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Found 5 results

  1. Hello people, This is my first post on these forums (thanks to the moderator who approved this post! ) I've been messing around with some modelling and rendering in Blender using the Cycles renderer, thus I have come up with a nice little scene. We can see a brave kerblad on the surface of Ike, gazing into the vast empty space of the Kerbol system. In the background you can spot Duna, the most ferruginous orb that is known to kerbalkind. I'm not sure whether or not that suit would protect our green little friend from radiation and suffocation, but for the sake of this render we'll have to take it for granted. Yours sincerely, Roartal
  2. What wallpapers do you use on your desktop(s)? I'm on a Mac with three different desktops, so here are mine: A cool gear/steampunk wallpaper: A Portal 2 Discouragement Redirection Cube: and a Doctor Who TARDIS wallpaper:
  3. I was on a recovery mission to save Jeb and Bob on the mun because I forgot to put emergency fuel (they were saved ). You may use as wallpaper for yer desktop. If you wanna share it somewhere public (the internet or real life), be sure to message me .
  4. Hello everyone. Just a simple topic about my artwork on KSP theme! Enjoy! Deep Space Eploration Kerbal Propaganda I
  5. I recently got one of those Solar System wallpapers and I thought that it might be cool to recreate one of the Kerbol system. Here's the one I recommend, with Eeloo in front of Jool, and without the Joolian moons. Here's the full edit, including the Joolian Moons. Note that in order to keep the 1 pixel to 3.5 km size I had to mix and match the moons, so it doesn't look all that great. Due to the fact that Jool has so many moons, I made another wallpaper of the moons by themselves, without the planets. Here's the original unedited image, credit to Smorfty (thanks!): There ya go, enjoy! I may also make another wallpaper of the Kerbol system without any moons, though I'll see if people want it. -Aero
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