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Found 18 results

  1. I'm interested to see what the community thinks the timeframe will be for the future of KSP 2 and its updates There is no wrong answer! (unless you're a time traveller)
  2. When do you think the next updates will be? By this I mean the next couple of bug fixes and then the roadmap releases. There is no wrong answer! Currently I predict the first update sometime next week or the following (early March) and then a second patch late March or the beginning of April. Then I think Science will be added in the Summer (July or September) Then Colonies in the Winter of 2023 (December) I sadly don't think Interstellar will be added until 2024, realistically speaking. Same for the second "Exploration" update which I predict in late 2024 Thoughts?
  3. Hey all. It is very hard for me to play KSP without the mods from RoverDude. I love most of the mods of USI. Anyone knows what is going on with RoverDude? I know he become part of the KSP team but it has been a while since I hang around here. I just came back to play KSP since it got the 1.10 update, I got basically most of my mods working but it seams USI mods have not been updated since 1.8. If RoverDude is still around, can you give us some info mate? Hope all is well. Thank you.
  4. Wouldn't it be better if you could use a Mod for 1.3.1 in 1.4.0? This would not only be helpful for players who have to wait for new releases of the Mods but also Mod creators so they don't have to go through updating the mods.
  5. I am new to the forums and have no clue on how to find any new info for the console version, I love the game and would hate to see it just abandoned. Also is there any new info on mods because the pc version seems to be their top priority, the console is great but just seems to be falling into the pit of no return. I'd just hate to see a fantastic game go to waste just because others players are having issues/ loss of interest.
  6. It's been nearly 2 weeks since Making History DLC was released when are we getting a new patch? There are many issues that are very annoying why haven't they been fixed yet?, When are we getting a response on the forums? I'm scared of using my default game untill it is patched. Please give the Community some idea when it will be ready or that you are at least working on new patch (which obviously you must be). Thanks. Great DLC by the way loving it apart from bugs.
  7. This game has so much potential on ps4, and yet I see we haven't gotten a meaningful update since about release. I took my expectations from ksp on pc and so far I am thoroughly disappointed. I feel like I've been swindled. Is there any meaningful plans to update on ps4? And not oh were working on it for the Many months in a row that has been the answer
  8. Hello, Just as the title says, I'm about to either reformat my HD or uninstall everything completely; however, I don't have a sure fire method of obtaining the latest versions of mods in general. There seems to be a lot of dead links and dated files out there, so if someone could shine a light in the right direction for me that would be great.
  9. Hello, does KSP search for updates when it is opened on your desktop? If so does it automatically download updates? If not where an I find the updates...I'm running version!
  10. I think It would be really cool if you could Ksp in VR. You could have the building as you building models of the ships in miniature and the parts in little boxes that you pull out. Then you could fly the ship from iva and with a few external cameras. Maby you could drive rovers by telling them where to go. or you could have a rover control room you could drive it from like probe control room mod.
  11. About mod update inquiries, aka "Please update your mod to (insert just-released KSP version here)" For everyone interested in updates to their favorite add-ons, please do not pester modders in the add-on thread, modders volunteer their time and requests or inquiries for updates just derail threads and will not make updates come any sooner. In case new KSP version is released and the mod is not advertised as compatible or supports only previous version: 1. Please make sure that at least a reasonable amount of time has passed since new KSP release. Modders may be well aware of new version and could announce the release themselves - asking them for update on the same day will not make it happen faster. 2. Before posting a request, please make sure that update was not already asked or announced in mod thread: - check the first post of the addon for news, - check the last pages on the thread, - use the search function in the thread with "update" as keyword. If the mod has an additional "development thread" please do a search there as well. 3. If someone has already requested the update or the modder announced it, please refrain from duplicating the inquiry. To add yourself to the appreciation crowd and/or show that you are a fan waiting for an update - consider using the Like-system and giving a "+ Like " to corresponding post: this will not result in an additional (distracting) email notification in the modder inbox, - but it will still be visible and noticeable for him/her on the forum. 4. If there is no news in the first post and no response - there is likely no update. 5. Modders are asked to keep their first posts up to date so their fans can stay informed. 6. If someone broke this guideline and pestered - please hit the "report" button, type "Mod update pestering" into the field and hit "send". Please refrain from responding with advisory post, aka "You should not pester for mods" - as that would fall into "backseat moderation". Thanks! Summary: If sufficient time has passed and update is neither announced, nor already asked by someone - a polite inquiry about an update is OK. Pestering is NOT OK, - just hit "+ Like " next to existing update instead of making a duplicate post - and then just give it some time. Please hit "report" button if you notice pestering. Thank you.
  12. Hello again. I have been trying to install a mod called the "Interstellar Expanded" mod (it was something like that). The only problem is that it won't work with KSP version 1.2.2 and it only works with 1.2.1 How do I downgrade my version by 1? Extra info- I installed KSP using steam, and it only allows me to go back to version 1.1.3 and 1.1.0, which don't work.
  13. I'm thinking of building a web service to help people simplify their mod installs/updates process. Functionality: Mods would be submitted to the system with their name, link to github/curse download links, description of mod, etc. Users would be able to search for and add mods to their basket. When all their mods are added to the basket, they would be able to download a zip file of all the mods properly organized into the gamedata folder. Then just unpack this one zip file and overwrite the 'gamedata' folder to update all their mods. The mods you selected will be saved for the next time you want to upgrade. Groups of mods can be shared by developers, or by popular channels. Imagine watching a video, and then being able to download their exact mods list in a few clicks. Feasibility: The basic software to make this is not overly complicated. I'm just wondering if this sort of thing would be useful, or if someone has already done something similar?
  14. So, I saw this before when I tried to install 1.1: rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1668) [generator=3.1.2] Process_stderr canceled [0] rsync exited with code 23: Partial transfer due to error Can I get help? what is going on and what can I do to combat it?
  15. Why do (Some) Updates Break mods and other Don't? Like yeah Unity 4 vs Unity 5 Change WILL Break mods but Other updates don't Like 1.0.4 to 1.0.5.
  16. Do you think ksp should increase their price or charge for updates?
  17. So 1.1.1 is here... and part of me is going "ARRRGHH... BROKEN MODS" and getting frustrated because my build no longer works right while another part of me is going "WOOHOO... WHAT'S CHANGED?" and is wanting to dive in and start all over again. I really don't know whether do be depressed (busted mods) or ecstatic (new fixes). Personally I love coming back to KSP and admiring the fresh paint over the old recycled, battered and dented spacecraft that Jeb had previously left in a crater (as usual). It really makes the whole game new again (at least it does for me). I don't think I will ever play a game as addictive as KSP. Even when I get over it for a while I always seem to come back and end up obsessing about it again. So how do you feel when a new update arrives?
  18. Is there some auto or easy way to update modes one is using to play the game? Because having to search for and update each mod separately has gotten really old this week.
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