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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I suggest to make way for players to gently land their kerbals. I tried many many times land a kerbal, and I couldn't land without making kerbal "unconscious". I don't mean "auto landing", I think about manual smooth landing without kerbal hitting ground with his head. They should have some sort of "landing roll".
  2. Mods like DMagic Orbital Science are absolutely awesome, but they don't fit with the rest of the stock experiments because they are based off of real life devices and instruments on existing/under construction/planning spacecraft. Stock instruments like the Mystery Goo, Science Jr. and the Negative Gravioli Detector aren't based off of any existing scientific instruments, and are therefore more "Kerbal" and therefore wacky. The silly science reports are always enjoyable (except for the infamous "You record observations about the situation." one that is used 25+ times, which I hate) and fit the Kerbal "duct tape & definitely not off-the-shelf/stolen things with fancy decorations added" attitude to engineering. So that said, I think a "less serious" version of DMagic Orb. Science would be a neat stockalike (in both aesthetic and experimental design) science experiment mod, which there aren't very many of those in active development. The only one I know of that is like what was described above is the excellent Bluedog Design Bureau by CobaltWolf. Current ideas for experiments are: • Egg drop experiment, although it would be cool if a plugin made the eggs spoil after a while and make green particles when spoiled. Also could be a KIS item that could be cooked/consumed. • Observing how Snacks™ react to a situation. Description could be about how this is a real experiment that gives useful data and is definitely not a marketing stint by Snacks™ Inc. • The "Am I Dead Yet?" Detector. Designed for use on impactor probes, gives a very small amount of science (0.25-1) upon impact. This will be unlocked in either the starting tech node or ones when the player is still not capable of reaching orbit.
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