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Drills to Laythe/Duna. How do you do it?


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I've recently begun a fairly large-scale operation to set up some basic ISRU with some honestly very crude modules. After setting up a basic base and locating a hotspot or two I'll deliver more sophisticated modules and rovers (35 ton rovers :D) to move these rigs where they would do the most good.

But that's what I'm doing. I'm rather curious what my fellow Space Program Directors do for their big ore depots.

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Mk5-2* All-in-one Drillersupertanker :

Moon Harvester



4 Drills + 1 ISRU can run continuously at same time. It's autonomous with 5900m/s deltaV, so it can refuel other ships in orbit and land back for next mining op. The 16 crew module and the science servicebay are very optional.

An engineer is very welcome, to run the mining operations and repair these stupid landing legs.

*Note : the Mk5-1 was destroyed by a kraken thermal attack around gilly...

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The moon harvester design is good for moon as the name suggests, on duna it is ok as there is atmo to slow the descent and gravity is low, but on laythe it will be less efficient, better go Vall or Pol or Bop for Jool system.

For landed refueling i have this very old design (first interplanetary travel, i won't build that again, ground rendezvous and refuel are very annoying compared to orbital)

Driller+Truck (the truck can adjust the height of the dock with the side engines) landed 5 years ago !


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