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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Can anyone help me with my launcher? It's a 45 ton payload being launched by a lifter of suitable dV. The takeoff and ascent are smooth, easily controlled and uneventful until ap reaches ~73,000m and alt reaches ~ 55,000. At this point the rocket simply falls apart with no warning, no explosion, no flexing, it's just like the Kraken reaches in and snaps it in two. What's odd is that it's not breaking where you might expect, at the docking ports or at a decoupler but at the junction between the FL-R1 RCS tank and the Rockomax X200 as shown by this picture. I have autostrutted everything in an attempt to solve this and added actual struts between what i thought were the weaker parts and indeed the soft junctions don't spilt. Just the one between the two tanks. I have even put 4 struts between the two tanks and it still suddenly snaps. Though I have noticed on the last attempt that it goes into a very tiny but rapid vibration about a second prior to breaking. Does anyone have any suggestions? Edit: Curiouser - it happens when the AP reaches just over 73,000 meters each time, this last failure the alt was 69km but still failed at the point the AP reaches ~73,000
  2. Finally got Panther engines (experimental) and test flew my first real supersonic jet. Things were going good up until 550m/sec+. After that, small corrections would create an oscillation that the SAS had one heck of a time compensating for (Jeb had his hands full to say the least). I was able to smooth it out by geeeeeeeeeeeeently straightening the plane out (roll or pitch adjustments) but it was temporary before they came back. This doesn't seem to be having an adverse effect, just makes it look like my plane is having a seizure. What helped minimize it was assigning pitch/roll/yaw to specific control surfaces only (ie: control surface A can only do pitch controls but no yaw or roll) but it didn't negate it. I know the Panther engines vector so I was wondering if all the various controls weren't working well together and needed to be tuned (ie: turn off gimbal control on the Panthers or at least minimize it). The plane design is extremely stable because I managed to get the Cg to stay in the same place when fuel is being consumed (it moves a small amount but towards the nose of the plane).
  3. Hello, Problem: Sadness caused by horrific vibration of vessels caused by ridiculous wobbling of OX-4L 1x6 solar panels. SAS disengaged I spent an enjoyable session adding solar panels to my LKO station using the smaller not retractable panels (gigantors not unlocked yet), docked my tug and left Jeb to admire his handywork. Next session I 'fly'my station from the docking station and watch in horror as the neat banks of panels start to wobble uncontrollably looking like they should tear off. The station is torquing about 2 or 3 axis by the look of it, rotating and looking like it wants to rip itself apart. If I undock the arms (girders, I-beams, clamp-o-trons each end) carrying the solar arrays the station settles down whilst the solar arrays move away still wobbling ridiculously taking my happiness with them I have recreated this at the launchpad as well. Not a problem when first deployed, only when I return to the vessel. No control input or SAS in either case. I've never seen this before and searched the forums and google but came up blank. I've investigated and come up blank, has anyone got any ideas? Modded 1.1.3. Thanks, - Thanks bewing for pointing me to a related known bug in the tracker
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