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What is the best KSP glitch ever.


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I love this thing that I found a long time ago. It still works, though it's a little more difficult now:

It's also possible to create up to infinite-sided symmetry with this bug (I'll make an updated tutorial soon). This is a bug that looks really wonky, slightly breaks the game, and yet is actually useful! :)


[EDIT: I haven't been able to embed videos for a while now. Sorry. Trust me, though, it's worth the watch...]

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Infiniglide was pretty fun, if you managed to master it. My favourite would've been a close call between that and ladderdrive, but as infiniglide will be gone with the corrected aerodynamics model, ladderdrive wins.

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+1 vote for the Ladderdrive. It doesn't crash the game, make the solar system vanish, or exploit floating point errors, which makes it purely funny instead of annoyingly tragic. Demonstrates how people will exploit even the smallest physics system inconsistency to do 'the impossible'.

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Oh man, Gregrox just reminded me of that glitch. The video is funny, but that's nothing.

I had that happen to me on the launch pad, so I repeatedly threw Jeb off the pad. Bending his limbs every time until...

Javascript is disabled. View full album

- - - Updated - - -

And that's not even the end of it. At one point I literally had his arms a good five meters away. Can't find the pic though :(

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