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Found 3 results

  1. XBox One, sound file for Twin Boar is corrupt, produces regular pops/crackle that speeds up as engine throttle is increased. I can see this error was raised in 2018, but it is still broken on XB1 today. Any suggestions, other than to play with no engine noise for that engine?
  2. Anyone else test use a Twin Boar engine and get a strange crackling/clicking sound when the engine is powered up? The noise I hear is following a specific repeated pattern. If I put the throttle to zero the noise goes away, if I slowly throttle up or down, the pitch of the crackling changes along with throttle up/down. It sounds like this was maybe supposed to be part of the engine noise, but the crackling I'm hearing just doesn't seem to really fit. I have never noticed this noise with Twin Boar on previous KSP Xbox version, nor have I heard it with the PC version.
  3. Hi good folks at the KSP forums! I've just gotten back into KSP after a few months of not playing it, and have a question on fuel usage on radial setups, specifically with the Twin Boar. Vanilla game. I have a five-orange tank setup (4 tanks around a main one) similar to this (not my pic) : http://i.ytimg.com/vi/hJLEAnzWRss/maxresdefault.jpg I have two Twin Boars attached to each outer orange tank with decoupler and no fuel lines. My aim was to use the Twin Boars, decouple then use mainsails under the 5 main tanks. But when I launch, fuel empties from all 13 tanks at the same time (even the center one!)... I did a further test with just one orange tank and two Twin Boars attached by decouplers, and same situation, all three tanks emptied at the same time. Tested the same thing with regular tanks and only the outside tanks emptied. Is this a bug? Or do Twin Boars use fuel differently? I thought tanks are supposed to empty vertically only if no fuel lines are used. My Twin Boars are magically using fuel from tanks they are attached to radially, even spaced with a decoupler! http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/38/386a007910aa3434d7b7e4553b36991961d99f452b915a2ad38f8c894f9b8207.jpg
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