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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, Build a prop-plane (coaxial) for Eve. Tested in flight at Kerbin, everything worked smoothly and stable there. After landing on Eve, the plane seems to have torque along the longitudinal axis, like from the rotors. But no parts were destroyed during entry and landing. I can cancel the torque by having different rpm for my two rotors. While testing on Kerbin, there was no torque. Edit: I found that, with lower torque(33%), the rpm of one of the rotors is not at maximum and is decreasing with higher blade angle. So I can fly stable, when I limit the rpm and have the rpm of the rotors at a certain ratio while also limiting the blade angle... but all that was not present at Kerbin. I'm certain it has something to do with altitude or atmospheric pressure, since stability varies at certain altitudes. Can anybody make sense of this or is it just bugged?
  2. Greetings Kerbal Forums, I have no idea how to counteract the torque on a propeller plane like those in World War 1. I've been trying to make a Fokker-style plane, but I have this problem where my airplane will have a clockwise rotation when going fast on the runway and especially taking off, leading to many a KIA Kerbals. This is not due to landing gear - they are as they should be, vertical relative to the ground, and the plane does not exhibit any veer due to parts bending. Center of gravity is slightly forward of center of lift as it should be. I cannot send a picture of the aircraft as any design I try from the bottom up exhibits this torque. I wish to not use engines nor RCS thrusters as that would defeat the purpose of it being WW1 style.
  3. This has been happening for months and has caused me to quit KSP each and every time. When I build a ship that is even remotely complicated, it slams the stick into some direction that it likes whenever I turn off SAS. Of course, this means docking is completely impossible. It is an INPUT ISSUE, so if I have RCS thrusters on the ship, guess what, they're going to start blasting juice to turn into that direction, and it has nothing to do with how the ships are designed or from aerodynamic forces. I have no idea where to even start. Here's an exhaustive list of the mods I'm using, coming straight from my gamedata folder, even though they aren't going to tell you jack because this is an input glitch and I would be very surprised if any one of these could possibly be making my ships turn without user input. AND YES I HAVE AN ANTENNA AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE THE CONNECTION IS GOING DOWN AND I'M PITCHING THE SHIP AND IT KEEPS PITCHING AFTER I LOSE CONNECTION I AM NOT GIVING IT ANY INPUT
  4. Hello everyone! I'm Nuno Seletti and I am new in this forum! I use KSP for many years. Now with this new version I want to present to you the result of some hours of experimentations and work to built a very efficient and powerful lifter to launch any size of playload in medium Kerbin orbit or more further than the Mun: I present to you the OLS! (Orbital Launch System) made by myself (NASA flag company) A perfect regular lifter that can carry as I said before any playload (in size not on every type like a space shuttle) on medium or more high orbit, with a big torque and fuel reserve, so you cannot be out of fuel OLS specification: Hight: 32 meters without coiffe (that protect the playload) Diameter: 9.3 meters Weight: 337.100 Tons Bye everyone! What do you thinks about it? I may post a link to download it if you you want it to fly! Regard Nuno
  5. Is this bugged or is there just a massive torque on the MK 1-2 for no reason? I have a lot of use for the 3 man pod and dont want to have to rig two 2-man pods or use a 4 man lander can, for no reason. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  6. I have a space telescope that's a tad difficult to train on a target that's far off... when I maneuver the telescope, there's a bit of drift back and forth as SAS tries to settle it on target. I was thinking I need to add more reaction wheels to make the training a bit more precise, but perhaps I'm going the wrong direction? Might I actually be overpowered with my reaction wheels? (What I have right now is the HECS probe's internal reaction wheels...)
  7. I'm having this major issue that affects me a lot. I do have a 'lot' of mods installed in my KSP. When ever I would decouple from a ship while finishing an orbital burn. If I disable SAS my craft would start spinning like crazy. I don't know why but the only way to make this stop is do disable all the torque but would result in having almost no control to move the vessel. Mods: -- Listing off by names in GameData - [x] Science! - Chatterer - DistantObject - DMagicOrbitalScience - DMagicUtilities - FP_DPSoundFX - FuelTanksPlus - Impact - IndicatorLights - InterstellarFuelSwitch - MechJeb2 - NavBallAdjustor - PlanetShine - SETIprobeParts - SpaceY-Lifters - TextureReplacer - TriggerTech - UnmannedBeforeManned - VanguardTechnologies - ModuleManager.2.7.4.dll
  8. Seriously, I thought 1.2 was supposed to make wheels work, but it feels like a big step backwards. I figured out how to overcome the torque and SAS issues in previous releases, but now I am having these darn issues again! And with a very simple 4-wheel rover on the Mun! If I can operate a rover on Minmus without flipping it, why the heck can I not get it to work on the Mun before it just spins out of control and flip. My basic design disables steering and power in the rear wheels, and leaves the front two wheels as the control point for that. I again disabled torque and SAS, but that doesn't matter. The rover wheels just spin out and flip the probe. So what am I doing wrong? They're acting like frickin' sleds. Is there a video or tutorial which teaches you how to adjust traction and when to override vs leave on auto? So frustrating. Thank you for any pointers and videos you might know of. I watched a lot of Scott Manley's stuff, so if he covers this specific topic, please point me there.
  9. Hey! I was trying to create a cfg file for a reaction wheel and I wanted it to be as realistic as possible. I've already determined it's mass with it's molar mass, assuming it was made of steel and lead. but here's the problem: I'm only 16 and I haven't already learned how to determine an object's torque knowing its mass and its rotation speed. and I don't understand anything to raw formulas. does anyone has the time to explain me? Thanks
  10. I was wondering if it might be an idea to add a wind tunnel to the KSP? Aerodynamics testing is pretty important, but it'd be nice if we didn't have to resort to the debug menu. Tier 1: You only see how much lift something generates. Positive or negative Tier 2: You get the torque overlay. Tier 3: You get the drag overlay. An ideas? Lift is already visible in the SPH and VAB, but I think not the exact amount? Taking a build to the wind tunnel could give you more info on the amount and surface areas, so it wouldn't be completely useless.
  11. So there's a disagreement on the forums about whether the piping of rocket fuel in a circular direction before use would cause rotation in the launch stack. 1 side says the cumulative mass of fuel piped in a circular fashion before being expelled would cause an equal and opposite reaction in the launcher. The other says that the only source of torque would be from the initial acceleration of fuel, but since it decelerates on the other side of the pipe, there is no net torque. What do you think? Weigh in here. Best, -Slashy
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