download: GitHub
  2. Everytime I try to roll a Space Shuttle in liftoff, it just yaws and pitches out of control making me to do a crew bailout. Yes, the SSME have no roll gimbal Yes, the elevons are configured correctly. And, this is bad, because when I use launchpads like the Alpha Mensae Modular Launchpads, I need to flip it over and makes no sense, even the stock Dynawing is pointed heads-down to not roll. How can I make this happen?
  3. Yes this is urgent as my custom Space Shuttle is in the reentry process while the game is paused, so I built it with a different design as the common one, I got a mastodon engine at the back with 4 thud engines with 2 jet engines at the sides, and with a wing that goes all the way from cockpit to the Mk3 to 3.75m adapter, without front canard, and the problem is when I do the 40 angle pitch up the vehicle slows down but it keeps going up, tho no thrust is being applied, what should I do now in-reenrry?? Remember, it's urgent.
  4. So, I’ve been playing KSP with RSS + RO + most recommended mods some time now, and I thought to give it a try to build and fly a space shuttle. I used MK3 parts, rescaled Big S Delta wings with the Elevons for control, RS-25D Engines, AJ10-190 for the OMS, ET and SRBs from RSB. It has enough dV and TWR, and i managed to get in orbit but... I had no control over it when that happened (every time), and I couldn't see it... Actually, after it gets a couple hundred dV after launch, it starts loosing focus on the screen, that is, the vehicle slowly goes away, and I need to zoom out to be able to see it (in every camera mode), and after a while, the craft is so far away from the center of the screen that it looks smaller than a coin on my screen. Finally, the moment it gets in orbit it starts spinning like crazy. The weird part is that it does a "spiral" around its orbit line, like a spring stretched around earth. It spins away from my screen, in orbit, and there is no way to stop spinning or focus to it... RCS did nothing, I added a reaction wheels just to check, nothing. I EVAed my pilot and the moment she was out the craft it disappeared into the dark (or blue when I was facing to earth). I removed the wings, the elevons, the tail, removed the gimbal of SRBs, nothing again. I even tried going straight up... Everything else flies great. I have a relay of three geostationary communication satellites, I 've launched Apollo missions to the moon, I flew a custom Ariane, I've built my LV and testing it and it flies pretty good, so I cannot imagine the game is broken somehow. What could possibly do this behavior? Forgive me if I am in the wrong section here Since this is my first post, I would like to thank the Developers of the game, and all Modders out there, for making and contributing to such a great game, that actually makes you think and read and learn and have great fun!!
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