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Found 5 results

  1. As it says on the tin, what is something you saw for the first time in KSP that made you happy you saw it? For me? I was just now as of this post working on a crewed mission to Duna, when I was checking my position on the map screen I saw that a comet was going to be theoretically visible to me. Sure enough I went to look for it and saw what my save calls Jenkin 1. I decided to see if I could see it from the flight deck of my ship, and as I panned my camera out the right hand side of my flight deck, I think Midun Kermans expression just about sums it up! First ever time I have seen a comet in game! Truly an epic sight! Now, I gotta go see if I can do like the ARM mission of old and yank that puppy down to Kerbin! So my fellow players, how about you? 021210272020 021410272020
  2. Music:-On the Beach at Night (OST Starbound)-Planetarium (OST Starbound) KSP Version: 1.8.1 DLC: Breaking Ground, Making History Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13ovH28AFzN0n4Ew2dLqIsbJz2MYQg8wV?usp=sharing https://youtu.be/iiDYd3AJh0A
  3. This is not a thread to discuss which is better than the other; everyone has their favorite, and I don't want to start a version war. But I am wondering if there are any differences between the two. Obviously the controls, unless you use a game pad on the PC or a keyboard/mouse on the console. But are there any noticeable differences, such as frame rate or playability or that kind of stuff between them? Why do I ask? I may go console with KSP2, and I've got a wireless keyboard and mouse I can use on the Xbox One S, so controls aren't an issue. I could also practice with the Xbox controller on my PC. But I have the PC version of KSP, so I'm wondering if there are any differences to be taken into account for switching (or not switching) when KSP2 drops.
  4. The KSP Moderation Team is proud to present Threads of the Month Awards for November 2020! Welcome to our November2020 installment of TOTM, where we showcase interesting forum content. As always we hope you are all happy, healthy and having fun in the game and on the forum. And so, without further ado, here are this month's winners: Firstly, clock-maker @Makc_Gordon creatively used KSPs' parts to make clocks! They can keep time and display it! Check it out here: We've had some good discussions too. First, @Popestar asked a simple question: PC vs Consoles. Share your opinions here: Next, it happens to all of us at one point or another: Mission Failed! What do you do when it happens? @Neil Kermstrong asked that question, and there are some great replies. Take a look: Finally, @AlamoVampire asks "what is something you saw for the first time in KSP that made you happy you saw it?" Great question! The moments that make you happy when you first see them can take the sting out of the failures that happen along the way. Share your experiences here: Congratulations to the November Thread of the Month winners! Shout out to @Lewie, @Poodmund and @AlamoVampire for nominating threads.
  5. Do you start another mission from the beginning, do you quickload until you complete it, do you simply cheat or what else do you do? Personally I quicksave every minute and always quick load lol
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