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What type of disk drive do you use for KSP?


what disk drives you use?  

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  1. 1. what disk drives you use?

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for those who does not know what are the different type of disks are...

There are types of disks : Hard drive/ HDD, Solid state drive/ SSD.

some may heard of SSHD. However i will not include in here.

some RULES:

No disgracing the users who use hdds or ssds (example : hdds are lame!)


(small notes: it is a spin off from the graphics card thread started by the red crowed moderator)

Edit for external disk drives : try to not say usb drive etc... say like hdd or a ssd.

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I use an 840 EVO SSD, but I'll be honest, it makes absolutely zero difference. Loading times may be a fraction of a second faster, but if they are, I can't perceive it.

Edit: I should point out, I meant it makes no difference to my KSP experience. I would recommend an SSD to anybody in a heartbeat, for day to day operating system operations, it makes a massive difference.

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I run the OS on an SSD and I've tried KSP on the SSD, but it doesn't impact KSP loading times for me*, not even the initial load. I run other installs off the HDD and it's no worse; a pure stock load on either is about 20-30 seconds on my computer, and increases about the same on either disk as you add mods.

To be clear, this isn't to say SSDs aren't much faster. I game off mine all the time and love it, but KSP somehow seems to avoid benefitting from it. In fact I'm thinking I will migrate the SSD install just to avoid wear on it.

*Having the OS on SSD might improve KSP load times, I haven't run an HDD install OS to compare.

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When I built my current PC about two years ago, I made the call to go full solid state from then on forward. Splurged on a 500 GB SSD, and have not regretted it since - it even still has almost half of its capacity unused. :)

So, naturally, my KSP also runs off of solid state storage, as there are no magnetic disks physically present which could hold it.

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When I did my last upgrade - something that happens about every 2-3 years - I went SSD. Kept all my HDs for storage, got an 80Gb SSD just for the OS and desktop storage, and a 200ish GB SSD as a "master" drive, where I keep my steam install and any other games.

The improvement in overall performance is significant, computer starts up in about 15 seconds (Windows 7 64bit), all loading/install/uninstall times are vastly improved, anything that involves accessing data happens noticeably faster, to the point where using the "normal" computer at work is starting to drive me crazy...

My KSP setup is mod-heavy and loads in about 2 minutes, which feels faster to me - the last time I had KSP on an HD was several versions ago so its hard to compare - in-game loading screens seem to be about the same as usual. Vanilla-only KSP did seem to load very quickly.

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On ssd. I tried on a flash usb3 stick but the loading time made me cry.

External USB. I know, I know. But I have a laptop, so I can't upgrade my storage.

You can upgrade your storage.

A laptop it's easy. a screwdriver is enough.

An old zenbook with a special connector is more tricky, but it's manageable.

A tablet with soldered flash, that's a "can't upgrade" hardware.

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External USB. I know, I know. But I have a laptop, so I can't upgrade my storage.

umm is the external drive a HDD or ssd?

- - - Updated - - -

-chop chop chop like a sniping board!-

i have the same as you but i have all my games AND downloads on a 1TB hdd ( i have a another hdd for really large folders)

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Hard drive. I don't even know which one - I have two drives and use LVM (Logical Volume Management) to make them appear as a single larger one, so KSP could be on either or even split between both and nothing would care.

I do have an SSD in my system too and it would be elementary to move KSP onto it, I just haven't bothered. KSP rarely crashes for me because I run 64-bit, and the load time isn't objectionable.

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