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Is it possible to make caves when making new planets?


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I believe it is possible, but only by adding them as 'surface features' and not part of the structural model of the planet itself. The planet's collision model can't be 'inverted' to create overhangs, because it only has one surface elevation for each location, whereas an overhang or cave would need 3, one for the cave floor, one for the cave ceiling, and one for the ground above the cave.

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As far as I know, no. Terrain in the game is created from basic heightmaps which, while convenient, makes it impossible to add any kind of overhang without adding some way to represent them on a heightmap. Even if you do find a way to deform the terrain mesh to create them, Unity's terrain systems probably gets some performance enhancements by assuming that there are no overhangs in the terrain. Creating overhangs could cause some interesting bugs.

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Caves cannot be implemented with a single heightmap, but it would be possible to do so by a number of other methods. You could create a canyon and then add a mesh to form the roof, you could create a canyon and use a pair of smaller heightmaps with a transparency layer to form the roof, or if you only want basic overhangs you could use procedural generation to deform the heightmap.

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