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  1. Hello! In fact, I post this thread that because I like to recreate beautifull machines that wrote history. I not the most advanced creator in KSP but my goal is simple : only use a few mods and play with the scales of the stock part. Sometimes it works, sometines not... I would like to share my humble work, just for fun and sharing, and talk about creations you've possibly made. I will update as possible the topic for new content! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most used mod(s) : Tweakscales (after all, is not the main theme of the thread? Nah, forget about it!) Discontinued Parts For the rest, look on KerbalX description! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [KHEED] KHEED K-104 series ---------------------- [KOEING] KOEING K-52 ---------------------- [NEXT COMMING SOON]
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