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Asteroid Day official mod as Free Downloadable-Content on DRM outlets

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Hey forums! I haven't posted in a while and have lost the hang of it, so correct me if I'm wrong with a few things here and there or if this has already been suggested (sorry in advance!).

I would think a logical step in the distribution of recently released downloadable content for the game (Asteroid Day, Kerbin Cup?) would be to add them to all DRMs (Steam, GOG etc) as free DLC. It would allow the lazy, such as myself, to not fiddle with Curse and have access to these features again once uninstalled-reinstalled etc and without running the risk of forgetting about them.

Although I've come to find Curse to be great for the modding community, I don't find it to be a great option to solely distribute optional dev-made content to the public.

I apologise if this was posted in the incorrect sub-forum. I was tossing up between General KSP Discussion and this one.

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Nah, just add it in stock for the next update.

Kerbin cup was never made stock, and I don't think Asteroid Day should either.

Barring any limitations on the DLC system with steam and the like; I don't see why the "Official" Mods shouldn't be free DLC, at least in view of the distribution platforms used.

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I do think that asteroid should be included in the game but the world cup mod shouldn't.

Just to clarify, this suggestion isn't about these official mods becoming stock but rather them being officially supported and distributed on the DRMs that KSP is sold on as optional, and free, to aid with convenience.

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