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Found 7 results

  1. Recently I was doing a KSP2 Dres mission and I encountered a bug where the save file size would exponentially increase in size, causing saving to freeze my game for several seconds. It turns out the culprit of the save file size ballooning is due items within a JSON array called "ObjectEvents" duplicating. This array can be found in any KSP2 save file. Within the save file, the ObjectEvents array is located within a JSON object titled TravelLogData. It is also important to note that I have two mods installed using Spacewarp version 1.0.1: - LazyOrbit version 0.4.0 - StageInfo (version unknown) However, I do not think these mods cause the issue since there are two reports of this issue occuring on 2/26/2023 and 2/27/2023 in the ksp2_help channel on the Intercept Games Discord, when modding was not as mainstream. The threads are called: - "Savefile sizes ballooning exponentially? - "Save files BALLOONING in size massively" You can see my save file with repeated entries in the ObjectEvents array at the link below (you can easily find this array by typing Ctrl + F and searching for "ObjectEvents"). When duplicates are removed using a Python program that I made, the save lowers to ~11 KB. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RKUqKpzwQd2S-TK4v_Z_-Mj7W73WlmaI/view?usp=sharing I hope this information helps!
  2. Recently taken KSP back up again with only having the Physics Range Extender, BDArmoury and North Kerbin Dynamics Renewed mods installed, gameplay was working perfectly until I dowloaded an extra mod which added a couple of Supersonic Mk3 size parts... and ever since there has been a game-breaking problem Engines will stage but will not actually turn on Fuel is correct, EC is sufficient, Kerbal pilots, TWR is fine, yet the communication panel shows as empty, the throttle bar will go up and engines are audibly on but produce no particles or thrust? Deleted all the mods, verified the game files and reinstalled the game to no avail. I've turned to the minds of the r/KerbalSpaceProgram subreddit to no avail, anyone here no any potential solutions?
  3. When i'm trying to launch game from steam - game loads, but right after i click somewhere in the game (for example no buttom "close" on update popout or even on load screen) game stops its animation and closes without any notifications or error messages. When I'm trying to launch game with launcher, not steam, game starts correctly. What can i do, and why is this happaning? I whatched event viewer. Thats what happening. There is 3 messages appears: (sorry, my system is in russian, so you probably need to use google translate) 1) (I Fixed it, but it didn't fixed my problem or others messages) XML: 2) XML: 3) XML: And i still have no idea how to fix it ((
  4. so basically what happens is when i press load on a save file it just freezes for a bit then continues without loading the game. i appreciate the help. thanks
  5. I was building a ship in the VAB when I saw that every single decoupler isn't selectable, and when I put my mouse on it it says "Crossfeed toggles in Editor and Flight. Default off." which I'm sure isn't usually written. Any idea to resolve the issue ? Thanks for the help. EDIT : I restarted my game a few times and I can select and place my decouplers again, though the weird message is still showing. Seems to be resolved for now.
  6. Is there anyone else who is having issues entering Kerbal CurseForge? Being greeted by a screen titled "Module Disabled" and when clicking the "Site Configuration - General Settings" link takes you to a page stating that you I.P. Address is not trusted for your user account. It recommended that I contact a site moderator, yet had no luck finding out who they where, went to contact this sites moderators to see if they had any word on the issue but was blocked by the post limit. So my final option, as low down as it is, is to come here and see if anyone else is having this issue and knows how to fix it. I know my I.P. Address so its weird why mine would be blocked. If anybody knows what to do or how to mitigate this, anything would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Error.log : http://pastebin.com/0tvn7Hwf Output_log : http://pastebin.com/GCrKJH2i PC's just an Intel Core2Duo E5500 @2.8GHz on a G41-M Combo motherboard. No external GPU, about 4 GBs of RAM on a 32 bit OS. It worked fine and then this started happening. Program launches, I see the resources loading in and when the bar's entirely filled up, the program exits. No dialogue
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