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  1. THE BATTLE BETWEEN SYDNEY AND KORMORAN 75TH ANNIVERSARY PACK This is the central project page for my project to recreate the Battle between these ships that occurred nearly 75 years ago (a sort of movie/recreation whose release i'm aiming for the date of the battle, November 19th, though that may be optimistic and I may fallback on other important dates (such as the finding on Kormoran's lifeboats for example). All the ships are mostly complete, although there are a couple problems to fix before filming. Unfortunately there are problems which are truly beyond my control and I am unlikely to be able to solve. The ships are modded and while the vessels in the "film" so to speak use welded parts so i'm uncertain of their usability, but you can get their unwelded version below! KORMORAN The HSK-8 Kormoran was originally launched as the "Stiermark" but was acquired by the German Navy and converted into a disguised merchant raider which disguised itself as a merchant ship and was used for commerce raiding. The Kormoran sank 68,000 tons of shipping during its time in the ocean before fighting the HMAS Sydney. It was scuttled following the battle, in which it managed to sink the far more powerful HMAS Sydney. Progress on the ship-It is essentially done! Unfortunately due to the version of KSP i'm running 1.0.5 (for the reason of Kerbpaint working in that version for OS X), the NAS mod torpedoes just sink. Occasionally on launch the ship sometimes suffers failures on launch. DOWNLOAD Motor Boat(the small one on the deck) DOWNLOAD Small Lifeboat DOWNLOAD Action Groups 1-Activate the pumps and electrical generators 2-Fires the Port Torpedoes! 3-Fires the Starboard Torpedoes 4-Front Side Gun Toggle 5-Deck Front Gun Toggled 6-Deck Rear Gun Toggle 7-Rear Side Gun Toggle 8-Machine Gun Toggle 9-Mask Turrets (If unmasked already) 10-Unmask Turrets ; and ' turn the torpedo tube on the Port side - and + turn the torpedo tube on the Starboard side c and b turn the front side guns (the gun has a limited yaw, so to access other areas turning is required u and i turn the back side gun h and j raise the lower the flag ABORT-Scuttle the vessel HMAS SYDNEY The HMAS Sydney was an Australian Modified Leander Class Cruiser that had lots of success in the Mediterranean fighting Italian warships as sank two of them with little damage to the ship itself. She was headed toward Fremantle when she encountered the Kormoran. In the battle that followed, the HMAS Sydney caused serious damage to the Kormoran but at the cost of the ship itself—and all of its men. DOWNLOAD Additional Craft The many rafts, boats,and floats of the Sydney (welding recommended) DOWNLOAD Carley Float (welding Recommended) DOWNLOAD Supermarine Walrus Scout Craft @kapteenipirk's brilliant Walrus craft provides the scout craft onboard HMAS Sydney. For part reduction welding it is important. DOWNLOAD HOW CAN YOU HELP? Help find music for the video A potential logo for the project Help write the captions for the video (maybe?) (I don't expect anyone to do this, not necessarily) Help get Kerbpaint working for the newer KSP Version on OS X/In General? Q&A -reserved for anyone's questions-
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