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Can anyone recommend a good IVA command pod for interplanetary ship?

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I am building an upgraded interplanetary transfer flagship/tug and looking for good command pods. I am fine with mods since stock does not really give good option IMO (but maybe you prove me wrong).

Can any anybody recommend one?


- radial size does not really matter, but want pro- and retro-grade connection nodes (both should be axial centered like Mk1-2 and unlike Mk3)

- crew capacity does not really matter (will just add separate quarters if needed)

- preferred lower weight, don't need impact strength/heat resistance

- reaction wheels are not needed unless they are very strong (e.g. ~60)

- good RPM/ASET support, should have a seat with a lot of well-sized MFDs

- (bonus) nice pro-grade windows - but this is optional since such ship will be mostly flown by instruments-only

Thanks in advance!

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Designed more as a lander can, ASET ALCOR seems to have THEEE most MFDs and geek-gasmic IVA I've seen...I use it as a command pod in many of my interplanetary ships...Granted, it only has a couple small "slot" windows, that "sort" of can show a pro/retro-grade view...Not too useful...HOWEVER, it DOES have BUILT in external cameras you can use for that, and access via the multiple MFDs...I highly recommend Hullcam VDS mod, as you can place as many external cameras anywhere you want on the rest of your craft, to get the exact views you need... (Actually, Hullcam VDS may be required anyway, to use the built-in pod cams on the ALCOR pod...I dont remember...)


If you need MAXIMUM window views, there is the Panopticon mod (would be really good for tugs):


A good place to shop for various command pods is here:


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Alcor was my current pod of choice, but I can't shake the feeling that I am controlling ship via backup bridge or just a lander docked to the ship - everything in the pod continuously reminding you that this is lander pod. Stock cans are the same, only worse in instruments.

Ill check Taurus one, though it looks like re-entry pod (heavy!)

These glass ones look very interesting, thanks. Will check them out.

I know how to browse pods on Kerbalstuff, but there are so many of them so it will take quite a time to try them all, so I thought easier to ask people who know more :)

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Ok, so after checking all recommendation, I am still stuck with ALCOR. Mk1-2 ASET IVA is similarly brilliant, but its same crew capacity and quite heavier due to re-entry capacity (which I don't need).

Stock cupola and inline cockpit offer nice view, but very modest in IVA/screen department (also cupola blocks most of view if front port is attached).

Taurus IVA has lot of screens, but they are really small. Also its ridiculously heavy, has LES that I don't need, and for this weight/size doesn't even produce much torque.

Panopticon pods have not been updated for latest KSP.

Near Future Spacecraft pod looks gorgeous externally and perfect in terms of functionality/stats, but IVA is just not that great - it has just one (but giant-sized) screen in front, and two side screens. And out of these (just) three screens, only one is of normal size and actually facing you - others placed at incline. Not very ergonomic.

I am hoping somebody (hopefully Alexustas ;) ) will at last make proper interplanetary ship command pod/bridge in the future.

P.S. if any one cares, here is the finished ship. I must say, integrated lights on ALCOR work really well:

Blueprint: http://imgur.com/8RMrf8D

With payload, mining base going to Duna: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=520229943

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