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Found 11 results

  1. Tldr: I just saw a movie called Snowpiercer about a really big, long, frost covered train. I must now make that train. As it is too late to add it before the game releases, please consider it for a future update/dlc.
  2. Hello everyone. A little known fact about me is that I like trains. So, I was wondering if any of you guys on this forum also like twains. I already know that @adsii1970 models in N scale, and @dundun93 plays Trainz A New Era, a train simulator. Please, let me know what you guys do. Personally, I play Trainz with @dundun93 and I model Conrail in the early 1990s in N scale. Everyone share pictures, videos, thoughts, expertise, and tips. Let's make this a Train enthusiasts area. Also, you guys deserve more memes/gifs!!
  3. Howdy, Y'all. Way back in ye old days of 2013 KSP, a younger and perhaps less-skilled me tried his hand at building a steam locomotive replica. This was the result: Not too shabby, given the limited part repository at the time. Though I've seen many KSP players build fantastic train replicas, I had yet to come across one that utilized the new stock robotics parts to make working running gear. So, I set out to overhaul Jeb's once-mighty steamer with the latest in Kerbal engineering technology: Jeb's Locomotive was designed to function in a similar fashion as typical modern locomotive replicas do; the running gear is powered by the drive wheels which are in turn powered by electric motors, instead of steam power driving the running gear and subsequently driving the wheels. The 6 rover wheels only provide brakes and steering, while the 6 rotor wheels are coupled in axle pairs using standard docking ports to provide side-to-side consistency in operation. The running gear is largely coupled together using junior docking ports. Engine power is controlled using the KAL controller in the cab. Press action group 1 to engage the drive motors and start up the fuel cells, set the controller to play until you reach your desired speed, then pause it. The play speed is set slow intentionally, as sometimes sudden changes to the RPM can mess up the running gear synchronicity. Unfortunately, the engine plates used to make the drive wheels don't have great traction with the ground (leading to slight slipping), and collision tolerances will limit your top speed to <9 m/s (as you will see shortly). You can of course go faster by disabling crash damage on the debug menu, but beware that at higher speeds the running gear can easily go out of whack. I find it runs quite nicely around 6-7 m/s surface speed. You are welcome to download and add on things like coal cars, passenger cars, etc. if you'd like. The locomotive is already 218 parts as-is, so expect lag if you're planning on adding a lot to it. If anything, download it just to drive it up to 9 m/s, for funzies. The entire vessel is Stock + DLC. Download: https://kerbalx.com/Jamie_Logan/Jebs-Locomotive Here is a gif of the running gear in motion at a slow speed: https://i.imgur.com/bHYKT1b.gifv Gallery: I'M GOIN' OFF THE RAILS ON A... oh nevermind. I hope you liked it! Check out my last build too:
  4. So I'm currently working on a stock magnetic rail using docking port for their magnets. I only started some test and probably won't have the patience to push the concept very far, but I thought it might be a good idea to share the extent of my knowledge to spark some ideas, and to debunk others (I had a lot of misconceptions which once debunked makes Maglevs look much more easily doable). The setup I tested for now is one docking port facing downward anchored to Kerbin (the "rail") and one facing up ward (the "train"), at some variable distance, with some variable ballast. The variable distance is measured in increment, a very rough mesurement which corresponds to moving once an object using the offset tool with the maj key pressed. I tried clamp-o-tron snr, clamp-o-tron and clamp-o-tron jr, in matching pairs. Vertical stability. There are stable region where the train can stably levitate. It goes against my prenotion that docking ports were simple magnets which get more and more attracted as they get closer (in that case, no stable levitation, if it goes a bit too low, it falls too high it rams into the rail and docks). The magnet force is really small, maybe null when the port are right next to each other, increases to a max value when the ports are 2 increments appart, and fades at 4-5 increments. It follows that there can be 1 stable equilibrium. Lateral stability. As expected, levitation is latterally stable. Magnet force. 4.4kN. Magnet force does not depend on the size of the port. Forget aboubt clamp-o-tron senior. 4.5 to 4.5 kN is the max I could get, but the stability region looks very small, 4kN should be safe. It means a clamp-o-Tron jr can pull 20 time it's weight, same force to mass ratio than the ass kicking 48-77s spark engine. I haven't tested the minimum force before it docks, but 2kN is also possible, although stability region looks smaller than the one of 3kN. I only found one place in the web where this idea is ever mentionned, but it is a very promising redit post showing a mostly working prototype. Finally, although mono rail should be possible, I would advise put two in a mickey hear configuration for increased stability (but needs testing). I can share upon request the craft file I used for my test, but that's not much really.
  5. Toy electric train with a working smokestack and separate rail cars , mini forest, water tower, moving windmill, tunnel/hill, and a flashing stoplight. Batteries included. KerbalX
  6. KerbalsAreKute on kerbalx.com likes the train stuff I've done and requested some functional running gear. After greasing all the bearings, here's what we got. There is no steering and no reaction wheels. 562 parts makes this craft pretty laggy for me, especially during staging. I split it up into many stages to give the computer time to catch up. KSP still crashes pretty often. I wanted to recreate a somewhat realistic drive wheel setup. IRL the 2nd wheel is the first one driven, which makes the connecting rod longer so the angles are less extreme (I learned a few things I guess). Then a rod couples the rear driven wheels to the front so 4 wheels are powered. Sounds great, and I kinda made it work, but adding all the complexity of powering a 2nd set of wheels, in KSP, with sloppy bearings and the kraken watching, well lets say 2wd works WAY better. Delete the 2 RCS pods on each side per the description below for 'coupling rod' to disable 4wd. Since the connecting-type rods are virtual you'll have to use your imagination for now. So each piston is pushed back and forth, right. Same on the other side, but 90 degress out of phase, so I get a pulse every 90 degrees-ish that transfers through the solid axles. So kinda like a 4 cylinder. Probably not realistic, but I wanted to make it work. Oh, and to get enough oomph I had to stack a bunch of junos right on top of each other. Slop in all the bearings adds up, and makes valve timing difficult. I added one tiny turbine underneath to help keep the valvetrain taut. It does end up helping with locomotion a tiny bit. Button 2 turns if off, but power will be lost through poor timing and surging. I went all out on the knick-knacks (except for the cab) and added steam lines and a cattle pusher and doodads all over. The leading truck was added last to help bear some of the weight because this unit is front-heavy and was bobbing. If it breaks down, at least it looks neat. Enjoy KerbalX
  7. I took the toy train set from X-mas 2016, deleted the tracks, added more cars, and now you (and Val) can drive it yourselves! Here's what's included: One steam engine from 100+ years ago. a coal tender to feed the steam engine, full of coal already. a tank car, empty a boxcar gondola hopper car passenger car (close enough) flatbed fantasy circus car and of course the caboose at the end At full throttle the wheels throw sparks (thanks to @Castille7) We hid 2 junos inside the engine, but starved them with only 1 intake. The un-starved engine makes a huge coal plume. The one that chokes I angled downward to the wheels. It even chokes at a drum beat pace, with sound, so it goes chug-chug-chug after full throttle warmup! I bailed on the RCS balls for hitches. The Majorjim! hinges provided flexiblity for turning, yet helped control roll, which was very much needed. I put a stopper on the bottom so the pins don't pop out. Unfortunately the cars are permanently attached. Gifs: KerbalX
  8. is there a way via any command, KOS Command, mod or cheat to unload physics for a vehicle so that it can be put on display safely? im taking a hybrid electric RTG Tri-jet train on the dakar rally. 705 as shes become known. taking race number into the running number and title with her 20+ wheel drive and boosters.. this trains become an absolute symbol of the never surrender motto of KTP land train operations in short 705 needs a home once the rallys complete.. though a train is a physics intensive thing hence needing away to unload physics for preservation permanently coupled discounts simply detaching the control car and id like to keep 705 fully operational for occasional run anyone have any ideas besides making the island runway a museum? sudden physics load can be fatal to trains in my experience thanks in advance
  9. After they missed devnotes for 2 days, and considering what they wrote in the pass ones, is it time for HYPE?!!!!!! Where's the hypetrain?
  10. Howdy all, Got bored and remade an old train I tried to make a while back for a challenge thread about making trains. It's all vanilla and does not move very well, I've yet to get any sort of stable flight no matter what wing configuration I use. If you try to get it to fly, be warned that it pulls to the left- the cause is the wing section behind the module- it is slightly off centre. Ship is located: https://kerbalx.com/Eppiox/Central-Pacific Hope you like it!
  11. Long have I pondered whether to do an Elcano challenge. the other week, when I was thoroughly hacked off at being able to make a very good shuttle but being useless at making an SSTO I had a little play around with rovers and went a little overboard. The Landcano was born: Let's have a look at some specifics: 1 panoramic cupola pilot center, and 4 berth driver cabin pod. Room for 32 passengers. 2 Juno engines for enhanced breaking, and 2 Wheesley Engines for straight line speed. Many, many wheels. While stylish and clearly very capable at mountain climbing, it was largely useless in the turns....and at lasting 5 seconds without blowing up the runway apparently: So now I'd caught the bug. I'd designed a capable (if explosive) rover, and just needed a little adjustment to get it over the line as something that I'd be happy to spend hours in front of my computer holding W with. It gives me great pleasure to present the smaller (but no less awesome) Landcano Wayfarer: Well technically that's the launch vehicle, but let's cover that off first anyway as it's a bit of a beast and rather nicely made. The mighty S3 KS-25x4 Mammoth provides thrust for the main stack, and 4 LFB KR-1x2 Twin-Boar liquid boosters are strapped to the main stack to get the thing off the ground, and perform a beautiful Korolev's cross separation when spent. 412 parts and 785.9t on the launch pad mean this is no small part count, but the whole vehicle is very detail orientated, and the rover particularly so. I'm not going to pretend that I got to this design with out some trial and a lot of error. For example the launch vehicle started out with only 2 strap-ons, and no struts holding the rover in place. Let's take a look at some of those glorious moments where everything went, well, not to plan: Has the suspense got the best of you yet? Are you now dying to see what the rover in final form and fine fettle looks like? Let's finally get around to a review of the rover itself: Let's talk stats again: 290 parts and 65.2t including the landing module. The Landcano Wayfarer is powered by 20 ruggedized rover wheels, and has 8 wheel steering (front and back). In addition the jet engines have been replaced by liquid duel engines. The Wayfarer features the same front end as the original Landcano, with the addition of some quality of life parts (ladders etc) but also a fully functional IRSU system. The middle module (only contained fuel) has been entirely removed, and the passenger section and living quarters have shrunk from 32 capacity down to 16. You've probably guessed by now that this vehicle is not made for a Kerbin Elcano. A decision was made not to tackle Kerbin (yet!) and instead go for an airless body. The Mun was mooted, but in the end Minmus won out due in part to it's being much smaller, but also slightly less challenging from a terrain point of view. With crew selected: Aldin - Pilot Melfal - Co-Pilot Gerfrod - Scientist Dildred - Engineer Largerlotte - Scientist Mirilian - Engineer Thompoly - Engineer The only thing to do was strap in, turn on and boost up. Queue stage 1 of the mission - Getting to Minmus: What a vehicle! The crew drives a very short distance to a photogenic and convenient starting point and the starting flag is placed: In the coming posts as I upload the mission report segments we can follow the journey of the legendary 7 and the Landcano Wayfarer. Will it make it? Do the crew survive? Does anything function as intended? Let's take a deep breath and find out whether a successful Elcano Challenge entry can be seen out! SM
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