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Found 5 results

  1. KSP 1.12.x Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux [2.0.10] Last Updated June 24, 2022 A complete and total rebuild of my old Stockalike Station Parts Expansion project. Everything has been redone, and nothing is left of the old mod! Check out some key features: Small Station Parts: A full set of 1.25m station parts, with habitats, control rooms, connecting tubes, hubs and much more. Medium Station Parts: Expanding the 2.5m set that stock provides, you'll find greenhouses, structural components, specialized connectors, orbital stowage bays... Large Station Parts: Yup, large station parts! A full set in the 3.75m size class, from habs to labs to... well, lots more! Reworks: I've taken the time to rework the three stock station components (Cupola, MPL and Hitchiker) to match the new parts. They look the same but new! Inflatable Habitats: A nice set of inflatable habitats for maximum crew space. They range from teeny to huge. Centrifuges: All size categories have at least one centrifuge habitat. They range from small and cramped to massive and spacious (one of the largest parts I've ever made). Cargo Containers: I really felt like making some multi-purpose cargo containers. These modules will adapt to what mods you have installed, and provide storage for resources from MKS, TAC-LS, USI-LS, EPL and probably a few more that I forgot. Self-Levelling Base Frames: To help align your bases on slightly bumpy terrain, use these base plates, which feature individually adjustable legs with a self-level function Extensible Crew Connections: Much like the Klaw, but better! Varying lengths and impressive looks! Comprehensive Mod Support: With the help of many forumgoers, this mod contains support for tons of mods, specifically those related to life support and colonization. IVAs: It almost killed me but everything has fully featured IVAs. Full integration with all my other mods. Community Tech Tree support. What more could you ask for? Actually, don't answer. Full Screenshot Gallery Frequently Asked Questions Q: What does this mean for Stockalike Station Parts? A: It is now obsolete and deprecated - no further work will be done. It can be installed alongside with no problems Q: Kerbals for rescue contracts spawn in pods without airlocks! Unacceptable! A: Download @Shadowmage's Rescue Pod Validator. Q: How do I abbreviate the mod's name? I'm CONFUSED! A: SSPXr. Q: This mod is enormous! How do I deal with the RAM usage? A: Don't install the IVAs. They are bundled in the Extras folder for a reason. Q: Why are all the IVA spaces black in IVA view? A: . The IVA spaces are not installed by default. Install them if you want this. see next answer for how. Q: How do I install the IVAs? A: . CKAN: select the package and install it, it counts as a separate mod. Otherwise, place the folder from Extras into your KSP Gamedata. Licensing All code and cfgs are distributed under the MIT License All art assets (textures, models, animations) are distributed under an All Rights Reserved License. All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses. Download Mirrors Primary (SpaceDock) Secondary (CurseForge) Tertiary (GitHub) Issue Tracking and Source Special Thanks A big hand to @JadeOfMaar, @Dragon01 ,@Stone Blue, @Pulsar, @Fraz86 and probably more people that I forgot! See the readme! They were hugely helpful in debugging, writing patches, IVA prop placing and so much more during development. If you appreciate this project, please consider contributing to my caffeine addiction! I really appreciate it, and also helps justify this time sink to my wife , which results directly in more models.
  2. Hello ! I released an online tool that allows for automatic planning of interplanetary trajectories with multiple gravity assists. https://krafpy.github.io/KSP-MGA-Planner/ The tool provides an interactive 3D replica of KSP's solar system where you can zoom on planets and moons. It also provides a time selector to see the KSP's system configuration at a specific date. The trajectory calculator works in two steps: Generation of a planteray sequence : configure the origin and destination body, and constraints on the trajectory (maximum number of swing-bys...). The sequence generation calculates a set of possible sequences that respect the constraints you've specified. Trajectory optimization : once you've selected a sequence, you specify an earliest and latest departure date, and a parking orbit radius around the departure body. The tool will then run an optimization process to calculate a possible optimal trajectory with the given sequence and departure conditions. The details of the nomenclature and each settings is detailed in the "How to use" section. The calculated trajectory will be displayed in the solar system view: interplanetary orbit arcs as well as flyby orbits of each planet encountered. The date and ΔV along each axes of each maneuver are displayed. The trajectory can be vizualised step by step, and you can click on the date of each maneuver to set the system view to that date. July 2022 Update: How to add solar systems The tool can now support different solar systems from mods. Follow these steps if you want to use the tool on a solar system that is not supported: Fork the project from its github repository (https://github.com/Krafpy/KSP-MGA-Planner) and create a new branch for your solar system. Create a new folder in the `data` folder where the solar system data will be stored (e.g. data/some-system). Copy the `config.yml` and `bodies.yml` files from the `data/stock` to the folder you just created and edit them with your solar system data. `config.yml` stores the global configurations of the tool. These parameters must be changed depending on the properties of the solar system (e.g. duration of a day, camera clip distances for large solar systems...). `bodies.yml` stores the description of each bodies in the solar system. Follow rigorously the edit notes. If the solar system uses Kopernicus' .cfg files for configuration, you can directly convert them into a `bodie.yml` file on this page : https://krafpy.github.io/KSP-MGA-Planner/tools/cfg-to-yml/ Add an entry to the `data/systems.yml` file, following the template. Test the tool on your computer with your system. You simply need to run a HTTP sever on the repository folder (I use VSCode live server). Create a pull request to the github repository for me to merge it (only for mods, not personal solar systems). Important notes and current issues : Despite the precision of the maneuvers details, it is very unlikely that following them will give the exact same trajectory in game. They do however result in a similar trajectory to the one calculated by the tool, and most of the time only some fine tunings are needed at each maneuver. There is no guarantee that the calculated trajectory is the best one. Since multiple gravity assists problems can only be solved using iterative optimization algorithm (here it's a differential evolution algorithm which is implemented), the result only approximates the best solution. It is totally possible that a better trajectory than the one calculated exists. A calculated trajectory may be unfeasible (more likely because of unfeasible flybys) in game due to the implementation not (yet) considering some parts of KSP's physics. A calculated trajectory may be complete non sense and absurd because of constraints implemented in the optimization process (this is very likely to occur when you look for trajectory between moons like in the Jool's system). These problems may be solved in the future. I hope this tool may be useful and I'm open to any feedback. Thanks !
  3. Introduction About a week ago, I embarked on a quest - a quest to recreate Space Station Freedom from the Alternate History, "Eyes Turned Skywards". I wanted a Challenge, something Cool to do, & something to share and show on the forums. So this will be where I document the creation and assembly of the Station However, this will be my Interpretation of it, as firstly, it's more entertaining to recreate it in your own style/way, and also, I haven't read too much of ETS yet ( I keep meaning to, but I always forget ). For example, this is extremely evident in how I chose to make most of the Ports CBM's and not APAS's like in ETS. this is for a number of reasons, but mainly that the APAS are a smaller diameter than the Modules, and using an adapter doesn't look the best. Where are we? Currently, I have launched the first 4 Flights. Over the next few days, I will post them, making way for the "new" stuff. I'm aiming for a new mission every few days or so (Let's see how that goes ) Mods My Modlist fluctuates a little, but for the most part, the main bits are: -BDB (Note - As my computer is pretty bad, I have pruned most of the files from BDB so my PC doesn't take 1 Hour to load {I'm not joking about that - Sometimes it does}) -Habtech2 -KSRSS 2.5x -Katniss Cape Canaveral 2.5x KSRSS configs -Modular Launch Pads Note: As of now, I am playing in 1.11 as it otherwise, lots of my mods are broken - I will say when I switch to 1.12 Here's the Full modlist as of July 28th: Inspiration I have to say a big thanks to @Kuiper_Belt and his shuttle adventures thread for inspiring me to try something like this. If you haven't seen his Kerbalized Shuttle adventures thread, check it out here: Also a Big thanks to @CobaltWolf for his amazing parts in Bluedog Design Bureau - I literally couldn't do these missions without his parts. Edit - I totally forgot to thank @e of piFor creating ETS - Keep up the work and rock on dude! Where Next? If this turns out to be popular, well, I might just do a full recreation of ETS, either from Apollo 18 onwards or from the start of the space race! No promises though - That's a big challenge to take on, and if I do, it'll be once the BDB Saturn Update comes out, so don't expect it next week I Hope you Enjoy...
  4. The KSP forum moderator's team presents the Threads of the Month September 2021 Edition Hello and greetings to all! September is here! In my local area there's already been a change in the air as we say good riddance to the heat of summer and as the cool evening breezes of autumn begin their return. For many of us, life begins to center around academics, the classroom, and the return of working towards achieving our lifelong dreams. It is the beginning of a new academic year, full of potential. For others not tied to an academic calendar, it's the continued passage of time culminating towards the end of the year in only 121 more days! To continue a thing I started in May (2021) about the forum and new members as a way to answer the fears some folks had about the forum dying. In July, there were 412 new forum accounts created. Of those, 172 have actively posted content (defined as having at least one post). This means that roughly 41.7% of the new user accounts are actively participating on the forum (this is down a little since last month). If you're interested in seeing the new members to our forum, you can click here! Before I forget - there's something I want to mention. As we all know, there are times things happen beyond our control. Imgur, PhotoBucket, and other online image hosting platforms are really starting to reduce the amount of file space they are offering for free. This means that sometimes image quality may be reduced or images may be removed if the user does not either subscribe for a paid service or comply with other EULAs. If that should happen to a post you find linked here (or anywhere else on the forum), please do not publicly shame the well-intended forum member. Just mention it on their thread or send them a PM. And keep it friendly. Before I get into the threads of the month for September, I ask that as you visit the forum this month, you help make it easier for me to do the September Thread of the Month and nominate worthy threads by using the handy instructions at the bottom of this post. Now, without further delay, I present to you the threads of the month for September: General community threads of the month: This category features a thread that adds to the community and doesn't fit in the game support/game mod categories. This month, we have one thread recognized for this category: We all know that Kerbal Space Program 2 will be coming out; hopefully soon. TM And as many of us know, there's a lot of endless speculation about the features and graphics of the game. One of the areas where there's been a lot of speculation is how new content and continued development might happen. @SQUAD and the team who brought us the original Kerbal Space Program have us spoiled and has set a high bar for how our community expects future installments of the game to be handled. In this thread, @justspace103 begins the discussion most of us want to be a part of. If you have questions about KSP2 and its potential continual development, this might be the thread for you. Just remember your opinions are as valid as your fellow forum members and to be respectful with your comments - even if you disagree with one another, there's no need to be hostile. Game Support/Game Mod of the Month: This category features a mod (or mods) which adds to the quality of life game play of Kerbal Space Program. For June, we have one thread in this category: This month, we have two featured in this category. The first one is by one of the community's active modders, @Nertea. Ever since I've been a member of the forum, I have been amazed at the quality of work Nertea has produced in of the mods released to the community. In this parts pack, there are all kinds of parts, custom IVAs, and other really neat gotta have items for your brave Kerbalnauts. If you're looking for a way to give your space station, your ground settlement, or even your deep space research vessel some new pizazz, this is the mod for you! (And if you are interested in seeing what Nertea is working on now, you can visit this thread) For this month, we had a second winner for this category. Although a relatively newcomer to the forum, @Krafpy has given our community a very powerful tool. If you're like me, I play KSP and plan my interplanetary transfers one at a time, often looking for the best routes to conserve energy and often planning them one step at a time. This means that often my brave and daring Kerbalnauts are stuck orbiting Duna to get to the exact... Well, no more! This helpful tool will allow you to plan your trajectories using multiple gravity assists without having your Kerbalnauts taking a few unplanned orbits around Duna! Forum Member Created Challenges and Missions: This is a new category we are adding to the Threads of the Month. For the past few years, we have seen a lot of really good missions and challenges threads created that expand our fun with the game and presses our skills, creativity, and sometimes, luck, beyond what we get accustomed to. Let's face it, we all have our go-to design basics, our go-to Kermen, and even our go-to vehicles we like to use. So sometimes a good challenge can cause us to think of another way to achieve our goals. Unfortunately, we did not have any nominations for this category. Fan-fiction, Mission Reports, and Kerbal Space Program-inspired Creative Thread of the Month: This category features a thread (or threads) which while is not directly Kerbal Space Program related, may be a creative work, fan-fiction, or other presentation which is related to the game. For this month, we have one thread in this category. In this thread, @AmateurAstronaut1969 set out to create/recreate the Spacestation Freedom from the alternative history of Eyes Turned Skyward. As shared in the OP: I wanted a Challenge, something Cool to do, & something to share and show on the forums. So this will be where I document the creation and assembly of the Station However, this will be my Interpretation of it, as firstly, it's more entertaining to recreate it in your own style/way, and also, I haven't read too much of ETS yet ( I keep meaning to, but I always forget). For example, this is extremely evident in how I chose to make most of the Ports CBM's and not APAS's like in ETS. this is for a number of reasons, but mainly that the APAS are a smaller diameter than the Modules, and using an adapter doesn't look the best. If you're looking for a good read and some good screenshots of a well-planned mission, I invite you to take a look at this thread. I think you'll enjoy it. Who knows, if you're running low on inspiration for your own space program, maybe this will encourage you to try to recreate scenes from your favorite science fiction novel, movie, or television show through Kerbal Space Program. And as always, share your efforts on the forum! We always enjoy seeing what you do. Honorable mentions: Each month we get so many good nominations to choose from. Sometimes it's a challenge to choose which threads are going to receive the honor of being the Thread of the Month. But because not every thread nominated each month can be selected, there are always those that become honorable mentions. The honorable mentions for September 2021 are: [1.8.x-1.12.x] EimpleRepaint: Universal, Simple, and lightweight parts recoloring by @Judicator81 [1.8.1-1.10.1] Katniss's Cape Canaveral-RSS by @Katniss218 SpaceX Discussion Thread by @Skylon Tesla Boat by @Lewie Ask a question, then edit your post to make the answer seem funny by @Ultimate Steve Honorable mentions for September may not have made the Thread of The Month this month, but if you think they might be worthy of another opportunity, please renominate it! Congratulations to all the winners of the Thread of the Month for September! We'd like to thank @Spaceman.Spiff, @Dientus, @Kuiper_Belt, @Stormpilot, @The Doodling Astronaut, @Zelda, and the members of the moderation team who nominated this month's contenders. Thank you so much for helping us identify noteworthy threads for this month! TO NOMINATE A THREAD FOR CONSIDERATION: If you find a thread you feel should be considered for next month's thread of the month, then use the "report comment" feature (the three dots on the upper right corner of the comment box) to report the comment. Please put in the text field of the report post "Nomination for thread of the month" and we will do the rest! You can always nominate more than one thread, too. In case you missed August's threads of the month, you can click here.
  5. With the development of new content for KSP 1 now being essencially complete, ive been thinking about how the devs of KSP2 will approach releases and new content. When KSP2 is released, will it be completely finished in terms of features, or should we expect more content in the form of free updates like KSP1? Will there be DLCs to KSP2? I realize that alot of these questions may not have answers as of this point, but I'm sure that alot of us are curious as to what we should expect from KSP2 development after initial release. What do you all think? (thanks guys!!!)
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