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KUEA- Kerbal Union Exploration Agency


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Ok, my first AAR mission report. So I'm running 1.0.2 with these mods:



Stock clamshell fairings

Procedural fairings

KW rocketry



Camera Tools


Kerbal Alarm Clock

Temperature Gauge Killer


Hullcam VDS

DMagic orbital sciences



- - - Updated - - -

Ok here's the settings I'm using. I have Quickloading loaded because my computer crashes when running KSP quite often.


- - - Updated - - -

First Launch: KUEA1

Pilot: Jebadiah Kerman

Success or Failure: Success

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- - - Updated - - -

In the meantime following the success of the first flight, Bob Kerman gets science from the runway

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More mods
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KUEA's 7th flight was a top secret government polar orbiting satellite. Everything else is classified.

Success or Failure: CLASSIFIED


KUEA's 8th flight rescued Aldny Kerman in a first for the program and in the process pulling of a major PR coup.

Objectives: Rescue Aldny Kerman and bring him back to Kerbin.

Success/Failure: Success

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EDIT: I'm having issues with album titles and descriptions. Anyone know why?

You you might also be wondering about Flight 6, that is a secret.

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USM- Union Space Mission

1001- First mission of Year 1

-Mu- Mun mission, Kerbin missions have no suffix, others listed below:

Mi- Minmus

M- Moho

E- Eve system

Du- Duna system

D- Dres

J- Jool system

Ee- Eeloo

ARM- Asteroid Redirect Mission

K- Solar mission

R- Rescue mission e.g. Duna rescue mission will be USM-xxxx-R, not DuR.

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