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Found 18 results

  1. Trying to send a rover to Mun, I always encounter unexpected behaviour in the Kerbin third level of atmosphere. In the first level of atmosphere, no issue: In the second level of atmosphere, no issue: In the early third level of atmosphere, no issue: In the mid 3rd level, explosion with no log or any kind of information: the rupture is happening everywhere at the same time with no info log at all: It definitely looks like a bug in the game, like an invisible wall, or: - atmosphere 3 should be divided into 2 different atmospheres - log regarding the vessel breaking origin should be displayed, indicating where the first rupture happens (as of now, the explosion is so massive no log is available at all)
  2. When performing rover testing in the KSC, the wheel behaviour seems unexpected. At 20m/s, everything is rather ok: However reaching 21m/s (approx.) makes the rover drift/bump/salto, and changing the wheel traction level does not seem to have any impact: If rover behavior is not predictable on full flat ground, it can hardly be used in other situations. Maybe one of the reason is that the runaway is not actually flat, but slightly inclined, and going over a specific speed limit creates a collision detection between wheel and ground. However, it should not produce that behaviour. That type of behaviour might also happens with planes, complicating a normal take off.
  3. Another piece of the Sound Overhal Project, this mod adds sounds effects to the stock motorised rover wheels, varying by their speed. It requires ModuleManager to be installed. Downloads CurseForge | GitHub | Kerbal Stuff | MediaFire Source included, project also available on github, licenced under GPL v2. Binaries licensed All Rights Reserved. If you've enjoyed this, consider donating a cup of coffee to help with late night coding: Change log v2.3 (2016-10-24) Rebuilt for KSP 1.2. Fixed skid sounds not being disabled at 0 volume. Added github release downloads. v2.2 (2016-04-16) Fixed error log spam with wheels disabled due to clipping. Adjusted volume and pitch settings. Added configuration options for pitch. v2.1 (2016-04-15) Added sound effects for skidding and wheel damage. v2.0 (2016-04-15) Updated to work with KSP 1.1's new wheel system. v1.3 (2015-11-10) Added soundInVacuum cfg option to mute wheel sounds when in vacuum. Now compatible with parts modules which inherit from ModuleWheel. Removed Module Manager. Install this separately. v1.2 (2014-10-10) Rebuilt for 0.24.x. Upgraded to Module Manager 2.5.1. v1.1 (2014-09-25) Fixed an issue with the Add-on Version Checker. Fixed null reference exception. Added Module Manager licence. Upgraded to Module Manager 2.3.5. Added support for the KSP Add-on Version Checker. v1.0 (2014-06-07) Added sounds for all four stock rover wheels. Removed landing gear lowering sound. This will be added in a separate mod. v0.5 (2014-03-25) Fixed the sounds not being affected by the game's volume settings. v0.4 (2014-01-11) Added a prototype of sounds for raising and lowering landing gear. This can be disabled by removing the gear section in ModuleManager_WheelSounds.cfg or by deleting the sound. v0.3 (2014-01-07) Added sounds to the largest rover wheel, the RoveMax XL3.
  4. I can't seem to get rovers based on the XL3 wheel to steer. They just go straight down the runway. I'm working on a giant rover, but when I found this problem I built a tiny rover (just two Mk2 cans back to back, with 4 XL3 wheels on a very short wheelbase) and even that doesn't steer. I checked the wheel settings, and even tried reversing the direction of steering, but to no avail. It seems I'm not the only one with this problem I have not yet found a resolution tho. I believe in the past I've used these wheels successfully, but it's been a while. Does anyone have any experience to shed light on this? I do realize based on my reading of the forum here that these wheels are supposed to use differential steering. However, even that doesn't seem to work for me.
  5. This mod is a very very simple mod. 2 parts. A half scale Land Rover Defender in "adventure special edition" orange and black, and two different wheels. I'm intending to add more off-road vehicles over time, now that I've worked out which way around wheels go. The (2) parts are fully functional, but some of the texturing etc is missing for the IVA. On power and drive trains. I had a look around for conversion from Kerbal electric charge to something in the real world. A prior forum topic covered a few ways of estimating, and I'm basing this on the 1Kerbal Charge = 1MJ, because that is based on the power requirement for ion thrusters, while other electricity uses aren't propulsion related (apart from other wheels). So, I've divided the Defender's 90KW by 4 (for each wheel), and then by 8 (half scale cubed) and converted KW to MJ per second (the easy part). It's not a big number. Drive train is Kerballed. It's basically a hybrid running a 90KW generator with a battery, although you won't get far on the stored electricity. I've made the power generator dual mode. The "Generator" is air-breathing (air-intake is in the bonnet, front grills are for radiators) and the "Fuel Cell" uses stored oxidizer. I will do a module manager addition later for RealFuels to convert that to diesel and random oxidizer. Downloadable from http://spacedock.info/mod/602/KerbinRover%20Off-Road%20Vehicles Release forum thread at
  6. Hi Kerbonauts, I'm looking for some guidance regarding a part I'd like to make to complement the creation of rovers using robotics for suspension and propulsion. I love the fact that you can use the new rotor part as a wheel motor and implement creative suspension methods with the hydraulic piston in conjunction with same vessel interaction etc. Although there are no suitable structurally strong parts to attach to the rotors to act as a wheel. From my current understanding, the wheels in ksp have a special 'form' using unity and aren't a typical structural piece per say. The problem is friction. Fashioning a custom wheel using structural parts always ends up slippery. Is there a way to edit a parts cfg to increase its friction toward surfaces in ksp? Much like the grip pads. I'm basically wanting to make a cylindrical grip pad for a wheel. Is there a possibility of creating a wheel without the spring, dampen and steering properties? Basically a brick with a motor. Thanks folks. P.s - radially attaching multiple grip pads onto a round part sounds viable but doesn't work.
  7. This is a up-to-date collection of wheels that I have worked on previously, namely for the Rollkage and Better Wheels mods (credits: @electronicfox and @angusmcbeth) which are now more or less abandoned. The reason for reviving these is simply because I wanted to use them in my game, and there are very few wheel mods for 1.2. I would have done this earlier if it wasn't so annoying to update wheels from pre 1.1 to the new system, since there is hardly any documentation on how to do it. On the other hand, the new wheel physics system is much better and allows easy tuning so I no longer need to tediously tune the buggy phyx suspension and tire model in unity. I will update this with additional wheels as I convert them. Direct Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/195-I0gaTJtNfmp8IuCGuv7yv_GiO5AC3/view?usp=sharing Spacedock: http://spacedock.info/mod/1027/Wheels Collection (formerly rollkage %26 better wheels) GitHub: https://github.com/zitron-git/WheelsCollection Also available on CKAN Kerchelin Small Rover Wheel: 0.5m wheel for light rovers RollKage Kerchelin Extreme: 1.0 m off-road wheel for 2-5t light vehicles RollKage Kerchelin Sport: 1.0 m off-road wheel for 5-10t medium sized vehicles RollKage Kerchelin Jumbo: 2.0m wheel for 10-50t heavy vehicles
  8. Hello everyone ! Tonight I was designing a rover, but I'm encountering a problem : After a successful loading of my rover, I just have to make it move on 5 meters and... POOF ! Void. I destroyed the solar system. After pressing Alt+f12, I can read this error several times : I don't know where it come from. I have a several number of mods, so it will be difficult to list them all but I tried making a similar probe with the same pieces on it, only the design is different and I don't get any error after few moves.... I'll give you some logs if you want to investigate : KSP.log -> https://ufile.io/lwtb5 KSP_x64_Data's output_log.txt -> https://ufile.io/znt2w And a screenshot of my GameData folder so you can see all the mods I'm using, if the problem come from them : https://imgur.com/a/3cXPsXB Btw, my rover has only stock, Infernal robotics and Magic Orbital Science parts. Thanks for helping me
  9. SO i was wondering if there was a way to copy the claw module from the claw part and to put it in a wheel config. It would be useful for things like aircraft carriers and things like that. Thanks (PS> I know that this is probably in the wrong forum so could a mod please move it into the wright forum)
  10. The Panjamdrum was a weapon unlike any other. It was designed during ww2 to go up a beach from the water, hit the German barricade and explode. This made a tank-sized hole in the wall. It did not work as the rockets didn't fire consistently and it fell over all the time. Your job is to build one in KSP. It must float in water, It must be rocket powered, it must have to side by side wheels attached to a central barrel. Basically it must look like the picture and do the same thing as the description. As usual No cheat mods Mods with bombs and weapons are okay because you can strap them on your Panjamdrum. Informational mods alright too Alright so here is what you have to do with you monstrosity. 1. Get it into the water facing the KSC peninsula 2.FIRE 3.Report: Did it blow up a building? Did it scare a small dog? Did it return to the waters from hence it came?
  11. So, I want to create a plugin to add a wheel to the game to emulate a hovercraft.. The wheel should have the following properties: Invisible wheel, visible around the attachment point. Cannot be destroyed, even without cheats active. Does not affect aerodynamics. Has long suspension, meaning that too much stress can cause the vehicle body to scrape the ground. Has suspension in all directions, instead of just up and down, if possible. Constantly uses EC, otherwise the wheel will stop physical interaction, in addition to the EC required to make it move. Can slide more easily left and right than forward and back, if possible. Custom, or no sounds from the wheel hitting the ground. Can anyone help me outline the steps I should take to implement this idea? I've never written a plugin before, aside from some basic part cfg editing.
  12. Is there any resources on creating landing gear with the new system? Do I have to install anything new? I'm guesing I have to use unity 5 with part tools 1.1 or 1.2 should they ever be released. I have an amazing idea on how to make a foux hovercraft using invisable landing gear with 0 traction. I'm making an LCAC for my CVX mod to go with the LHD Carrier. Edit: Also I'd like to make some landing gear.
  13. This mod started when I was trying to find a way to make a smaller rover for landing on Duna. It strikes me that building rovers requires a crew capable part, which are all pretty big. So I thought to myself, I need a small off-road vehicle to land, AND to see the scale of the stock parts to reality check my impression. Then, looking around for a familiar, real-world vehicle, to use as a rover, I stumbled into realizing I could not pass up the opportunity to make a Rover rover. So, like most real world parts from mods, this is half scale. Because kerbals are (roughly) half human scale, most of the rocket parts are about half the scale they should be, and, well it needs to kinda fit in, and with the IVA overlay, it'd be nice if Kerbanauts didn't look like they'd stolen their mom's car. And well, it's smallish. Download from SpaceDock, http://spacedock.info/mod/602/KerbinRover%20Off-Road%20Vehicles Dev thread at Features; Hybrid generator/fuel cell powering a small battery system powering electric wheels. Two wheel types available, dual purpose road/off-road and dedicated off-road tires. Roof rack. It's useful, honest. Miniaturized spotlights. Handy for seeing where you're going. Versioning: X.Y.Z X: Changes to number of and which fully working vehicles are included. EG: I'll increment when I add a new rover. Y: Any changes that significantly affect any deployed vehicles. Caution to be applied moving from subversion to subversion if (and only if) vehicles using the parts are "In Flight". Z: Tweaks, bug fixes etc. Plans for next vehicles; I really want to do the Haglund Bandvagn 206, but there will be a slight delay as there's no module for tracked vehicles. Plus I'll need to look at KAS/InfernalR for articulation and decide what (if anything) will work. So, although it's my favourite for next-to-work-on, it won't be the next released. (The Bandvagn is a low centre of gravity dual box on tracks that floats, is sealed, and is generally used by every country that has to deal with really cold horrible conditions.) APC: I want to add in a modern style APC like the Russian BTR range or any of the others that look very similar. I'm thinking an 8x8 amphibious sealed vehicle. I'll probably do an original and light-weight variant. The mil spec APC would be a lot more solid, but a lot heavier than anything built for space. So I'll do that second version without the armour, and provide some waffle about lightweight construction etc. This will mean two wheel variants as well. APC wheels are often solid. AWD car. I really want to make a GTR or WRX type AWD coupe type thing just for contrast. But experience with ground edges and smaller wheels is suggesting this might not be a good idea. Also, KSP hates close wheel arches due to wheel colliders liking lots of elbow room. So this may not be possible. Which would lead me to a 1930's style open-wheeler racing car with KSPification. A dedicated, probably invented from scratch, extra-planetary rover. And, taking suggestions.
  14. Hey! I was trying to create a cfg file for a reaction wheel and I wanted it to be as realistic as possible. I've already determined it's mass with it's molar mass, assuming it was made of steel and lead. but here's the problem: I'm only 16 and I haven't already learned how to determine an object's torque knowing its mass and its rotation speed. and I don't understand anything to raw formulas. does anyone has the time to explain me? Thanks
  15. So last night I built my first rover (only one I've ever intended to actually use) and plopped it down on the tarmac for a test-drive and... it goes no-where. Zero m/s. Wheel drive engaged, brakes off, plenty of power on-board. I know wheels are screwed up, but I figured it would at least roll in some direction or other. I checked the wheels, played with settings, nothing. The leading pair and trailing pair of the 6 wheels are listed as "Wheel Blocked" when I pull up the parts though, despite the fact that there is nothing contacting the wheel's rotation. Will the "Wheels Blocked" result come up if even only the axle and wheel struts are slightly recessed? Does anyone know what conditions could cause this, given it appears that nothing should be impeding or contacting the actual wheels at all? My apologies for not bringing pictures, I will try to do so Monday.
  16. On some of my wheels (not all) I'm seeing a weird behaviour when the suspension load is either very light or relieved completely (eg, inside wheels on a sharp corner). The wheels basically snap to past the top of the suspension travel (I suspect top of travel plus the suspension distance again) and back again, sometimes in a vibrating buz between the *correct* position and the anomalous. Sometimes, with wheels popping up, it reminds me of shovel snouted lizards dancing on hot sands. I'm assuming there's a combination of settings that is creating this weirdness.
  17. I never messed with wheels in pre 1.1 KSP, so I don't know if this is new or always existed. If it always existed, no-one seems to discuss it. So, onwards... I've noticed that rovers (esp 4 wheel rovers) get stuck with no motive power when their wheels are the only parts touching the ground, but it's not the "bottom" of the wheel. Eg; While this might be a fine approximation for a track race car, it seems somewhat limiting for an off-road vehicle like a lunar rover, or any rover for that matter. I notice in Unity, once you add the Rigid Body so you can see the wheel collider, that there's a small ball of lines drawn in at the bottom of the wheelCollider. This seems to correspond to the part of the wheel that can drive. See; There doesn't seem to be any configurable value to change this widget. Does anyone know what it is? Or why only a tiny bit of the wheel is capable of producing forward force? Thanks
  18. New! For all your farming needs! Durable! Edible! The F4R-M tricycle unit. Propelled by 8 eco-jets! Buy yours today for the low low price of too much. Extremely functional! 100% rubber-free tires. Cutting-edge tricycle technology, with Ultra Super Safety Brakes! (USSB technology not included). Only 80% chance of spontaneous detonation. Top speed: 12 m/s of pure farming power! Exceeding this speed exempts us from all responsibility. Occasional explosions may occur. Do not go down slopes steeper that 8 degrees. I will post the download if someone likes it. I don't know if this is the first stock wheeled vehicle, but it's pretty cool, if I do say so myself. The jets themselves create very little forward movement since there's a pair pushing in opposite directions on each wheel, so it's actually mainly the wheel doing the work. And with the 'low' part count of 252, it's actually kinda practical. I'm going to stop talking now. Improved version (v 3.21) link: Stripped-down version (less CPU-intensive): https://www.dropbox.com/s/u5o09dbcm6c71f3/Tractor%20%28F4R-M%29%20MK3.craft?dl=0 Actual version (280 parts): https://www.dropbox.com/s/6e5a3ivgjikztpi/Tractor%20%28F4R-M%29%20MK2%20-%20Copy.craft?dl=0
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