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Found 2 results

  1. So... KSP lore. This has been discussed in the occasional forum now and then, so I figured we needed some kind of megathread to discuss our view on KSP lore. *If something like this already exists, please delete this thread. Who are the Kerbals, anyway? Why is Kerbin so barren? Why do they want to go to space so badly? And what do the Monoliths and Easter Eggs mean? And then maybe some less important lore, like: What do Kerbals eat? How do they survive in a tiny cramped capsule on long voyages? What is Jeb's personality? What about lore about your space program? Who runs it? How do they treat Kerbals? Why do they explore? I'll go first. If it's a long explanation, please put it in a spoiler tab like I am. What do you think?
  2. I think it would be very nice if SQUAD decided to implement some sort of story mode in the later versions. It maybe shouldn't be something compulsory, but rather maybe make the world have a main quest, that you can complete at your own pace (unless there is a special mission.) The story could look like this: First, you have to "compete" to gain dominance in space. This could work by having time limits in which you should reach your goal. (A little like the space race) Later on, you might have an anomaly or something and you should set up a base for research, or something like that. (Maybe have it so that the player cannot do this mission with low tech for various reasons) Than, there could be some doomsday scenario where you must save kerbalkind or something like that. Finally, here could be multiple endings to the story mode, depending on the player's milestones, tech and decisions. What are your thoughts?
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