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Found 4 results

  1. I have decided to revamp a current save. It crashes every 30 minutes consistently and the frame-rate with a craft below 300 parts is like 20. My computer might be bad, but I still take that unacceptable. I am using 1.3.1 as my version, and I have heard reports that 1.2 was one of the most stable versions of the game. I'm willing to downgrade a bit for the sake of a good frame-rate. Just a few specifics: 1. I am using KSP 86x so I would think it has good processing. 2. I do have something like 50 or 60 mods installed presently. 3. I have a Lenovo with 6 Gs of Ram and a Core 13. Don't know exactly what the later means, but I put it up because it is something I know about my computer. Happy Explosions.
  2. Hi I was just wondering if I'm using the inflatable heat shield correctly, I'm trying to descend to the surface of eve but as soon as the heat starts to build up my craft starts to flip end over end. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or advice on keeping my craft straight?
  3. http://prntscr.com/ibgmal I think it has something to do with the wings on ground principle but I am not sure... As the speed of the plane goes up, the pitch goes up, as the speed goes down it pitches back down gaining more speed. http://prntscr.com/ibh4gl <-- that is a building guide you can try in real life, you just need a really thin wooden plank that is 10cm thick and a long stick and some tape http://prntscr.com/ibh5m9 here is how it would look, I made this at a university (TU delft), it has a little hook at the front to launch it using an elastic taped to the ground. sadly I didn't bother to film it, and I don't have it anymore. here is a video of it in ksp It flies without gimbal, control surfaces or SAS
  4. what are some tips on keeping a space plane stable and easy to maneuver?
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