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Found 3 results

  1. KDF K-144 Maelstrom Description Single-seat, twin-engine stealth multi-role aircraft developed for the KDF Military. Primarily an evolution of the Darkstar Anubis this sister program sits in a role for both air-to-air and bombing roles. Taking key strengths from the K-90 Orochi and Anubis this airframe is stable. Low-speed flight or in attack profile has Variable-Sweep Wing and can be used on naval ships. Capable of high maneuvering and supersonic speeds up to Mach 2.2+. This craft generation falls between the 5.5 and 6.0 gen with New technologies like Remote-controlled or onboard-AI controlled Enhanced Night Vision, helmet 360 views for the pilot, and a Stealth Airframe. Craft Details. Craft is Fully stock and requires Breaking Grounds DLC for Robotic Parts. NO MODS Does have 1 Flag Download Make sure if saved from here to name it Canopy.png or download form link below Can hold 2 of my Stock Missiles for Roleplay Weapon bay can be supplied with up to 8 stock missiles or 10 AIM-9 Missiles or other layouts BD-ARMORY OPTIONAL TESTED Also can fit few bombs Action Groups Stage - Fire Missiles - Fires xx Under weapon bay RCS - After Burner AG1 - Toggle Engines, Fuel Cell, Control from Cockpit AG2 - Toggle Variable-Sweep Wing AG3 - Toggle Weapons Bay AG4 - Open Canopy AG5 - Toggle Navigation Lights AG9 - Toggle Night Vision AG0 - Toggle Instrument Cluster Simulation. DOWNLOADS Kerbal X: https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-K-144-Maelstrom Steam: Craft is broken on steam workshop for some reason not sure what happen but when its corrected I will link. Flags Google Drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uABZtM2AFGTBiIr-ql92xhERC49ZZW88/view?usp=share_link Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/qcr3ttwgrul5jun/canopy.png?dl=0 Canopy.png A stock aircraft called KDF K-144 Maelstrom. Built with 705 of the finest parts, its root part is strutCube. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.5. Details Type: SPH Class: aircraft Part Count: 705 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.5 save flag below and rename it Canopy.png and place in your kerbal flags folder Default - Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags
  2. I am creating a variable wing that can be deployed and retracted. I want to use ModuleAnimateGeneric and ModuleLiftingSurface of parts.cfg file. 1. How to change the lift with deploy and retract? 2. Is there a way to know the current status of deploy and retract? I have just started Addon development, and I do not know much about it. Thanks for any advice.
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