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Found 13 results

  1. player.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cy74bsi40c39098/Player.log?dl=0 Inspection of log file shows scatterer "destroying duplicate instance", not sure what that's supposed to mean Note: Version is 1.11.2
  2. So, here's my setup: Razer Blade 15 (2018) Windows 10 legal installation, fully updated intel i7-8750H, 16GB DDR4 RAM, mobile Nvidia 1070 Max-Q KSP 1.9.1 (also a legal copy for what it's worth) I have about 30 or so mods installed. I typically have this laptop set up as a desktop, with a Razer Core that has a 1080ti inside it, two external monitors (34" 2560x1080 ultrawide 144hz as main, 32" 1920x1080 144hz as secondary) an external gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard attached. While in that setup I have zero issues with my game. However, I am staying at my partner's house right now and brought just the laptop body itself with me as I have become addicted to KSP. This is the first time I have tried to load the game not on my dekstop setup. It crashes on load every time. What on earth could be causing that? Is it just searching for components that aren't there and crashing? That doesn't seem likely, but I cannot think of any other reason. Thoughts? To be clear this is the exact same computer I always play it on, just after having removed all the external peripherals am I having this issue. Also, when I say crashes, I mean that the game closes itself out to desktop, not gets hung up on the loading screen.
  3. For the past 2 months, since upgrading my computer, I cannot get sound out of the game. The game (from versions 1.2.2 to 1.3.1), launches fine, plays fine, but I have no sound. This changed when I upgraded my computer in early December. I did the full upgrade, including motherboard, processor, graphics card and memory. Since then I have no sound. All of my other games, like War Thunder, Warcraft, Cities Skylines all produce sound. It's a damn mystery to me. I've checked drivers, volume levels, reverted to earlier builds, inputs... it's all the same. I've tried the 32bit and 64 bit version, still the same. I'm pulling my hair out. Before anyone asks, this is a stock install. Below is the hardware I have: Asus ROG Maximus X Intel 8700K Nvidia 1070i Card (Asus) 32GB DDR4 Realtek Sound Card (Motherboard) with Drivers Windows 10 x64 Help?
  4. Hey, I'm having a performance issue on Windows 10, 64 bit, modded KSP (~20 mods), available memory 8 GB. I have recently "upgraded" from Windows 7 64 bit to Windows 10 64 bit. (Before the update, when I launched the game it used around 4.5 GB memory and it run smooth.) Now on Windows 10 64 bit it only uses 3.6 GB (~4GB) and I get stutter and long in game loads, very similar as before the Unity 5 / 64 bit upgrade for KSP. I triple checked that I run KSP 64 bit version, Windows 10 64 bit version and I did not changed anything in my hardware. Please help!
  5. I want to do a fresh installation of KSP. I uninstalled it from steam, but I want to completely remove all files and windows 10 isn't letting me do it because I have no access. I have tried doing it as the administrator from the command line but still, access is denied. I found out in one of Windows 10's updates there's now a new kind of superuser called TrustedInstaller that owns everything inside Program Files (x86) and so only it can delete some of the files (not even the administrator can). I also looked for help on windows 10 forums and other support pages into how to take ownership of the files, but even when I followed those steps, windows was unable to give me permission to access some of the files, specifically many of those from mods inside GameData. Has anyone had this issue? Any way around it? I'm basically unable to uninstall mods, which is extremely annoying and inconvenient, to say the least, and since I can't delete mods, I can't delete the main KSP folder. Thanks!
  6. Can't open KSP because when open it it loads until "asset bundle definitions" and then crashes. Running KSP on steam with mods. It was fine before the last update. I don't know what update but the latest update open to the public as of the 10th of june 2017. It never happened before and I checked my task manager and nothing was maxed out. Running windows 10 on a good gaming laptop and I have never had any problems until now so it can't be hardware or CPU but just in case I checked anyway. What happens is that it loads like normal until "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" then it pauses and crashes. Here are the crash logs on the latest use and crash: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ry3drk5npjgtekx/crash.dmp?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5uuxuj66iagvy0x/error.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/xupvfldsq34znzr/output_log.txt?dl=0 I have looked for a long time and there were no solutions to my problem. The logs above are from the same crash. Please help me I don't know how to fix this.
  7. I can't get it to recognize my Xbox One (not 360) controller under Windows 10. (Works for all other games on my PC.) Any help here? I tried to get into Game Settings, and look at Keyboard assignments, and i was able to get it to recognize some buttons but the primary directional pads it won't recognize. And it doesn't work out of the box. Any help here?
  8. I recently reinstalled KSP after a long period of not playing it. It worked perfectly fine for two days with no bugs, then yesterday it wouldn't load past "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" upon launching. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game from several versions and it always has the same problem. I am at my wits end for how to fix this issue, please someone help me? Computer: Razer Blade Stealth Software: Windows 10 Home, Version 1607 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50 GHz RAM: 8 GB System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  9. Hello guys, I've just installed Windows 10 with all its telemetry and for some reason I love it! It's fast. Also, I now installed x64 version, and it is just fine, unlike 7, which lagged and was just a dog on 64. Finally I can play 1.1 without crashes! Beam.NG drive (geez it's a stupid name) now works fine. Some other games stopped working however. For benchmarking reasons, I tried to launch Alien: Isolation and I couldn't. I already beat it, so don't pay attention. Also, no problems on Windows/Ubuntu dual boot except when I installed Windows it flushed GRUB in the toilet.
  10. I've been playing KSP on a Win 7 Home Edition System. I play many other games as well, such as Skyrim, some FPSs, some old school (like Silent Hunter 4). I'm about to push that button in the bottom right of my desktop that updates me to Win 10. 1) How has KSP 1.1 (64-bit) run for you in Win 10? Any issues? Problems? 2) Have you seen problems in your other games, including older ones? 3) Any other horrors I should consider or expect? (yeah, that's a really broad question) I have over 80 games in Steam. I'm a SCS senior beta tester for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, so they MUST work (I'm in those forums as well, obviously). I've done a bunch of Googling and found some opinions and facts. Now, I look directly to the KSP community for their collective experience. thanks
  11. I've been able to complete a couple of the training tutorials but the game crashes at random times. Here is my setup i3-4170 - 8GB Kingston Hyper Fury - XFX AMD R9 380 4GB (no over clocking) - 120 GB SSD - 1TB HDD - Windows 10 Pro 64Bit I'm not having any heat related issues and the system doesn't seem to be suffering from memory leaks that I can tell but I'll keep trying and monitoring to make sure. The crashes are unpredictable and happen at random times. I'm really excited to play this game and have waited forever to finally purchase it (had to save up). I hope there is a fix coming down the pipe and feel free to ask me for more info if I'm able to provide it. Unfortunately I am unable to find any information on where KSP puts the Crash Logs (there are none in the main directory) so I don't know how I could retrieve them.
  12. Since updating to 1.1.0 (on 1230 now but this was an update from 1.0.5), this is a new problem that seems to come and go. The 2 times I distinctly remember seeing it was when I was deleting a disconnected part from the VAB. KSP itself stops working suddenly, so there is no crash log. Any suggestions as to how I might gather more crash data to pass to Squad for review?
  13. After watching all of Scott Manley's and Danny2462's KSP videos I'm getting KSP. I also joined this forum with my real name to show sincerity and keep any anger I might have in check. I have a bit of history ragging on developers for what I consider unsafe design on Windows. Consider that I run 64-bit Windows 10 Pro and I have both User Account Control and Software Restriction Policies enabled. Should I purchase the KSP Store edition or the Steam edition of KSP? I already run Steam games without much hassle, including Portal and Portal 2, Duke Nukem Forever and The Stanley Parable, but I'm not sure if the Steam edition would have problems with mods and game updates. My PC is surely capable of running Unity-based games, with a Core i7-4771 processor, 32 GB RAM and discrete graphics. I've read through the KSP Wiki already and know that 64-bit KSP for Windows is coming. I couldn't find any caveats related to UAC either here or on the Wiki, though, and usually there's some page or post describing problems with non-admin accounts, UAC, copy protection failing with SRP enabled, that sort of thing. --
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