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  1. "Our Mission Is To Put Jeb... Far Away." - HELIX JebFarAway v0.3.2 / "Orbit" Note: JFA Is Still In Early Alpha! Expect EVERYTHING To Change, So Don't Judge The Bugs Too Harshly. DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK JFA is a planet pack that aims to add some stars around the Kerbol system as a way of making it feel like Kerbol is in a stellar neighborhood. Contains All Of Your Daily Vitamin Jeff. CONFLICTS Any Mods That Replace Moho REQUIRES Kopernicus Koperniucs EX Singularity All Their Dependencies CREDITS Thanks To @GalileoFor the mod Flare Replacer. License: MIT
  2. Hello all, and welcome to the release thread for Low Quality Planet Packs! Low Quality Planet Packs are small planet packs made for low-end computers, or for people who do not care about fancy graphics. The only dependencies these mods will ever have is Kopernicus (And all of its dependencies) and ModuleManager. Some will be interstellar, and some will add to the stock system. These mods contain: -Low quality textures (2048x1024 or less) -Small, compact systems -No sciDefs, ground scatters, etc. I decided to make these after playing many planet mods, with many being so well made that they'd lag my game even on the lowest graphics settings. RELEASES: LQPP: Truyot LQPP: Oasis LQPP: Wilmo LQPP: Johanna LQPP: Cronos Please send bug reports through the discord server, if they're sent here then I probably wont be see them for a bit. You'll also be able to see upcoming content, screenshots, and other things through there.
  3. Yes, you heard that right! A story mode! Unlike previous planet mods, this doesn't limit itself to background lore that you might find in science descriptions, this is a full blown story with new gameplay mechanics to back it up. DOWNLOAD & source (Github) (Current version 1.0.2, Requires Kopernicus) Also on CKAN! Check the Webpage for a map of the planetary system! If you like this mod, you can also donate (Totally not a surprise in that link)! THE PLANETS All the new planets orbit the star of Cercani, an orange dwarf at the not-very far distance of 3.2 Tm away from Kerbin. It has 5 planets orbiting it, ranging from the deadly heat of Troni to the icy landscapes of Secunda But how do the planets loo... The whole Cercani system, with all the 5/6 planets and 8/9 moons In this mod, you will be able to explore all these bodies at your heart's content, but not only that, they hold a secret... Want to know more about the planets? Check this animated system map! THE STORY MODE The thing that makes this mod so special is the fact it has a full blown story mode! What's the story about? The only thing I will tell you is to look at the trailer. The rest, you will have to discover it yourself, we don't want any spoilers floating around after all. It does have ingame music though... The important thing you have to know is to look carefuly at the map view of the planets, one might have a marker to the start of it all... CONTRIBUTORS Though I've done most of the content for this mod, I've used help from some friends! - @Beale: Texturing help with a very specific model (spoilers?) - @DibzNr: Science Experiment Descriptions OTHER DETAILS VISUAL MODS These planets have comptability for Scatterer, EVE (Non Volumetric) & Parallax (Terrain Only). If you have them installed, you will be able to see the planets in far more beauty than before. TODO LIST - Parallax Scatterers comptability - Finish all science experiment descriptions BUNDLED MODS This mod bundles another 2 mods, those being VertexMitchellNetravaliHeightMap and CTTP CHANGELOG Other Worlds has been a mod that's been in development for many years now. This changelog has every single change that has happened to its reboot version, that started in 2017. KNOWN BUGS - Sometimes, walking kerbals might clip into the ground and die. This could be either the custom PQS mod being used or a bug relating to Kopernicus itself. Quicksaving is recommended - Main menu buttons are offsetted from the text. Unknown if this is due to the planet configuration files or Kopernicus, once again. - ScanSAT can be used to skip parts of the story. If you use this mode, please, disable anomaly detection. LICENSE This mod is licensed under two licenses, one specific for each part of the mod: - The C# code of the mod is licensed under MIT - Dialogue and everything else (This includes textures, models, music, etc.) falls under ARR
  4. Light Intensity Curve Calculator So I made this calculator for people to use, because sometimes making light intensity curves for a star can be quite annoying Also I want to thank WarriorSabe on discord for helping me with the right values and formulas Nevertheless here's a download \/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/12SLjtGyvh_7D392X49JOwxh_ztegydNy/view?usp=sharing To fill in your values please make sure to download or copy it to your own drive Please follow the license guidelines -Don't share a by-yourself-edited-version, please contact me for permission more info is found here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ Hope it helps!
  5. Welcome to my second mod thread. If you haven't already noticed, I've pretty much halted development for RealExpansion due to low community interest and me wanting to persue Far Lands. Far Lands adds more star systems into the game in a similar style to KSS, with multiple filler stars for gravity assists and to look nice. Far Lands is defined as a mega project as I plan to add a large amount of systems working in between other mods. The goals are very much long term, and updates will be infrequent. Discord - Please join us, we need more people Wiki Download: Github: https://github.com/AR3S-Vega/FarLands Current Development Status: Queued Contact me if you find any bugs/copyright violations No pics no clicks: Special Thanks to: @StarCrusher96 for help with textures and kopernicus @GurrenLagannCWP for concepts and generally being a sound guy @Noah the Smol for ideas and concepts Release Schedule (rough estimates): This mod is licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/. If there are any legal concerns message me preferibly on discord. I'm not the best with licensing.
  6. Rusty Star Rockets (RSR) This part addon contains over one hundred parts made of rusty metal. By zer0Kerbal, originally by @GagaX adopted with express permission and brought to you by KerbSimpleCo Preamble by @GagaX See More See our Parts Catalog for part pictures For more images, see our Marketing Slicks Discussions and news on this mod: See Discussions or KSP Forums Changelog Summary for more details of changes: See ChangeLog Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues GitHub Pages : See Pages ![Hero Image][IMG:hero:0] YouTube review by Kottabos Gaming Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions 1 Use CurseForge/OverWolf App (currently does not install dependencies) or Dependencies Kerbal Space Program 2 Rusty Star Shipyards agent, flags, common files Recomends Other Rusty Star Rockets (RSR) mods: Rusty Star Rockets Pirates of the Keribbean Rusty Textures for Procedural Parts ZPE Propulsion System Rusty Panels by Sooner266 Suggests On Demand Fuel Cells {ODFC)} Docking Port Descriptions(DPD) Biomatic Oh Scrap!: ScrapYard: TweakScale Supports Either 3 Module Manager Module Manager /L On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC) Firespitter resource swapping texture switching) for fully functioning wheels. may invoke bouts of dizziness. GPO (Goo Pumps & Oils') Speed Pump (GPO) Community Resource Pack [USI-core][USI-core] [Community Category Kit (CCK)][CCK] Tags parts, config red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks @GagaX for creating this glorious parts addon! @linuxgurugamer for handing this off to me! see Attribution.md for more comprehensive list Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance) DONATIONS: How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal and it is true. Connect with me Track progress: issues here and projects here along with The Short List Footnotes this isn't a mod. ;P ↩ may work on other versions (YMMV) ↩ Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date! ↩
  7. So basically I decided to compile all the star system ideas I've made over the years (mostly from 2018-2020), most of which was for KSP, in a single google doc that everyone can see. Anyone is welcome to use them for their planet packs if they want ideas. It already has nearly 50 pages and I'm still working on it lmao, that's just how many I've made. Trolligi’s (and others') unused star system ideas - Google Docs
  8. A whole new universe to explore! Welcome to the Kerbal Universe! This mod will (eventually) add a whole new universe (including galaxies and nebulas) to KSP. Contains the Gravitas, Iris-Zephyrus, and Juno systems. Download (Github): https://github.com/RMSpace/KerbalUniverse/releases Credits: @blackrack for Singularity License: CC-BY (you can contribute to this mod!)
  9. Akin to SpaceEngine, KSP2 procedurally generating star systems? (If the comment made on KSP Episode 5: Interstellar Travel is true, this seems the most physically plausible) Thoughts?
  10. This system is a work in progress. When I first began this star system, it began with an idea to make it Mayan. And as you can tell from the date of the original OP and to now, that's what the system's names for the star and planets consisted of. But along the way to now, I felt that it would be better to repackage it and give everything names that sound a bit more Kerbal. This project began as an attempt to teach myself how to create a planet pack. But I also wanted to do something neat with it to make it different. One of the television shows of the late 1970s and early 1980s that led to my fascination with astronomy was the show Cosmos with Dr. Carl Sagan. One particular episode was about the life cycles of stars - and how as a star dies, one of two things could happen - the star could go supernova OR the star could expand, shed its photosphere, then collapse back on its core and form a white dwarf. This project picks up the stellar saga after the ejection of the photosphere. Hioffpo was believed once to be a yellow star, much like Kerbol. As it aged, it became a red super giant, consuming the inner four rocky worlds. Its photosphere collapsed and parts of it was ejected into space in an orbit around the newly emerging blue-white dwarf (an intermediate stage before becoming a white dwarf). Some of the ejected solar matter coalesced into a tidally locked small rocky world (the above image). Remaining matter didn't form a planet but is rumored to have formed a series of rings intermingled with a few moderately sized asteroids. Current mod development progress and release notes 0.1 27/08/2017 Initial release. Nohochacyum only 0.1.1 03/09/2017 Added various light curves. 0.1.2 01/06/2022 Revived and initial re-release of the mod with assistance of @AtomicTech. Star and planet names changed to be more "Kerbal" sounding. New planets added. To Install: Copy the entire folder (adsii1970/Hioffpo) into your GameData folder. Do not remove any folder contents or rename the folders. Working download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9bz92533tm0xt06/AADd29GxVQckJae8G5bbQtCOa?dl=0 Required mods: Kopernicus Recommended mods: Outer Planets Mod Distant Object Enhancement Compatible with other planetary packs I use: ExtraSolar (Valentine System) by @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures Known issues with this mod pack (by version of KSP): Note: This planet pack is a work in progress. Use with caution. Plans for this mod pack: Thanks to co-contributors to this mod: @AtomicTech Special thanks to the following forum members for their advice and encouragement: @SamBelanger - providing tutorial videos that helped me get this mod started. @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures - allowing me to dissect his ExtraSolar mod and understanding what works under the hood, so to speak. @JadeOfMaar - Providing ongoing answers to my never-ending questions about modding in KSP. @JustJim - being a good friend, allowing me to bounce frustrations, ideas, and everything else towards him. @OhioBob - being paitent with me and actually redoing my messed up calculations dealing with my light curve issues.
  11. I am continuing the mod, again. Most of the team quit and started a new mod. I'm not bashing anyone, okay? Below is the DD post, will be updated quite a bit. I miss @SamBelanger Logo! (Made by a very good and helpful friend!) A very nice header made from a very nice friend. Hello KSP players, here is an interesting mod that adds several star systems, some of which are binary pairs. You may find it unrealistic, but what isn't so in KSP? Pictures : DoubleDouble Album Landing! Hum nice picture! Frono surface Hum very nice picture!! New adventure? SUN GLASS PLZ!! Videos : Created by @Kottabos Project(s) : Projects of DoubleDouble Legends : Projects of DoubleDouble (Not Completed) = Not yet started (Pre-Progressing) = I am not often on his (Progressing) = I am currently doing (Pre-Completed) = It's almost finished (Completed) = it's done! (Abandoned) = I have abandon (Error) = I am not able to solve it! Star(s) Systems : DoubleDouble Album Crisi System Nusse System Sytre System Fine System Trica System Kraken System Serry System Karm System Downloads : Github Spacedock Curse Dropbox Mega OneDrive GoogleDrive Source : Github Wiki : Github (In development) Depends mods : Kopernicus by @Thomas P., This mod is the core to manage stars, planets and moons. ModularFlightIntegrator by @sarbian, This mod allows multiples mods to override or insert code into various call of the stock FlightIntegrator. ModuleManager by @sarbian, This mod that allows you to write a patch file that modifies another part at the time of loading. Recommends mods : BetterTimeWarpContinued by @linuxgurugamer, This mod allows you to have a better time warp. AlcubierreWarpDrive by @RoverDude, This mod adds a real Warp Drive! KSP-AVCTimeControl by @cybutek, This mod allows you to have updates without going on the internet browser. TimeControl by @westamastaflash, This mod allows you to have a better time warp. Suggestions mods : OptionalAtmospheresRevamped by @DeltaDizzy (@SamBelanger), This mod adds atmospheres to planets and moons which don't have any! (Continue of OptionalAtmospheres!) OuterSpace by @GenesisPlayz, @ModerndayLink and @SamBelanger, This mod adds planets and moons away from Eeloo. MoonReorganizer by @Mrcarrot, This mod moves the orbits planets/moons! Compatibles (API) mods : SigmaBinary by @Sigma88, This mod will let you turn custom and/or stock bodies into binary systems. Changelogs : ... Future Release v1.3 : No information Future Beta-release v1.2.1 : No information Future Pre-release v1.2 : The third version This version adds, a new solar system, new textures, new planets/moons, apis, parts, KSPedia, Bugfix and mores! This was the time when Sam unexpectedly left, when not much development has been done. Pre-release v1.1 : The second version This version adds, a new solar system, new textures, new planets/moons, api (SigmaBinary) and much mores! Pre-release v1.0 : The first version Legends : (Pre-release) = A pre-made version (Beta-release) = An almost finished version (Release) = A version of the mod that is complete (Future Pre-release) = A pre-made version but which has not yet been released! (Future Beta-release) = An almost finished version but which has not yet been released! Sam (Future Release) = A version of the mod that is complete but which has not yet been released! Special thanks : @Kottabos Because you made a video on my mod! @Samio Because for the planet Lavao! (permission to use it!) @linuxgurugamer Because for advices and encouragements! @Badie@SQUAD Because they made a StarMods! @Sigma88 Because you help me for SigmaBinary! @cybutek Because you have allowed to put MiniAVC! @GenesisPlayz Because you helped me a lot! @Grand Ship Builder Because you helped me a lot! @NickRoss120 Because you helped me a lot! @UranianBlue Because you helped me a lot! @flekota Because you helped me a lot! Teams : @SamBelanger Original Owner @Grand Ship Builder Owner @GenesisPlayz Co-Owner @flekota Contributor @UranianBlue Contributor @Scaprod Contributor Legends : (Contributor) = A person who helps us (Co-Owner) = Second-Founder (Owner) = Founder Chats : My server! DoubleDouble Continued Donate : (Can Sam have a coffee?) Others : Official Web Site StarMods! LICENSE : README : Download the latest version of Kopernicus which can be found here Put the mods files in the GameData folder Start the game (KSP) Have fun And if you have a suggestion or find bugs or errors, contact us ([email protected] or make a private message in the forum of KSP or otherwise) Thank you very much!
  12. edited cutout licensed under Non-Commercial use, no attribution required. in co-operation with @TheSpacePotato ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there! Galaxies Unbound: Nova Kirbani is all about our closest stellar neighbour, Alpha Centauri. Although we don't know much about the system, a system was made based on various scientific and less scientific ideas. (no worries, Proxima b is also there) For questions or troubleshooting you'll find me and the others involved on this server: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD -> see new page ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Galaxies Unbound This 'collection' will exist out of several individual mods (systems). All systems will be based on real life star systems and will contain existing discovered planets. I tried to make convincing scientific accurate-ish worlds for you to discover. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART 1: Currently 1 system is finished and released. UPCOMING: Adds several starsystems with their own unique planets. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog https://github.com/StarCrusher96/Galaxies-Unbound/releases/tag/1.2.3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thx to @TheSpacePotato, @Thomas P., @JadeOfMaar, @GregroxMun, @AR3S_TGL, @Adstri, .... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
  13. Welcome to the Gene's Star Remaster Mod. This is an attempt to remaster the Barnard's Star analog mod for later versions, and to give to compatability settings to effectively work alongside other star system mods such as Galaxies Unbound. The pack is focused around a single star system. There are 27 bodies included in the final package. All of the planets are getting new textures alongside EVE and Scatterer Support. A few of the bodies in the mod are being remade to better support realism and make the mod more interesting and the system more appealing. Discord Download: SpaceDock Curseforge Github Requirements: Kopernicus KerbolKurves (if another star system mod is not installed, included in DL) EVE (if clouds are wanted) Scatterer (if enhanced atmospheric graphics and sunflares are wanted) Current Status: Released, update 1.1 queued Special Thanks to: @NickRoss120 for originally developing the mod, and letting me continue development @Mythical Donuts for helping with PQS and VertexHeightOblate License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported First
  14. So, I've recently decided that since the old Antares Solar System really, really, reeeally sucks, and I've gained some experience in modding and want to revisit the mod, it'd be a pretty good idea to completely remake it from the ground up rather than reviving it. It's really just that bad. (Plus the acronym Antares Solar System spells out is ASS, so...) Now, I hear you asking: "Well, what's this mod going to be like?" What A:R is going to be is an accurate representation of what red giants and their surrounding, aged solar systems could be like. This means that not only will everything be really hot and really bright, but there will be planets veeery close to the surface of the star (Those close-in planets aren't destroyed because red giants are really super mega hyper uber omega undense. Like, we're talking way less dense than literally the Earth's atmosphere, especially near the outer edge of the star). This also means that Antares will finally have a realistic-looking color! That also means there will be no habitable planets or moons in this solar system. Also, Antares in this mod won't be representing the actual star in this mod, unlike last time (This mod's Antares is only a little more massive than the stock Sun, ~1 scaled AU in radius, no companion star(s) unless they're wanted, etc). So it'll be a pretty difficult-to-survive destination for the most part. Also, Antares is far away. Like, reeeally far away far away. Like, literally 0.0214 IRL light-years away from the stock system far away, so I'd definitely recommend that you use some kind of part mod(s) to get there. I also hear you asking: "Well, how does this improve on the old ASS in any way?" Well, for one, the textures aren't made in literally MS Paint and/or ripped from Google Images this time around. And for two, I'll actually be asking around a little for help with this thing instead of going alone and making a pile of crap. And three, I've learned how to make normal maps that actually work right with KSP so that the starlight hits the planet/moon right. There will also be more things to explore in Antares: Remade, with the current planet total being 5 and an escaped moon (so like, 5 1/2 planets, I guess). That means there's more of a reason to actually visit this solar system! I've also rescaled the stock system--all planets, as well as the stock Sun (aside from Kerbin, Eve, and Laythe because I don't know how to change the ocean height right now ) are 1/10 size and 1/100 mass, and the planetary (and moonary(?)) distances are all 1/10 scale too, rather than 1/11. I can also also hear you asking: "Well, how far along are you in making this? When's the release date?" Currently I have the two outer gas giant planets, Akete and Anterrie, in a somewhat finished state. I'm currently working on the many moons of these two planets before moving on to the three inner, rocky planets and their moons. Currently in a bit of a roadblock with one of Anterrie's moons, but hopefully I'll figure it out without needing help. I've found a workaround for the pictures. Pictures are of Antares and Akete, a gas giant significantly smaller and less massive than Jool: (Note: the weird lighting on Akete is because of the stock Sun lighting it up. I've fixed that now, planning on taking some more pictures soon) I don't have a specific release date in mind, but hopefully I can put out a first version sometime before KSP2 drops. Finally, I can hear you asking: "How can you hear all these things I'm asking? Are you in my house or something?"
  15. Hello, and this is my new upcoming mod of Way Too Big Solar System It will add god-knows-how-many planets, moons, and other objects just to crowd the solar system up. There will be at least 3 objects between the stock objects already here. That would become a total of 25+ new planets and 10+ new dwarf and minor objects. Currently, the system list is: (with red for too hot, orange for warm, green for habitable, cyan for chilly, blue for cold, and violet for frozen), with an * for a star(with the text color as a star's color), ' for a terrestrial, " for a gas planet, . for a dwarf planet and - for an asteroid/comet. New objects are bolded, moons without names are the planet's first two letters plus a number. Kerbol* Krannus"- Brown and Tan Gas giant w/moons Kr1 Kr2 Kr3 Kr4 Kr5 Moho'(New moon, Branstin) Branstin- Small chunk of rock captured in a short elliptical orbit Stillmar'- Chunky megamoho with cracks in surface St1 St2 Marstel'- Reddish-grey minikerbin with dried up seas and lakes Ma1 Ma2 Milkedred"- Pink, tan and yellow gas giant with small moons Mi1 Mi2 Mi3 Mi4 Mi5 Mi6 Dremild'- Blue/White Rock Dr1 Dr2 Kran"- Almost Rainbow gas giant Rethde- Red moon with maroon craters Orne- Orange moon with scarlet craters Yenlew- Yellow moon with brownish cracks Grinne- Green moon covered in trees w/ atmo Bloue- Blue ocean moon w/ thick atmo Ivrie- Teal-ish ice moon with plains of grey Vilet- Purple moon with seas of Explodium like Eve, grey land Serble"- Pinkish purple gas giant with thin rings Ce1 Ce2 Ce3 Ce4 Ce5 Ce6 Golnde'- Golden and greenish rock Go1 Go2 Go3 Kilford'- tan and grey cratered rock Ki1 Ki2 Namis'- Orange and grey rocky world Na1 Na2 Eve'(New moons, Ellstin and Limdres as well as thin rings) Ellstin- Grey and red moon covered in cracks Limdres- Elliptical asteroid moon, greenish blue Dramil'- Red and white rock moved out from inner system Dr1 Dr2 Dr3 Stiplik"/'- Habitable gentle giant with thin rings St1 St2 St3 St4 St5 St6 Kelbren'- A mostly rocky world with pools of water, habitable Ke1 Ke2 Ke3 Ke4 Stellsen"/'- Superhabitable gentle giant with SUPER RINGS St1 St2 St3 St4 St5 St6 St7 Krisser'- small kerbinlike with equatorial and polar continents, small rings Kr1 Kr2 Kr3 Kr4 Kerbin'(Buttload of new moons, thin far out rings) Lisden- small green munlike Kildess- Mini-Kerbin with atmo and ocean, mostly islands Liken- Tylo-like, red Clichen- cratered blue minmus-like Ilson- large moho-like brown and red world Leidon- Mini-kerbin with atmo and small seas Neidess- Green/grey cratered Eve-like with thin atmo Kreet'- Red and purple world with grey craters Kr1 Kr2 Minmar'- Mint and red colors, resource rich dwarf planet Mi1 Mi2 Stilmar'- a small, greyish terra like kerbin with red water and small islands Sti1 Sti2 Sti3 Sti4 Marstier"- a red/brown/black gas w/ thin rings Ma1 Ma2 Ma3 Ma4 Ma5 Ma6 Ma7 Ma8 Ma8I Ma9 Gilsten"- a red and grey border-brown-dwarf Gi1 Gi2 Gi3 Gi4 Gi5 Gi6 Gi7 Milfress'- green and brown rock with purple craters Mi1 Mi2 Mi3 Minsauna'- green land grey ocean planet with thin rings Mi1 Mi2 Mi3 Colaina"- Large Superjool with small bands of grey on top of large green-brown bands, thin rings Co1 Co2 Co3 Co4 Co5 Co6 Co7 Co8 Co9 Co10 Hayleiy"- Large pink and blue gas giant with immense rings Slasse- Large green and red cratered object with very thin rings of its own Minnah- Pink chunk of rock with many craters and cracks Jaq’- A Duna-sized rock pastel green and purple in color with thin rings Ja1 Ja2 Ja3 Micahe"- Small blue and purple gas giant with thin rings Mi1 Mi2 Mi3 Minstess’- Pink and red terra with grey oceans Mi1 Mi2 Mi3 Loknis'- Yellow and green object covered in flats Lo1 Lo2 Lo3 Drimdel’- Red and orange rock with a thick atmosphere toxic to Kerbals Dr1 Dr2 Dr3 Duna'(New moon, Trike), Thin new rings Ike- unchanged Trike- 1/3 Ike size, light grey with heavy cratering Drellsden'- Chilly Kerbinlike covered in mostly grassy plains, thick atmo makes up for distance, medium rings Dr1 Dr2 Dr3 Dr4 Filsin"- Salmon and green colored gas giant with thick atmo Fi1 Fi2 Fi3 Fi4 Fi5 Minmunst'- Mint and grey Kerbin-size Minmoon- Mun but minty, Minmus sized Moonmin- Minmus but grey, Mun sized Gillike'- Spherical Gilly-colored dwarf planet Ike size Illy- Lumpy Ike-colored object Gilly size Laylbol'- Large Kerbinlike with thin atmosphere and crater calderas, tall plateaus Laythell- Large object between Laythe and Vall size, oceans in Vall-like 'craters', thick-ish atmo Tylall- Large grey-cyan object Tylo-Vall in size, with grey-blue calderas Bylo- Halfway between Bop and Tylo in size, greyish with deep brown craters Pop- Half between Pol and Bop, tan and brown smeared on surface Polythe- Pol-Laythe sized, tan sandy land with brown murky oceans, thin atmosphere Dres'(New moons of Strylmore and Milsoore) Strylmore- Dres-colored object with white craters and cracks Milsoore- Bop-sized object, covered in red splotches with mostly grey land ---REST DESC WIP FOR NOW--- Kinford' Fornma' Ilken' Dreindres" Kelmdres" Limthe" Kaythe' Jool"(Many new moons and rings) Skayne' Steilu' Ereox' Eilon' Keeloo" Strenloo" Eeloo'(5 new moons of Kirrem, Rex, Lydron, Kilstre and Yilmere) Kemloo' Eirlieu' Kemstrillus*(13 planets, blue dwarf) Jarvus*(16 planets, yellow G type) Remsie*(22 planets, red dwarf) I'm gonna need suggestions, ideas and probably some help. Screenshots will come when they come. Thanks! -Noah the Smol
  16. Zyansias, a Galactic Cluster mod As it sounds, this mod replaces the stock solar system with a new system, named Fadophis. However, Fadophis isn't the entirety of the scope for this mod; it also includes a region of nearby stars in the galaxy (Nirad). https://imgur.com/a/O1F2M - Current star systems: Zyansias (and its nearby stars: Darat, Zintem, Antin, and Flettor, with its one planet, Pirthes). Zyansias is a massive black hole at the center of this star cluster. It provides us with numerous stars caught and made near this singularity. For now it is the centerpiece of this mod. Tontea, a yellow dwarf star with (currently) one planet, named Cocceen, a massive gas giant which may have been a brown dwarf in the past. It has three moons: Hensi, Teralto, and Ispalis. Nosar, an orange dwarf star with six planets (three gas giants, three terrestrial worlds). I may possibly add dwarf planets/asteroids in the future however. Xinony, a tiny red dwarf star with (one currently) three or four planets. For now, only Vinsys, a titan ice planet with an ice moon, both of which have cracks, water and atmospheres. Fadophis, a blue-white main sequence star with four planets (will increase to six to eight), which are Uonits, Heraut, Caparis, and Plens. Caparis is the home of our race. Andis/Irau, a massive blue main sequence star with a blue-white companion named Irau. In this system are three planets: Sen, Kahn, and Lynt, an exotic green-white gas giant with massive rings. Oirator, a white main sequence oblate star with a moderate size planet system. As of yet, no planets have been made for this system. - Mod compatibilities: Currently, this mod will work with DistantObjectEnhancement and scatterer. I have not yet made compatibilities with other mods as it is in early development. - Having trouble getting imgur album to embed... I want to bring this to the attention of @JadeOfMaar , @Galileo, @Sigma88, and @Gameslinx for now, being relevant creators that may wish to know of this mod anyway. One question I have I will place on strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/14504001 Finally, I planned to make this mod for users to suggest new systems. I only ask that it is kept within reason. Development Team: Tynton (Planet/Star designer, mod lead) JadeOfMaar (Lensflare designer)
  17. *Old Banner. Will be changed* Kerbal-kind has always been intrepid and willing to blaze trails. An incident stopped this behavior for a long, long while. However, with a little help, the Kerbals are ready to blaze a trail to the stars... This fan work is the first time I've ever written something that is not a short story. Feedback on my writing methods and other things are highly encouraged. Also, Starstuff will avoid spoilers for the upcoming KSS storyline. Do not fret. Thanks to the KSS Team and Supporters for inspiring me to do this. Check out the mod HERE! Prologue: This Post. Interlude 1: Clever Advertisements - HERE Interlude 2: Werhner Takes a Break - HERE Interlude 3: ABC, KGBFOAM - HERE Chapter 1: Spirits - Waiting on KSS 0.8 Chapter 2: Coming Soon... PROLOGUE
  18. Hi! First of all, i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but let's get to the topic. I'm trying to make a star system with Kopernicus, but i'm not sure how i'm supposed to make the other star not visible while in the kerbol system, or atleast not as brightly(?) as in the pictures.
  19. Hey, My custom-made star is still receiving light from the Sun, even after adding intensity curves to both stars. Here is the config for my star: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { Body { name = Immersi Template { name = Sun } Properties { description = test. geeASL = 0.8 radius = 411600000 } Orbit { referenceBody = Sun inclination = 0 eccentricity = 0 semiMajorAxis = 1164929338593 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0 argumentOfPeriapsis = 0 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 0 epoch = 0 color = 0,0,179,255 } ScaledVersion { Light { sunlightColor = RGBA(255, 255, 255, 255) IntensityCurve { key = 0 0.7 key = 100000 0.65 key = 200000 0.60 key = 400000 0.55 key = 800000 0.50 key = 1600000 0.45 key = 3200000 0.40 key = 6400000 0.35 key = 12800000 0.30 key = 25600000 0.25 key = 51200000 0.20 key = 102400000 0.15 key = 204800000 0.10 key = 350000000 0 } scaledSunlightColor = RGBA(255, 255, 255, 255) ScaledIntensityCurve { key = 0 0.7 key = 100000 0.65 key = 200000 0.60 key = 400000 0.55 key = 800000 0.50 key = 1600000 0.45 key = 3200000 0.40 key = 6400000 0.35 key = 12800000 0.30 key = 25600000 0.25 key = 51200000 0.20 key = 102400000 0.15 key = 204800000 0.10 key = 350000000 0 } IVASunColor = RGBA(255, 255, 255, 255) IVAIntensityCurve { key = 0 0.75 key = 100000 0.69 key = 200000 0.63 key = 400000 0.57 key = 800000 0.51 key = 1600000 0.45 key = 3200000 0.39 key = 6400000 0.33 key = 12800000 0.27 key = 25600000 0.21 key = 51200000 0.15 key = 102400000 0.09 key = 204800000 0.03 key = 350000000 0 } sunLensFlareColor = RGBA(150, 212, 247, 255) sunAU = 5231412200 } Material { emitColor0 = RGBA(203, 203, 228, 228) emitColor1 = RGBA(87, 143, 208, 255) sunspotColor = RGBA(41, 117, 203, 255) rimColor = RGBA(87, 143, 208, 255) rimPower = 0 rimBlend = 3 } Coronas { Corona { rotation = 3 speed = 9 updateInterval = 5 scaleLimitX = 5 scaleLimitY = 5 scaleSpeed = 0.8 Material { texture = Kopernicus/Config/System/Immersi/corona inverseFade = 2.553731 } } } } } } I hope you guys can help me with this. Thanksss
  20. Hello people, I would like to get some help on a star I'm creating. It clearly receives light from the stock the Sun/Kerbol. How can I fix this? Thank you very much for helping
  21. So, for the mod I am making, I am trying to make a 2 stars, but I have noticed that it uses a lot of textures compared to planets, does anyone know how to make each of those textures?
  22. A while ago I saw a video on YT of a recreation of the ISV Venture Star from James Cameron's Avatar. The spacecraft in the movie was part of a fleet of twelve vessels meant to carry people and cargo to Alpha Centauri. I love sci-fi. I really love sci-fi when they do their research and make something that is a lot closer to sci than fi. The ISV Venture Star falls into this category. It is quite the gorgeous ship and really quite practical and realistic (for a fictional interstellar starship) when it comes to parts, equipment, design, etc. The ship in the video was quite the amazing spacecraft and a very nice build, but I wanted to get as close to accurate as my rinky dink little computer can handle. So for the past few hours that's exactly what I did. Hope y'all enjoy! Here is a diagram and picture for reference: And here is mine (I tried to recreate the image, but then realized I had it rotated 90 degrees). Oh well.. It is approximately 925,000 tons fully fueled and about 1400 meters in length (slightly shorter than the diagram due to the fact that I did not include the shields and only the protective mirror). Astonishly I was able to make it with only 192 parts so my caveman computer can run it just fine (definitely could go twice that, but would be dealing with about 5-10 fps). I may even be able to make two valkyrie shuttles and attach them without it setting on fire! Thanks to whoever made the original video and craft as you are my partial inspiration for this! Let me know what y'all think! Cheers, Taylor EDIT: I will be spacing out the radiator slightly and extending the rear truss to more accurately match it. I'll eventually add the shields (I think) at which point I'll also angle the engines outward slightly to also more accurately match the spacecraft.
  23. I've decided to discontinue this mod. While I am perfectly capable of developing it, my PC specifically dislikes planet mods which of course means I am not able to test any new additions. If anybody would like to revive this mod then feel free to contact me. This is my second mod for KSP so again, do bear with me as I am still learning. A redo of this mod: The Original Kerbol Mysteries Presenting the re-imagined Kerbol Mysteries mod, the point of this mod is to add some interesting new stars, planets and moons. Let's dive in shall we? STARS PLANETS MOONS TO BE DONE Add a white dwarf star (i'm hosting a competition for the name!) Give Aquatica a Moon (i'll also host a competition for it's name, Aquatica-B is a placeholder!) DOWNLOAD Spacedock LICENSE: MIT REQUIREMENTS Kopernicus INSTALLATION Move "KerbolMysteries" folder from the .zip file to the GameData folder. KNOWN ISSUES Moving the camera underwater on Aquatica during the daytime seemingly puts you in a dark void with light only coming from Lobrek (is only a graphical glitch, don't worry) Re-entry also does not align with the atmosphere's height. In map view, double clicking on Lobrek from Kerbin (and potentially any body in the Kerbol system including Kerbol itself) may cause crashes. (This is so far an issue only I've experienced, tell me if you manage to reproduce the error). Lobrek's orbit line freaks out, this is only a graphical issue within Kopernicus so I cannot fix this. Lobrek's "aura" is too big, will be fixed by next update. Any advice, tips and people willing to help with the project are greatly appreciated.
  24. The system uses separate plugin to provide proper pulsar effects / accretion disk: Planned planetary system (uses Kopernicus) : Pegasys - a blue gas giant slowly evaporating due Osiris' radiation. Has 2 moons. Pegasys moons - WIP Ida - a tidally locked icy planet corroded by Osiris' radiation at one side. Orgol - a planet with deep red atmosphere and oceans of unknown black liquid. Krakus - a moon with very thin atmosphere and covered with large craters. Uira - a large green super-terra with mercury oceans and chlorine atmosphere. Has 3 moons. Uira moons - WIP. The download link will be provided when the plugin will be finished (for now its quite unstable). P.S. English is not my first language, sorry if I did any mistakes writing this post
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