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  1. **Kerbal Heads Not Included - If you really want them, then click here. Credits and CC-BY-4.0 License included in the zip. Some of the heads you will see in images below are part of @benjee10's Historical Kerbal Suits mod, which has nothing to do with this mod, and as such, are not included. WHAT ARE THESE?: A Really simple add-on to an add-on. (Addonception?) An ongoing WIP suit picker suit pack which will eventually feature several (really not sure about 'all' - there's a lot...) of the flags, agencies, and decal stuff you can find below. WHAT DO THEY DO?: Kerbalized Flags, Agencies and Decal Textures adds Many Kerbalized national flags for your Space Agency. Several Many Space Agencies with logos that offer you contracts in the contract window. Decals for your crafts and missions for use with drewcassidy's Conformal Decals - Links below. Kerbalized Suits will eventually allow you to further Kerbal the shizzz out of your space agency. Currently included: Kerbal States of America (Base, Slim, and Future): Pilot, Engineer, Scientist, and MKS professions Koviet Union (Base, Slim, and Future): Pilot, Engineer, Scientist, and MKS professions Russia, and China (Base, Slim, and Future): Pilot, Engineer, Scientist, and MKS professions for both ESA (Base, Slim, and Future): Canada, UK, Belgium, Romania, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Israel, Sweden, Finland, and E.U. for MKS suits. ALCE for South America (Base, Slim, and Future): Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia and Latin American Union (CELAK - the flag is based on UNASUR) for MKS suits An imaginary International Space Agency (Base, Slim, and Future): Aus, Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, North Korea, NZ, Malaysia, Iran, and United Kerbin for MKS suits. Two Vintage (Kerbal States/Koviet Union) suits Apart from the Vintage style suits, they are all colour coded for Kerbal Skills (based on Community Trait Icons colour scheme), including those used by MKS. The files are organized in such a way that if you don't use MKS, or don't want to use a particular set, it's as easy as deleting an obvious folder. Not a fan of a particular flag/agency/whatever? I'm not here to do politics, there are plenty of alternatives and use is not mandatory... Things to note: By default, the suits are only visible in EVA (see below for how to fix this) and are also not currently set up for use with Texture Replacer - As the suit mod is standalone, TR is not needed to use it. A TR version may or may not appear in the future. You will need to disable to Custom Kerbals option in the TR in-game menu in order for the suits to work correctly. As far as I am aware, TR reflections are unaffected, but the visor up/down feature (stock) doesn't seem to work with TR installed. Ask in TR forum about that, not here. Also, this suit pack isn't magic. Suit sets are only compatible with versions of KSP that include them. Obviously... Download Link below. More images at bottom of this post KERBALIZED SUITS DOWNLOAD: SPACEDOCK To install, simply extract everything in the zip directly to your '.../Kerbal Space Program/GameData' folder. You can safely delete/not install undesired suit sets (delete the appropriate subfolder) without affecting any of the others. Credit goes to @overkill13, @GregroxMun, @fast_de_la_speed, @Scart91, @Omega482, the Green Skull people for the inital conceptual inspiration of this whole affair, and very likely others for prior work which was modified and/or incorporated into this suit pack. If you want the suits to appear in IVA, Benjee10's Historical Kerbal Suits is required. If you don't care, it's not needed. Answers to a couple of FAQs: 1. Why aren't the suits appearing when my Kerbal is inside a vehicle/ship/etc? This is because the stock suit picker doesn't provide a way to change IVA suits. The mod linked directly above contains a plugin that allows this to be a thing. 2. Why does my Kerbal's suit texture look all mangled? This is a Texture Replacer issue and will only happen with Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Val. These steps to make this not a thing will need to be done for EVERY/EACH new/saved game: Load KSP - Start or Load a game - In the Space Centre view (the one where you see the buildings), open the Texture Replacer menu and uncheck 'Personalize Suits' - Go back to main menu and quit KSP - Open your .../Kerbal Space Program/saves/mysavegame/persistent.sfs (notepad++ or some such is great for this) - search for: 'hero = True' - Set it (and all other 'hero = True) to 'False' (the CaPiTaLiZaTiOn is important) - save the persistent.sfs - Restart KSP - Play. You could alternatively simply not use Texture Replacer, but then lots of other things might stop working. I use and love Texture Replacer and recommend it highly. FLAGS, AGENCIES, AND DECALS DOWNLOAD: SPACEDOCK [Latest] I try not to, but if I make any changes that affect an ongoing save game, use: ---> PREVIOUS VERSION SPACEDOCK LINK NOTE TO ANYONE UPDATING FROM A PREVIOUS VERSION - Much pruning has occurred. It is entirely possible that savegames started prior to 19 Apr 21, and any Sandbox savegames started prior to 03 Aug 21 might be affected by this pruning. Any savegame using Decalc'o'Mania will require downloading the previous version -install the lastest version, then download and extract the previous version but don't overwrite and it 'should' be fine. If you overwrite, then you won't get the new things. To install the flags, extract 'KerbalizedFlagpack' to your '.../Kerbal Space Program/GameData' folder. If you are only interested in Flags and agencies, then only copy this folder. For the decals, first extract 'KerbalizedDecals' to your '.../Kerbal Space Program/GameData' folder. Then download the required mod (and any dependencies) below: THE FLAGS (512x320) AND AGENCY LOGOS (256x160) WILL WORK WITH STOCK AS YOUR FLAG (KSC, Mun Landings, etc) - The flag/agency stuff that is visible with only this pack installed will also work with the stock decals TO USE ANYTHING ELSE (Fuselage and Higher Res Agency) IN THIS PACK AS A DECAL FOR YOUR ROCKET, THE FOLLOWING PLUGIN IS REQUIRED: drewcassidy's Conformal Decals on SPACEDOCK For Decals to have a separate category in the VAB/SPH, install one or both: Community Category Kit WIldBlueTools Be aware that installing both will give you (at least) two decal categories. Hurts the OCD a little, but on balance, much better than scrolling through a bajillion parts. I'm totally happy to take requests and suggestions, but if what you're asking for isn't within the scope of this particular pack, please ask in a private message. National/Regional flags: From time to time more are added. This image is just a sample. Agencies and Decals designed to work with drewcassidy's Conformal Decals: These also get some love from time to time. Mission Patches designed to work with drewcassidy's Conformal Decals: Moho 1-4 (Mercury), Kermini 1-3 (Gemini), Kerpollo 2-11 (Mun) The rest have been edited, changed, revamped etc, but the essence remains the same. Eventually I also want to have crewed mission and probe patches for all Stock and at least OPM bodies. Ideas for mission names are welcome. I also plan on adding things like STS and SpaceX mission patches. Some Suit Pics: KASA Slim and Future, Vintage CKCP and KASA Left to Right: France (Sci), Germany (Eng), Canada (Pilot), UK (Pilot), Italy (Eng), Spain (Sci) - Also included are: Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Romania, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and although neither are part of the real ESA, Ukraine and Israel because game. Others have been added since this image was posted. Other contributors: @madsailor : Private Agencies KerbeX, Koeing, Kheed Martin and Korbital (not shown in preview, but they are very nice.) @DJ Reonic: For shuttle tail decals, and the will to make more to go with them. @flart : Russian-ness advice Any bugs/glitches/oversights specific to MY stuff should be reported here first - such as blank white textures or missing localizations - and not in the Conformal Decals thread. These are entirely separate entities. To be safe, if there's an issue and you're using this stuff, ask here first, and if it's not an issue with this pack, I'll refer you. This way we can minimize nonsense. Kerbalized Flags, Decals and Decal Textures License: CC BY 4.0 Kerbalized Suits License: MIT Looking for REAL agencies? I don't do those. Try this:
  2. I'm a big fan of using the Suit Picker to select the look of my Kerbals and mods that provide suits in that format. I wanted to make some suits for the "uniforms" of agencies from some of my Contract Pack mods, because I like to tell at a glance from crew selction which kerbals are assigned to which agency functions. Current Original Suits: Trans Kerbin Airlines Flight Suit United Knations Navy Working Suit United Knations ("The Blue Helmets") I'm also a big fan of USI Kolonization suits but couldn't find a suit picker version, so I adapted those suit textures to work with the stock suit picker and included them here. If you have Benjee10's Historical Kerbal Suits installed then IVA suit definitions for the suits in this mod will be defined. If you do not use Benjee10's mod then the default IVA suit will be used instead. GitHub: https://github.com/caerfinon/Caerfinon-Suits SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3089/Caerfinon's Suits Available on CKAN Changelog
  3. Suit set now finished up, will probably add onto it in the future when I have time, files are currently jpgs but if somebody could convert to DDS then that would be a great help! Will update to png again when I have time. There's 3 tiers of suits, with a custom IVA and EVA and 3 diff variants for each, also includes a range of male/female head variations. Based on real space suits such as the Sokol Enjoy! Download link: (WORKING) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0jTBhRYrQ-8ajBNTllIME5NRXc/view?usp=sharing Curseforge download link: (NOT WORKING) http://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods/233646-scart91-texture-pack-wip And a couple pics to show off some detailing
  4. I am am making class-specific suits with the class icons on them, is there a way to change the glow texture. I have done everything to make a normal suit including the config and regular texture, but in is there a way to specify a csutom glow texture in the config. I have also extracted the default glow texture from the files.
  5. I am am making class-specific suits with the class icons on them, is there a way to change the glow texture. I have done everything to make a normal suit including the config and regular texture, but in is there a way to specify a csutom glow texture in the config. I have also extracted the default glow texture from the files.
  6. Hi all, i have some ideas for features in the new game First off, i'd like to talk about "Suit Upgrades." You can find them in the administration building in career and science mode, but in sandbox they are automatically unlocked for you. In career you have to use credits to purchase the upgrades. That makes us go to Grav Boots. Do you hate it when you make an interior for your ship, only for your kerbals to float? That's where gravboots come in. You can toggle them with a button press and they make you stick to the floor and walk around like if the ship was landed. Something else i'd like to note is interchangeable launchpad designs. I know the game wilI have launch towers, but i would like them to be colorable and customizeable to fit rocket sizes, something like modular launch pads does. Also a weird idea, but i want cosmetics inside of the pods. Like, say i could add maybe a teddy bear or something in the pod. In iva, it will be there, and the lower the gravity gets it might float. I would want that feature to liven up ivas. hope people like and agree with these ideas, maybe to the point they're implemented. And, speaking of suit upgrades, i'd also love the feature to be able to upgrade the jetpack, for it to consume less fuel, or go faster, or consume different types of fuels. I would also absolutely adore communication upgrades for suits, for longer range signal bouncing. Edit: i have more ideas. How about docking ports that your crew can go through, kinda like connected living spaces? Also, i would love adjustable or longer ladders.
  7. Discontinued, [snip] Humanstuff content of my creation is now a "AGPLv3" project Please report any use of any content licensed as such in other sources to me directly.
  8. Kerminator Suits What is this? This is my home page for my suit mods. All the suits will be located here for easy access. All mods are backwards compatible until 1.10 as 1.10 added the suit picker. Except for a breakage in the suit code these mods will always be compatible. Space X Suit A suit based off Space X's suit. Uses the future suit model so its only available for people using the Breaking Ground Expansion. Here's Jeb looking sharp in his new suit: Check out some pictures: Gallery Download: Spacedock Download: Github Recommended mods: Space X packs Tundra Exploration The Space X style recovery mod that I forgot the name of. Just drop the game data folder in your KSP directory and use the suit picker added in 1.10! License: MIT Other suits coming soon! Submit ideas and suggestions below!
  9. HumanStuff -Add-On Develpoment Thread MOST CURRENT UPDATE: We have a HumanStuff Wiki NOW ! MASSIVE changes to mods file structure. I did not realize how "involved" I would become in making sure I got the added realism "just right", in 1 day the mod had tripled (3x) in size from 900Mb to 2.7Gb. But I got a 6000x6000px (6K) Skybox thats "cubic correct to the plane of the solar elliptic" from @Galenmacil's work, very bright method, I think I can use this method to create a 8K and 16K RSS correct GalaxyTex (skybox) and 1K (1024x1024) EnvMaps (I already made the 512x512 EnvMaps & 4096x4096 GalaxyTex, also correct for RSS) I quot: PS: NOPE! Tested these "older" files, they are in someway not working out in my compression programs as "nice looking". Space Engine captures of smaller size (4K) are far nicer when compressed to DXT5 or BC7, even as DXT1. ^Can anyone assist with this ^ IS THIS STILL TRUE? About GaxaxyTex & EnvMaps? Same "root" image can be used on both?: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A (Slightly More) Realistic Spacesuits, Heads & Staff. For KSP v1.5+ NEEDS (as a "Dependency") TextureReplacer Intended & Suggested For The Realism Overhaul, RealSolarSystem, & RP-1 Realistic Progression One Mod Families, Will work with just TextureReplacer (^Current "Poorly Made Hack Job Title Image" For HumanStuff^) Forgive place holder post(s), trying to organize a lot, for me, my very 1st mod/github thing ever ________________________________________________ Plans, Progress & Issues: *Complete the Do it Yourself "Easy Head & Suit Builder" Layered Components Workshop (LCW, for short)* A set of helper PNG/DDS files to assist users in learning to make heads and faces, or all more custom options to users that may be unable to complete the process personally (aka they are limited to pre-made heads and suits) GENE KERMIN <- I am lost to why he works in 1 scene but not others....and "albino" why? Others dont have this issue unless they use gene's head (some SPH/VAB ground crew) Low Resolution (1/2 the current image sized listed), Standard Resolution (Current image sizes as listed), High Resolution (twice the current sizes listed) & "All Resolutions" (All in 1) packs JUST READ THIS: must Env folder (reflections) images be PNG ONLY to work? NOT DDS AT ALL?? ________________________________________________ Current Project I'm Working On For This Mod: @Aazard (thats me) has been starting at the start.... mostly making sure i'm not breaking the file structure or "blowing up" it working right. Also that I'm following "all the rules" to the letter (next to the really serious letter, I'm an easy going man), in regards to the EULA, TOS and licence terms of any inclusions I'm working on 1950's suits ALOT. Early USA/CCCP high altitude flight suits and Mercury IEVA suits are "mostly done" GENE KERMIN <- I am lost to why he works in 1 scene but not others....and "albino" why? Others dont have this issue unless they use gene's head (some SPH/VAB ground crew) Also I am breaking down all the dds files, "4096/4K files" looking for "8192/8K files", attempting to optimize them: Env: 256x256 bit depth 24, optimization pass 1= fail (I inverted in game view when making png into dds, noobism).. pass 2 = I "deepened blacks" BUT see no naked eye or file attributes (size) difference... so= done? Looking into 512x512 options... JUST READ THIS: must Env folder (reflections) images be PNG ONLY to work? NOT DDS AT ALL?? Trying @Galenmacil's RSS Correct Ultra High Resolution Unique Galaxy Background CubeMap @6000x6000 Heads: 1024x1024 bit depth 32, file name fixes = done, location for TR fixes = done, images "cleaned" = huge difference in "color" quality! make into compontents = WIP... Looking into 2048x2048 options Suits: 4096x4096 bit depth 32, pre ksp v1.5 suits cant be reworked only remade...so = done, make into compontents = WIP.. Looking into 8192x8192 options GalaxyTex: 4096x4096 bit depth 32, pass 2 = I "deepened blacks" BUT see no naked eye or file attributes (size) difference... so= done? Looking into 8192x8192 options ________________________________________________ Current Project Community Members Are Working On For This Mod: @Chubby_Hamster was reworking the SK-1 IEVA and A7L "Inner layer" IVA suits last I heard from him, he is much better than I am with this and his work is very high quality, IMHO. There is no "confirmation" of final submission currently, forgive if this announcement is in error ________________________________________________ Current Community Suggestions & Authour Requests: Please feel free to make suggestions for anything! I'm looking for higher resolution (native/original not "upscaled") png or dds images for all base "template building" and for the high resolution pack, and also to "downscale" to the lower resoloution packs (mostly to have everything the same & PREVENT quality loss to highest resolutions I desire: env 512x512, heads 2048x2048, skybox/suits 8192x8192, all with bit depth of 32 hopefully Cfg files... these are not new to me i've edited many and the mods I use often require (or used too) "fix by users"... but writing my own "with a goal" is NEW. anyone REALLY understand MM and TR cfgs in general that I could ask direct questions too (that has the willingness to explain/help me for like 15 minutes) Current Poll & Featured Art/Screenshots Of The Week: *This Weeks Deadline: 09/18/2020 at 09:01 PM EST (UTC -5) Last Poll Results: There was no "last poll", below is the 1st Latest Poll: What Famous Face From History Do You Prefer To be The 1ST Added to Pack in "Famous Faces"? (All 5 will be added plus more over time*) *With-in the limits of game, Texture Replacer and my skills (not in that order...) Next Poll Thoughts/Options: There are no "Next poll" ideas or suggestions, yet ________________________________________________ I will make reposts of info from main thread them spoil out original post, mostly to "clean up" & to save "page length" on main release thread. Preview of my mad art skills: Ummm how do I reverve 2nd post slot? lol
  10. I made these for myself but then I thought maybe someone will think they're neat and want them so yeah here they are, the first batch of custom suits I've thrown together for KSP 1.10. I reduced the texture resolution because 4096x4096 seemed excessively large, so they are a bit blurry if you zoom in really close. Also I make no claims about these being high-quality in any way to begin with. They're here if you want them: If you can make it out in the tiny icons, they are all dark gray with lighter gray accents and come in plain, Moho, Jool, and Duna themed versions. If I make any other variants I'll add them to this package. Here's a few screenshots: More images coming soon maybe. ZIP Download
  11. Kolonization Class Suits Redux A set of suit textures for TextureReplacer to distinguish each class in stock and USI's Modular Kolonization System. Does not require USI's MKS but highly recommended for the additional classes. Works in 1.5.x and 1.6.x. If you want something compatible with 1.4, have a look at the original USI Kolonization Class Suits. Special thanks go to the following modders: GergroxMun for his Multicolor Suit Pack which forms the basis for this suit set. Scart91 for his original class suit set and icons. fast de la speed for his original USI Kolonization Class Suits which includes the icons for the MKS classes. A few icons are switched, many colours changed and a couple of new/modified icons when compared to fast de la speed's suit set. The icons were also moved from the convenient centre location as I am unable to find a viable way to place them there with the new half-helmet texture wrap used in KSP 1.5. Dependencies: TextureReplacer Download on Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2035/[TextureReplacer] USI Kolonization Class Suits Redux License: CC BY-SA 4.0 Closer Suit Images: Now with veteran suits for each class. Based on GregroxMun's orange suits with coloured helmets, now with a veteran stripe, for easy identification from the back. Jeb assures us the stripe is not just orange duct tape.
  12. I think it would be really neat if a suit pack introduces suits of Mort, Linus, Werhner and other characters like the worker kerbs. Is there a mod that has these suits? And if no, could someone please make it happen?
  13. Kolonization Suits An extension to Scart91's Class Suits While playing KSP with USI's Kolonization installed, I noticed that the extra classes it adds were registered in TextureReplacer. Because I did not want every kerbal to go unidentified, I created an extension to Scart91's Class Suits mod that has customized suits for the 9 extra classes that Kolonization introduces (it also has a tourist suit). By using Scart91's suits as a base, a simple hue shift in Photoshop, and some custom icons, 9 beautiful suits were added to the Kerbal wardrobe. Take a look below. From left to right, Quartermaster, Medic, Farmer, Geologist, Biologist, Mechanic, Technician, Miner, Kolonist, Engineer, Scientist, and two pilots wearing the tourist suits (it's IVA only, though, because tourists aren't allowed to leave the ship), plus the new Scout suit (added in v1.1). Update 1.1 now includes custom icon for Portrait Stats! Download The download includes the new suits, as well as the originals from Scart91. Extract into Gamedata, and launch the game. YOU MUST HAVE USI KOLONIZATION AND TEXTURE REPLACER REPLACED INSTALLED. If not, this is a pretty way to waste 27mb. Then, at the space center scene, click the TextureReplacer button in the toolbar, and assign each suit to the respective class. Click "reset defaults" in the suits configuration window in game to see the changes after upgrading to the latest update, 1.1b Spacedock License Do what you like, but please give credit to Scart91 (for the original class suits) and I (for the added ones). If there are any issues don't hesitate to message me here on the forums.
  14. You don´t think in hierarchies? Everybody is equal? You are a worker or farmer? Join the wonderworld of the CCKP (Союз Социалистических KepônH Республик aka. SSKR - Sojus Sozialistitscheskich Kerbalitsch Respublik) with it´s glorious leader of the Great Kerbalian October Revolution, Wladimir Iljitsch Kerman. His likeness sheets the official blazon of Kerbin as an example for all brave comrades to reach out and bring glory and honor to our united world of Kerbin. What are we searching for? - Young, dynamic workers or farmers with about 40 years of work experience, to lead our (perhaps not even existing yet) space program. - Users of the stunning Texturereplacer only. What do we offer? - A beautiful IVA Suit for space crew members in bronze color (or ugly orange) and one for our future space tourists or trainees in green color. Of course there is no mean little piece of paper pinned at the back of the green IVA suit saying something like: "kick me!". These are just slanders by our imperialistic opponents...wherever they may live. - Four different kind of EVA Suits. Three of them are for space crew members only an awesome bright white dream of a suit with colored stripes on helmets and legs according to the function of each crew member (Red=Capitanski and Pilotskiev ; Black = Screwkov ; Blue = Scientistikov). And a green one for our greenhornskovs. - Chevrons on the IVA and EVA suits (Capitanski= 4 bar chevron ; Other Crew = 2 bar chevron ; Greenhornskov = 0 bar chevron...that one was hard to paint!)...don´t get it wrong, everybody is of course equal in our wonderful world. The bars just sign how equal someone is, the more bars, the more equal he is. - Outstanding CCKP and blazon of Kerbin sprayings on all helmets including the mantra of our greatest scientist Wladimir Iljitsch Kerman which says "in omnibus veritas" ...he´s so well-read... Written, of course, in our own non-imperialistc letters. - The proud of us all, our splashy flag (of the Great Kerbalitsch Oktober Revolution) and our blazon with Kerbins Mr. Universe Wladimir Iljitsch Kerman on it, for your Flags folder. flag of the Great Kerbalitsch October Revolution Blazon of Kerbin - Optional you can get our new hi-tech navball textures please note that you need xEvilReeperx ksp_navballtexturechanger for instructions read xEvilReeperx post on this page in topic : - And a job as a space center leader. Download: If you´re interested, please download the stuff as descripted above. Get suits and flags here (Mediafire Download) and unpack it into your ksp main folder. Don´t forget to ensure you have Texturereplacer installed. No KSP Gamefiles files will be overwritten. Get navball textures here (Mediafire download). Don´t forget to ensure you have xEvilReeperx ksp_navballtexturechanger installed. No KSP Gamefiles will be overwritten. Yours sincerely Korelev Kerman aka HUG
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