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Found 2 results

  1. Astrogator A space-navigational aide for Kerbal Space Program. See all the transfers that you could choose from your current location at a glance, including the time till the burn and delta V, and turn them into maneuvers with one click. Automatic maneuver node creation When you're piloting a vessel, maneuver node icons will appear next to the delta V numbers. Click to create maneuver nodes for that transfer: These typically give immediate encounters for transfers to the Mun from low Kerbin orbit, and sometimes Minmus, Duna, and Jool, but some adjustment is usually needed for other destinations. Time warping Click a warp icon to warp to 5 minutes before the corresponding transfer. If it's already within 5 minutes, you'll be auto-warped to the exact time of the transfer. More transfers, fewer clicks Shows transfers for all main reachable spheres of influence, including from parent spheres of influence, not just bodies with the same parent Supports transfers to vessel's target, regardless of what it is Handles "nested" ejection burns, such as when you need to burn at the right time to escape Laythe at the right time to escape Jool at the right time to reach Kerbin Supports burns to bodies within the current sphere of influence, such as the moons of Kerbin from low Kerbin orbit Uses the active vessel's location and orbital parameters to fill in as many of the input parameters as it can Shows you the results in zero clicks Integrates with the game to streamline use of the data Moves the map view focus automatically Sets the vessel's target Automatically opens maneuver nodes for editing Download: https://github.com/HebaruSan/Astrogator/releases Where to report bugs: https://github.com/HebaruSan/Astrogator/issues Source and documentation: https://github.com/HebaruSan/Astrogator License: GPL v3, some icons and parts of code are MIT Acknowledgements: Borrowed icons from Kerbal Alarm Clock, some code from Kerbal Alarm Clock, Transfer Window Planner, and MechJeb2 Language Translators Spanish Iván (hashashin), @Deltathiago98, @fitiales Chinese @QAQdong Russian Niev, @Sooll3 French @valens Italian Leonardo Ascione
  2. kOS-Astrogator A kOS interface to Astrogator for Kerbal Space Program. Create transfer nodes, and get at other information created by Astrogator from within kOS scripts. Download: https://github.com/markjfisher/kOS-Astrogator/releases Where to report bugs: https://github.com/markjfisher/kOS-Astrogator/issues Source and Docs: https://github.com/markjfisher/kOS-Astrogator Addon Docs: https://github.com/markjfisher/kOS-Astrogator/tree/master/GameData/kOS-Astrogator Licence: GPL v3 This is my first mod. Suggestions for improvements are more than welcome. Also available in ckan. Current functionality: [v0.1.0] Create Transfer nodes to target bodies, same as clicking Astrogator "node" icons. [v0.1.0] Calculate burn information without creating nodes, returning a BurnModel to hold the relevant data (see image) that can be used in kOS, and turn that data directly into a node. [v0.1.1] Return version of mod and Astrogator with "version" command. [v0.1.1] Expose some functions from Astrogator's Physics Tools. [v0.1.2] `astrogation` command to return a lexicon of the same data as seen on the Astrogator UI, keyed by target body name. [v0.1.2] Add extensive usage Addon Docs (see link above) for all commands, and values that are returned. [v0.2.0] Changed some of the internal representation and removed ITargetable and CelestialBody types. Created TransferTarget wrapping more kOS like values. [v0.2.1] Add some AN/DN time helpers for ship in its orbit, or generic bodies. [v0.2.2] Use Astrogator v1.0.0 changes and removed duplicate code. No feature changes. This is a kOS addon, and all functionality is through: addons:astrogator:<command> Use the "help" command to see link to main docs. Acknowledgements: @HebaruSan for a great mod, and helping get setup. @JonnyOThan for suggestions on Discord, and pointing me to Kos-Scansat where I found lots of helpful code I would have spent ages trying to work out otherwise.
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